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Woman found with gun gets police bail while man nabbed for cannabis cultivation kept in custody

Not the actual firearm mentioned in the story

A woman who was reportedly found travelling with an illegal gun this month has been released on bail while a man who was nabbed for cannabis cultivation a day later remains in custody.

A media release from Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) on Tuesday evening said 33-year-old Akiya Brewley was found with the firearm during a routine traffic stop on Friday, June 12.

Police did not disclose where the gun-find happened.

It, however, said the accused Nottingham Estate woman has been charged with carrying an unlicensed firearm and failure to stop at the stoplight. The RVIPF granted Brewley $30,000 signed bailed ahead of her scheduled arraignment before Magistrate’s Court on July 28.

“In an unrelated incident, on Saturday, June 13, officers of the RVIPF arrested and charged one male after a routine patrol uncovered a quantity of illegal substances,” police reported in the said media release.

Charged with six counts of unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to another, and cultivation of cannabis is 48-year-old Devon Dawson of Pleasant Valley.

He remains in police custody pending his appearance in the Magistrate’s Court, the RVIPF said.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Once again it’s who you know not what you know. First, let’s ask the question, which can kill, a gun or cannabis? Growing cannabis is the governments new business and survival model. A gun….hmmm. First, he had to be smuggled into the Territory and most important is why does she have it. This Belonger crap needs to end and how your treated is not who you are related to in the police department or the government. Throw her …If she was found with the gun she is guilty? Give her 20 years to think about it. The cannabis guy should be hired by the government as Minister of Ganga.

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    • Liza says:

      I doubt being a belonger had anything to do with it because recently two expat guys were riding with a gun and they got bailed, but I know a Belonger who was found with a gun in August 2018, he got no bail and he is currently serving 5 years for it. It seems like the law is not being enforced evenly, but it has to do with who you are and the Magistrate dealing with the case. Some precedents are used for certain case and feelings are used for others.

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    • the Society says:

      Well, she is part of the Rotary club and we all know the connection there…..

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  2. Me says:

    Wow, Akiya really? I thought highly of you and did business with you. Why would you be involved in such activities mehn, smh!

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  3. Rusty tool says:

    Bonnie really riding dirty lol

  4. Table turner says:

    wow they still with this bull. When will the government put out an grace period because last I heard they were to start farming in MAY. Its june. YOU got the people hyped, YOU conspired to plant ganja. Now what??

    Do you politicians stop to think about how black lives have been ruined not by this plant but by you the government that makes criminals out of its peaceful citizens!!

    If you can knock together a 7% tax you can knock together decriminalizing ganja! WE DESERVE IT.

    It is in the bible chapter 1, and thus part of religious freedom held in the constitution!

    Its inhumane to be locking people behind bars over this in 2020.

    I am begging someone to step up to the plate fight for the common people you all are being paid well enough!

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    • Jane says:

      The decriminalisation of cannabis in the US was racially driven, it was used by Mexicans and African Americans primarily. Please google this if you are not aware, this is nothing but a Jim Crow type law, and it is insane that it is banned in BVI.

      Time for the BVI to immediately repeal this ban and allow the police to focus on the real criminals (corruption, money laundering and white collar crime) which most endanger BVI life and society.

  5. Corrupt says:

    The RVIPF is corrupt. Illegal gun and you simply walk out? Wtf investigate!

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  6. Think twice... says:

    Everything does not have to be news. Why be so hasty to put the business woman’s name on blast already…some figured it out but still man. Same way everyone was quick to post a photo of an injured business person on the ground. Why not out of respect request a proper photo from the family. I just find the reporting to lack regard for certain members and I agree to disagree with anyone with a differing view. Man…

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    • You do the Crime, you get Prime Time says:

      The young lady charged is obviously related to you in some way or have some connection.No wonder you bothered. When a person commits a crime and is charged their name is always published. It is in the public interest to know. Get over it.She won’t get a pass because of who she is. She is already granted bail(questionable).

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      • Whatever... says:

        Innocent until proven guilty my friend.the problem with society. Everybody quick to judge and call name without having all the facts. And FYI there does not have to be a relation but applying common sense and putting yourself in someone shoes. She is a young lady with a business. At least, leave the name out for now until all facts are presented and show guilt.

        • Ain't going to happen says:

          I wonder if you ever advocated for that before?? Inquiring minds need to know. Guess when it hits home we feel it the most. Having a business does not exclude you or give special privileges. Innocent until proven guilty yes, but was also charged. If innocent, her name will be published as innocent.

    • Hold it right there says:

      It this was another person would you be here advocating this BS? Once is someone we know or is family and friend it is okay for their name not to be mentioned. Let it be some other person other would be okay. The double standard here is distasteful. As far as I know if someone is charged for an offence their name is reported. Citizen should be responsible in their actions.

  7. yes says:

    We need to talk about female privilege. This is the real real

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  8. Hummm says:

    This is crazy 30,000 bail for a gun . And sham get 2 years for stealing a tv this got to be a joke .

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  9. A Shame says:

    She has a gun and gets bail. He has cannabis and remains in custody. What message are we sending to the community.

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  10. Humm says:

    And sham get 2 years for stealing a tv . This is a joke . Different strokes for different folks.

  11. so it go says:

    Guns for killing = bail……………….Weed for the healing of the nation = prison

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  12. Corrupt says:

    One law applies to all. The law states that there is a mandatory prison sentence for illegal possession of a fire arm/gun and the law should be applied accordingly irrelevant of the persons nationality.

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  13. Protest Protest says:

    WOW, driving with your gun? Where was she going? Who she want to shoot? Why do we have to live with people driving out their guns? 30K is nothing, to some people. Does she need locking up for a long time?
    Protest this obvious nepotism, cronyism, bubbaism and IBHism!

  14. 5 years says:

    5 years minimum for illegal gun possession

    • Hilda says:

      That is not for everyone. Someone got 3 years last year. Again, it depends on your family status in the community and the Magistrate.

  15. Hmmm says:

    Wow, better to get caught with a 9 than a spliff. Wellsah

  16. Buck shot says:

    Hmmm come on this can’t be for real we all know them people have family in government the court the station and all over Yes but come on when the system going be real and start doin what them post to do from watching who they people are she get catch with the gun god knows what she was goin do or who she was goin for she need to be in j–l just like the rest what get hold with gun and the next two r-t what get bail need to be in jail to stop being for who you want and do the government work and send up who do crime from half step with ayo job the police and the judge need get lock up for that for picking side .like for real crime is crime no matter who do it

  17. Oh boy says:

    Please BVI News you are doing a very very bad job at journalism. And you are BIAS. Do you know how much COCAINE and money he was found with and do you know the different conditions of arrest of the man in Custody and the woman that got bail. Well go back and do your work as a journalist and stop being so anti Police.
    I know that you do not publish my comments but stop being Sooooo BIAS and publish it.
    Get your information correct and stop sounding like those empty head blogger.

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  18. Shame says:

    System in shambles, guess just gotta be well connected she was sm***** and still had a gun so imagine what she …

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  19. Mr Shovels says:

    Gender bias in the judicial system is nothing new. Let’s be real here…

  20. . says:

    Just evaluate your life and see where you made your mistakes and learn from them. That’s all you can do.

  21. Police says:

    It’s not a surprise, a margistrate brother had a gun he got, thanks to the police for getting yet another gun,but the law needs fixing 30k really you the margistrate are putting the officers in danger. You are find with a gun you should be place in jail till your courts date.The police prefers the charge and the margistrate sets the bail ect…BVI has no law this is an unfair country…

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  22. Gwen says:

    A gun in the wrong hands can kill you. Marijuana cam either cure your ailments or kill you.
    which is the greater evil?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Junetheen is the day slavery abolished. Islands life matters.

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