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22-member Cuban medical team to arrive in the BVI on Thursday

Twenty-two Cuban medical professionals who are expected to assist the British Virgin Islands in its fight against COVID-19 will enter the territory on Thursday, July 23.

Premier Andrew Fahie made the announcement during Tuesday’s Sitting of the House of Assembly.

He said the Cuban team will consist of internist doctors, emergency response doctors, intensive care specialists and nurses who are trained in infectious diseases.

“This has been long in coming and after their 14-days in quarantine, and after their successful COVID-19 testing, they will join our local medical team to strengthen our resolve in the fight against the coronavirus,” the Premier said.

“We requested the assistance in an effort to augment the capacity of the team of healthcare professionals currently at the BVI Health Services Authority to ensure that the territory is able to deal with any situation which may occur as we continue the cautious phased re-opening of our borders.”

Premier Fahie thanked the Republic of Cuba for responding to the BVI’s request and said that the medical team will now allow the territory to reopen with a greater sense of confidence, knowing that adequate specialised treatment capacity will be accessible to the islands.

Cuba has deployed teams of medical doctors and nurses to several countries in the region. These include Antigua, Dominica, St Lucia, Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Jamaica, and Suriname.

They have also provided support internationally to countries including South Africa and Italy.


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  1. WOW says:

    This is historic

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    • @Wow says:

      This is nonsense. Foy says there is no Covid in the Territory and yet he cries for help to Cuba of all places. What is this medical team going to do? There are no patients for them to care for so is this a vacation on the beach? Wait Cuba has better beaches. This Government has been failing the public with stories that all is wonderful. Foy is hiding the truth and you all follow his words like sheep.

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      • @@Wow says:

        Preventative maintenance – you wait until your engine seize before you change the oil? We need to be prepared in case their is a spike that we cannot contain or measure with the personel we have. Yes it costs money, but it may save someones life…a better analagy would be insurance – its like insurance!

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        • SMH says:

          Maybe they can sort out Peebles. Right now some people are afraid to go there When they are sick because of their track record Like with the last Covid patient who they very much let down by sending her home and not tearing and not returning calls when her condition became serious.

  2. YOUTH says:

    I am proud of our Government

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  3. lindy says:

    about time we talk about reopening borders!

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    • Mehson says:

      5 infected Tourist could wipe out the entire population in 6 months.Think how many bed capacity your hospital have?50 mehson

  4. negatively speaking says:

    Lets hope that they are not recent graduates who came to practice on us

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    • Legal says:

      You worrying about if the Doctors from Cuba qualified? At lease they are not the quacks that are experimenting on us here at the so call hospital.

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  5. Faith says:

    BUT WHY?

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  6. Local girl says:

    This virus is here to stay because people on this Territory are not adhering to the rules especially with the washing of hands, yesterday I saw a local taxi driver loading groceries into his bus and he parked next to me, blowing his nose into his shirt telling someone on his phone that the cold is bursting his A$$, these people are down right nasty, I tried to correct him and he was as arrogant and ignorant as they are here, telling me that as a local I should go back where I came from, we locals are becoming the most hated people in the caribbean.

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    • @Local girl says:

      Yeah girl for real, I feel you. I was walking close to Bobby’s supermarket, I was masked up and this man was behind me and he started coughing and spitting whatever he was coughing up on the street. Girl tell you no lie, I took off running in my heels to get to my car.

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    • What!!! says:

      Standard reply “ I from here so you can’t tell me nothing “ TOTAL ignorance.

  7. Yea says:

    I heard Cuba has a cure for Covid-19, so are they bringing a vaccine?

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  8. Wait why? says:

    Can the government please stop being so bloody vague about everything.

    There is no covid. The borders are closed.

    But we need 22 medical people?

    I know this is a difficult question for Foy and his campers but: WHY?

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  9. Times says:

    Thank you Premier and team for having the vision to do this. The US too could use some Cubans there to get help get this COVID under control.

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    • Gullible says:

      Vision to do what?

      Fight a virus that is not around?

      Would have been good to have 1 decent doctor around when the lady had it. Instead of sending her home 1 decent doctor would have cared.

      But now we are getting 22 without our borders being open and without active covid cases.

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  10. Trump says:

    Loan them to Trump. He needs them.

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  11. Let's examine says:

    Let’s examine this matter. It is not just about covid. Remember we don’t have any specialized doctors on the island. We have so many medical emergencies here and people have to leave by air ambulance to Miami, which, may I remind you is full of covid right now. How many of you have seen an oncologist since March, or those who need a cardiologist. It is my belief that specialists are in the team. Most of our doctors here, as big and mighty as they think they are, are just basic general doctors, except for the few surgeons and dermatologist. We need them because the life they save might just be mine or yours. Let us not let karma talk in the end

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    • LMAO says:

      The only kind of doctors you have on island are witch doctors. You’re all so smart and educated and send your offspring to school but you can’t educate even one of them to the point where they can attend a real accredited medical school. Your all barbarians and act like it.

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  12. Time says:

    Thank you Premier and team for having the vision to do this. The US too could use some Cubans there to get help get this COVID under control.

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  13. What!!!! says:

    These professionals have left their homes to come and help us please let’s welcome them and be nice.

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  14. Eye roll says:

    Ok OK, I will be nice if I see them, but believe you me I pray I don’t need any doctor. Yeshua is my doctor, my healer, protector and my provider… who thinks medicine in the BVI is a scam? Is it that they want your money in they pocket? This test, that test, oh wait you have to pay for next appointment to get results of test. Chhhhching

  15. Mehson says:

    5 infected Tourist could wipe out the entire population in 6 months.Think how many bed capacity your hospital have?50 mehson

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wake up Peep’s: This is phase 2 of the SCAMdemic. Your leader like the rest,globally
    have sold out their citizens. Uours is just repositioning all of u also for the vaccine. Once you are injected then u will become infected with all the demonic engineered material hidden within it. Use God’s natural health laws to stay well and avoid the needle like you would the plague…

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