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Additional mooring sites added for persons quarantining on boats

Three more locations have been added to government’s list of mooring sites for persons approved to undergo their mandatory four-day quarantine on vessels, upon entry into the BVI.

The additional sites are Little Harbour, Great Harbour, and Deadman’s Bay on Peter Island.

Premier Andrew Fahie said these mooring sites have been added to minimise COVID-19 risks locally.

“The value of increasing the number of mooring sites for ‘Days 0-4’ is the subsequent decrease in the risk of interaction and contact between persons quarantining on their vessels, thus effectively helping to minimise the spread of COVID-19,” Fahie said in a recent government media release.

In the meantime, other approved mooring sites include Benures Bay, Soldier Bay, South Bay, Spring Bay, White Bay, Hallovers Bay, Valley Trunk Bay, Long Bay, Malone Bay, George Dog, Lee Bay, Muskmelon Bay, Pamato Point (West) and Manchioneel Bay.

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  1. Tourist says:

    I am currently on a bareboat charter in the BVIs. The GPS monitoring does not work. I was able to go on shore the first day and the restaurants and bars are welcoming and glad to have tourists spending money. This “quarantine” is all a sham and the government is wanting everyone to think they are enforcing protocols but in the end they just want their piece of the pie. Its a great time to visit the BVIs.

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    • Hope you are kidding.... says:

      Not cool mate. This stuff is real, and the hospitals can not handle any stress test down here. Please follow the rules. There are many locals down here with Hypertension, Diabetus and other existing conditions that will not deal with this virus.

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    • @ Tourist says:

      IF what you’re saying is true, you are the definition of a jacka**! Why would you even risk coming ashore when you’re suppose to be in quarantine on a boat? Is it because you just want to taint the BVI’s image by coming on a news site to basically brag about it? There are glitches with the system (as expected) but your blatant disregard for the BVI’s safety is nauseating to say the least. FOH!!!!

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  2. @Tourist says:

    Woow! Not surprised though.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Everyone knows that the currently elected V** members sole and hidden agenda was money and personal accumulation of it.

    After all, such was stated during the campaign as a point of fact by one of the elected members. So, no surprise as to the way things have and will turn out.

    In the end, they should really give people what is theirs, what they worked for years and decades and never received. They can do what want with the rest.

    But when it comes to money, most, including them, appear to have no empathy, feeling or care for others, but a selective few.

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  4. @Tourist says:

    I hope that’s not true. Even if you can go ashore during your quarantine period, you shouldn’t. The quarantine period is for their protection. Be a decent person and respect that. We’ll be there next week. I can assure you all we’ll follow the rules.

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  5. @ tourist says:

    I hope this is some sort of sick joke! It take one person not following the protocols and it’ll ruin it for everyone else. There have already been imported cases of COVID since the boarders have opened, which, thankfully they had been following the protocols and kept everyone around them safe!

  6. MD says:

    The rules put in place by the government should be respected as it is what they have decided is best for their country. As food for thought however, the projected number of Covid-19 related death in BVI would be 6 if one compares to USVI per capita Covid-19 death rate. The USVI has active tourism with no quarantine currently. As a comparison, the number of homicide deaths in BVI in 2017 was 9, the next highest was 8 homicides in 2008. I realize the USVI is fourth highest homicide rate in the world and the current homicide deaths are greater than Covid-19 related. This is just some numbers to ponder.

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    • @MD says:

      Why is the homicide rate so high in the USVI and the BVI? Seems like it’s the same in Chicago, NY, and most places in Africa. Also South Africa has joined the ranks since apartheid has ended. Just curious to the reason.

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  7. Wondering says:

    Excuse me but some of these new mooring sites for quarantine are known to be dangerous in a North Swell. I

  8. Tourist says:

    You will see once you get here. The local establishments come out to your boat and invite you in. We just play it smart and try to stay 6 feet from everyone. I mean after two COVID tests its kinda overkill to wait for a 3rd to have any fun. Everyone in our party has had COVID in the past 6 months anyway so our antibodies are still with us. Have a Carib and Chill!

    • To Tourist says:

      Hope you get busted. It’s people like you that will ruin it for everyone else. By all means, continue to leave comments regarding your successful defiance of the rules. Continue to openly encourage others to join you. I’m sure those that monitor your posts will be thrilled to make an example of you. You may also be putting the bar and restaurant owners at risk.

      • Tourist says:

        You sound like a democrat. Live a little and quit being so negative. COVID-19 is over. There is a vaccine now. Time to celebrate!

        • To Tourist says:

          Was that you trying anchor in the Anegada anchorage a few years ago under full sail in a 20 knot wind? Hmmmm? That explains a few things. Check yourself out on You Tube. “Ode to the Credit Card Captains”

          • Tourist says:

            No that was me with your mom sailing into Anegada a few years ago. I gave her my full sail. Check it out for yourself on pornhub. “Ode to the full sail in granny”

  9. @ Tourists says:

    That’s a very arrogant way to look at things. The rules are there for everyone’s safety, not just yours!

    I’m assuming you are not a medical professional yet you’re talking about antibodies as if you fully understand this virus.

    NOBODY should abuse the system with their own interpretation of them being Covid free as it take one person to get it wrong!

    It’s simple people….. follow the protocols!

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