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Zoe Walcott seeking to contest elections as VIP At-Large candidate

Vice-President of the VIP, Zoe Walcott.

This story has been updated.

Business Development Manager at the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park (TPP) Zoe Walcott is seeking to become the final Territorial At-Large candidate for the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) for the upcoming general elections.

Highly-placed sources within the party told our news centre said she has expressed her interest to contest that seat but is yet to be ratified by the VIP Congress. If successful, she would replace Junior Minister Shereen Flax-Charles who resigned from the party and joined the Ronnie Skelton-led Progressive Virgin Islands Movement recently.

So far, the party has confirmed 10 of the 13 seats they intend to contest in the elections.

The candidates on the VIP’s ticket are Dr Karl Dawson who will contest the First District seat; Luce Hodge-Smith who will contest in the Fourth Electoral District; Kye Rymer, Alvera Maduro-Caines, and Dr Natalio Wheatley who will be seeking re-election in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh districts, respectively; Allen Wheatley for Eighth District; and political incumbent Vincent Wheatley for the Ninth Electoral District.

Incumbents Neville Smith, Carvin Malone, and Sharie de Castro are the party’s Territorial At-Large candidates.

Elections are are constitutionally due by May 2023 but Premier and VIP leader Dr Wheatley has not yet declared a date when the territory will go to the polls.


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  1. Youth says:

    Now she has my vote and plenty more of the youth vote. She is a progressive woman.

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  2. .... says:


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  3. Mercy says:

    Oh wow. She run before. She might make it in

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  4. We the people says:

    We voting Zoe

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  5. DOA says:

    She has the Willy-T vote too. Body shots and finger licking coming.

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  6. CO-worker says:

    VIP is dead dead dead. That position Andrew give her she better hold on to it. This party more dysfunctional than anything.

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  7. Shameful says:

    President fighting against potential candidates? Didn’t she just get that position from her stepfather?

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  8. Sandman says:

    Lost hope in v i p now🤔

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  9. citizen says:

    this is an easy win for zoe trust me

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  10. Well sah! says:

    Zoe, Zoe, Zoe! You told me that you had no desire to run for elected office couple weeks ago; what changed so dramatically for you? As someone who’s know you for all your life, I find this very disturbing that you would’ve l**d to me instead of saying that you were considering it but not made up your mind. This reeks of self-serving attitude that is prevalent within this current crop of VIP candidates- ALL of you! The minders and puppeteers behind you have made you lose any remaining credibility you might have had left. Sorry not my bite darling!

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    • Father Time says:

      @ Well sah

      Considering you have known her all her life, why didn’t you say all this in a text? Also be reminded people do not have to share every part of their life with you, no matter if you have known them for all of it. Additionally, I can see why she didn’t tell you anything because here you are airing her business out unprovoked.

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  11. bam bam bam bam says:

    UK gonna tek ova becau me ain see no viable candidate up 2 yet

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  12. LOL says:


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  13. Now it done says:

    I wonder where the VIP going with this body shotta?

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  14. HEAD COACH says:


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  15. Lodger says:

    Seems to be most of the old guard standing again. Unless we vote them out they will continue their wicked ways. Unfortunately cannot see any newbies with sufficient background experience to make good politicians. Another blogger is right to say we should grill them all on their lives to date and why they think they have what it takes (as opposed to what they can take from the job).

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  16. VI Gal says:

    I personally dont like Zoe, but l can put aside my feelings and vote for her. We need strong women like her in Govt. She just need to tone down her hype a little bit and stop with the pageantry attitude and she’s good to go

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  18. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    Oh oh…it’s desperation time at VIP. These parties need to go and let all ppl run as independents

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  19. Her time done long gone. says:

    With her conduct and behavior H**L NO!

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  20. Laughing says:

    The NDP bloggers out in force but ask them how Lorna, Kedrick and the boy east end going beat Zoe At-Large.

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  21. Lobby says:

    Missed her opportunity and this isn’t it. She literally applied for every single position that comes up. O**ortunist.

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  22. Coach says:

    What Zoe bringing to the table. Head shots?

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  23. Fearless says:

    Never scared, a fighter, intelligent, no nonsense, well spoken. One weakness, a little hot tempered.but get the job done.

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  24. Country first says:

    If the VIP intends to run the country how it runs its own internal affairs then there is little hope for the territory. It would seem that nothing has been learnt from the lessons of the past year about protocols, the rule of law and integrity. It is time for voters to take a stand and only vote for people who truly have the territory’s best interest at heart.

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  25. HMM says:

    VIP does not have no one-anyone-anybody at all to represent them in district 2 and 3?

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  26. I paying says:

    None of the people on the VIP ticket qualified and I, as voter and tax payer, is the one paying their salary. It’s a NO from me. I hope my fellow voters and tax payers care enough about their money from hiring incompetent, greedy, entitled, inexperienced, cant talk properly, cant represent, won’t know what to do from day one, cant have a solid conversation to save their own life, people to run the country further into the ground.

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    • Welp says:

      i agree but whether u vote or not, if and when they get in, our tax payers money still payin them. Lose-lose situation i fear

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  27. Max says:

    From cr**y Shereen to cr**ier Zoe is not credible, it’s mad house!

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    • Hmmm says:

      She will be no Shereen. She will agree to everything put in front of her. That’s why she had no intentions of running last week, but she is on the ticket now. P–sy has her wrapped around her fingers.

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  28. Cold front says:

    Only now lorna will get my vote wish election was today bam go sit dung

  29. Illegal activities says:

    Is the body shop still open because I need a butt lift and a liposuction.

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  30. Rock City says:

    Them trying to destroy the party chance at the polls with this character. Ththe people going to feel from them stupidity. Didn’t this girl try three chance?? She trying sink the country bad. Somebody please tell me VIP not a jackass. Because of them ignorance all them candidates going suffer cause this narc***ist.

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  31. 1 vote says:

    I am noy part of your ‘we’. Only you know who youn going vote for, unless you going accompany the disabled and illiterate qnd vote for who you want

  32. Redstorm says:

    Zoe, go Zo, Zo It’s quite already to be the person you are. Never shift your emotion to accommodate other people weak principles. Stay loud and stay strong. My whole family voting you. We need string candidate!

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  33. HMMMM says:

    The hate is REAL for Zoe! Wow!!! The AT LARGE race is heating up. Zoe is as good or even better a candidate than most of the others that have declared so far. Alot of comments are obviously personal.

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  34. @ welsa says:

    Why are you on Zoe d**k? Didn’t Alvera reassured the persons in D-6 that she will not be seeking another term in office during the last General Election? Now here she is 4 years later looking for people to support her!!

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  35. Well meh boy! says:

    All what comes to my mind and memory is the drag racing study $200 hundred thousand plus dollars of tax payers money gone down drain. Are we d**n serious in this place or is this a Mickey and Minnie Mouse show. People these are serious times. Please vote wisely

  36. Garfield says:

    Vindictive, badmindedness, unethical, co**upt about right a trait in politics. Same old guards nothing new.

  37. Pat says:

    Despite all the fake nasty zoe blogs the facts is she will win and get the most votes

    So happy she is running

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  38. Streets says:

    I’m not voting for Mrs. Like to walk out of her p**ties and leave on the floor.


    is saying )> I FEEL SOooooo STRONG 💪

  40. Trinity says:

    When she don’t get her own way which most times the wrong way she vindictive. That’s my experience.

  41. Reality Check says:

    Nobody voting any party all the way, it ain’t happening, so don’t believe VIP or NDP or PVIM getting in, it’s gonna be a proper coalition government this go around.

  42. Hugh Darley says:

    Everyone needs to understand Corruption is your only face to the world, no one person will ever correct the years of bad political corruption as it is part of your culture. Repent and pray!

  43. Best friend says:

    Can they find a respectful person to run.are willY want her to run another round of body shot.

  44. Zora says:

    Zoe is a private b**y shooter.Mrs N***iness

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