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Xmas on DeCastro Street begins today | Late legislator to be honoured

The late legislator, Honorable Delores Christopher will be honoured at the 20th annual Christmas on DeCastro Street which begins on Friday, November 30.

The event will culminate on Saturday, December 1 in Road Town.

City Manager Janice Braithwaite-Edwards told BVI News that, as a founding member of the annual Christmas event, Christopher wanted a number of changes to be effected in the event. Those changes, the city manager said, will be implemented this year.

Changes will come in the form of the type of music and the street and stage décor, she said.

“Mrs Christopher is one person who would not want us to do Christmas on DeCastro Street focusing on her. But, one of the things that she did prior to her departure is she gave us some instructions that she would have liked to see. So what we are trying to do is honour her legacy by doing things that we know she would have liked,” Braithwaite-Edwards said.

“One of the things that she would have liked us to focus on was a lot of Christmas music. We are going to have some carolers coming out, to ring in the Christmas season,” she added.

She further said the stage décor will not be limited to Christmas colours but it will include the BVI’s colours as per the late legislator’s wishes.


The two-day event will kick off from about 10 am and will end late into the night on both days.

Among the highlights will be the Her Majesty’s Prison Band who will perform on Friday.

On Saturday, a disk jockey will provide entertainment throughout the day followed by steel pan music. A number of other acts are also slated to perform.

Santa will also be making his appearance on Saturday, riding a bicycle with dancers ushering him into the venue bearing gifts.

This year, some 35 vendors will be selling a variety of items at the location, which represents a rise from last year’s 20 vendors who participated.

The City Manager encouraged all residents to join the planning committee to ring in the Christmas season for another year.

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  1. Proud VI says:

    Please do not take CHRIST out of Christmas by using “XMAS”. It is disheartening to know that we continue to forget the reason for the season.

    Blessed Christmas to all, and a Christ centered New Year!

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  2. We walk God to take a hike from the BVI says:

    Oh. Wow.

    • You decide.. says:

      Moslems have Islam
      Chinese have Buddha
      Hindus have Chrisna Sheva
      Zionist have there own Gods, once you travel to new land on this earth, you would soon learn, every peoples have their own God.

      And rightfully so, not everyone was indoctrinated into king James teaching.

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      • Listen... says:

        I have traveled and I have interacted with people from different cultures and beliefs. Your comment is straying from the point at hand. Christmas is a Christian belief, and it is not all the other beliefs you listed in your comment. If you want to celebrate Christmas remember the purpose of it. A baby was born in Bethlehem, which meant the birth of Christ. So back to the initial point, do not take “Christ” out of Christmas.

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      • @ You decide says:

        Wow you’re truly are a uneducated dumbass. Moslem? Try Muslim. Zionists? Is that a religion? It’s called Judaism and is where the Old Testament comes from. As far as you all go, you took on the religion of your slave Masters 150 years ago. When your ancestors lived in Africa they believed in nothing. Thus, do not become righteous in proclaiming what everyone has or believes in. You stole the white mans religion like you steal everything else.

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        • Derogatory says:

          As I can notice you are misguided and misinformed about your history and facts. That statement you made is most derogatory and misguided!

          I feel sorry for your mother.

        • Check the facts says:

          You say, you all? Who you talking about? I know my people share a greater legacy than you could struggle to speak of.

          A total misrepresentation of history, another attempt to distort our true history and legacy.

          This is nothing new, many times over our people were not giving credit for building the firsts civilizations on this planet.

          We were first to chart the stars!

  3. We want God to take a hike from the BVI? says:

    Oh. Wow!

  4. Fed up says:

    somebody always find something to complained about.

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  5. It is CHRIST... says:

    BVI news…it’s tacky that you should put X to signify CHRIST…He is the reason for the season so please axe the X and put CHRIST.

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  6. @Proud VI says:

    It is not that serious. And a Blessed Christmas/Xmas to you also.

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  7. @it is Christ and Proud VI says:

    I agree, it is not that serious. Christmas, Christmastide, Xmas, Noel,Yule or Yuletide what difference does it make. If that is the way you both feel, fine, but don’t start a unnessary debate.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    We will remain for centuries lost in the practices and beliefs of sky wizardry.

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