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$3.9M to be equally shared among district reps as ‘quick response’ for needy residents

Premier and Minister of Finance Andrew Fahie has allocated $3.9 million to share equally among all elected representatives to assist needy residents impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

This was one of the initiatives under the second phase of his administration’s $62.9 million economic response plan.

“These funds can be accessed by contacting all nine District Representatives or the four At-Large Representatives who will now be assigned a special COVID-19 allocation of $300,000 per district, per representative, in addition to their regular assistance grants, commonly called the District Fund. This will allow each elected member to respond to needy cases, directly and swiftly,” Fahie stated.

“This allocation has been divided equally. No member is advantaged, and none are disadvantaged. All are enabled to help you the people, especially when it comes to some of the simpler, less complicated issues,” he added.

The Premier said this assistance comes in addition to other help that persons would be able to qualify for and access. To qualify, however, residents must provide proof that they are genuinely in need.

He also said the funds will be audited monthly by the internal auditor to ensure that “transparency and accountability still apply to these special funds.”


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  1. My favorite District leaders says:

    Is Kye and Mitch.

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  2. Lily Ann says:

    if my calculations are correct, i get 430000 to be equally shared… not 300000. so what is the rest $134000 spent on?? Pocketed by the district rep??

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  3. LOL says:


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  4. Sad says:

    First of all some of these district reps does help who them want and who already have. Others who really need are suffering because of this favoritism.

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  5. Hmm says:

    Not sure I support this how it is structured, this money needs PROPER ACCOUNTABILITY! I have already heard persons saying “I wonder what I can beg my district rep for??” and they are WORKING!! Please District reps, do right by this money, do right be people who are NEEDY not GREEDY! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE

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  6. Question? says:

    How does giving District Reps money, along with all the other stimulus packages I hear the premier roll out, equate??? What exactly are district reps giving, that persons are not getting through other stimulus areas? How are we controlling the amount of ‘handouts’ received per individual?? This can turn into a greed fest really quickly if not controlled properly?

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  7. ?? says:

    How is the rollout of stimulus packages being controlled where monies are not received from two, three or four locations?

    For example, if an individual approaches the social security for stimulus, social development for stimulus, electricity for stimulus, and their district rep for stimulus, how is one person receiving from four areas being controlled, supervised and accessed??

    I am hoping that checks and balances are in place because this can get out of hand really quickly and persons not needing receiving monies that can be saved for rainy days or areas that need it most.

    The premier made a valid point of hurricane season being upon us and the uncertainty of the future. Can some of this monies be held on to in these instances, especially that of district reps for later in the year if needed?

    This approach to stimulus must be balanced, controlled and fair to everyone.

    Have we considered as well, with schools and universities closing and an influx of locals returning home, how this will affect our country? If universities and schools are closed in America for the remainder of the year, that means persons that are returning home and staying for God knows how long. Will these individuals not need to be employed? Will they not want jobs? Has our labor minister considered this and balancing the work force with work permit holders?

    These are things that need to be thought out and evaluated.

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  8. Smoke says:

    Lily Ann you have to divided by it by 13 & see what you get.

  9. A man says:

    cookie monster is coming

  10. Me says:

    I believe most of that money for the reps will go to close relatives and friends. Not the needy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Done gone in personal secret accounts.

  12. :) says:

    Fahie did mention that all funds will be audited so it’s not a case where you can just give out money, say it’s done and move on, they will have to give an account for every cent spent. People are not listening or too pessimistic.

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  13. Wishful says:

    blogging. No such will occur. If only closed would open and secret dealings fall out.

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