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Another COVID-19 case found

Positive coronavirus test sample

A second COVID-19 case has been detected in the BVI this week.

Minister for Health and Social Development Honourable Carvin Malone has confirmed that this second newly -mported case was also detected while the person was under quarantine aboard his yacht.

He tested positive after completing the fourth-day testing that is required as part of the entry protocols for incoming travelers to the territory. There are now two active cases of COVID-19 in the British Virgin Islands.

The first case was announced on December 7. It’s also an imported case discovered while the person was under quarantine aboard his yacht.

Honourable Malone stated during a COVID-19 Update interview on December 7, that the Public Health Unit and BVI Health Services Authority team have been actively engaged in providing rigorous support and that contact tracing has commenced.

“We are pleased that all of the protocols have been properly followed so that the contact tracing is not extensive throughout the territory,” Honourable Malone said.

He also emphasised that all incoming persons are subjected to a mandatory quarantine period of four days and all violators will be tracked, traced and fined.

The total number of tests conducted in the British Virgin Islands to date is now 8,846 with 75 total COVID-19 positive cases confirmed; 72 recoveries, two active and 1 death.

Phase 3 of the border reopening has commenced and the public is again reminded to comply with all health and safety measures that include hand washing, wearing of face masks in public spaces, maintaining six feet from others outside of your households, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, keeping hands out of your face and limiting large gatherings, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

Persons who are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 are encouraged to contact the Medical Hotline at 852-7650 for medical advice and testing.

Common symptoms include fever, cough, headache, fatigue, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, muscle aches, or difficulty breathing.

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  1. Bob says:

    There are numerous cases of tourists and locals breaking quarantine this is not working sorry we should not allow anyone in without a vaccine. Just wait till all the crews star getting sick on the yachts. We are allowing people from countries with out of control covid cases to come here and not follow protacals. We are also using taxis with no partitions so the taxi drivers will be next. Sorry for my opinion.

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    • Blah blah blah says:

      Keep spreading rumors but this too was expected by smurf and the f**** man gang!

    • Thoughtful Sailor says:

      Th?e tourists are bad enough but the cab drivers aren’t helping. Two friends of mine arrived today and took a taxi from the airport to their boat. The Government says that taxis will take only people from the same family or bubble. When they asked for that, they were told that could not be done and they rode in a taxi with two other people, local, and the cab driver. How does that make sense

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      • @Thoughtful says:

        You are correct. The taxis are the problem and the drivers are paid by the passenger. There is no way the bright local will leave the airport without a full load. Thus, the quarantine and testing becomes a failure before it even starts. Apparently the government officials don’t care. They want the opening to fail so they can close the Territory again. Remember as people become poorer they lose their will and power. This is all being done so that Foy can push his Independence quest and become King Foy.

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        • Maybe... says:

          The one thing people seem to forget in that argument is the British people have just told Europe to fec orf.
          Imagine what they would say if they found out that there was a country that they couldn’t afford to visit on holiday, that their tax paying pounds go to, that doesn’t even allow them to live in without a work permit but gives them all the rights as a British citizen?
          This is a people that sent their sons and daughters to war over the Falkland Islands and didn’t know who they were until the islanders said they were and wanted to remain British.
          I can promise you… the average British person would vote for your independence in a minute if they knew how the BVI felt and how they would be treated.
          The first Caribbeans turned up in Britain in the 1950’s. The rich is a common enemy to the masses in the UK.
          Just say the word… ask for the Brits to vote on it when given all the facts… the British will be taken off the front of your name by next Wednesday!
          All Foy has to do is contact the BBC and ask. He doesn’t need the people to become impoverished. The BVI wouldn’t even need to vote on it. Just ask Europe and they offered freedom to work in however many countries joined that team.
          The BVI independence is sat there waiting for the BVI to say the word.
          I am sure I could set up a Facebook page and get the BVI independence by the end of 2021.
          The government has not done the best job but don’t start all that nonsense about independence…

          BVI if you want independence… just email The Sun newspaper and tell them how you really feel… take it from a friend, it’s yours for the asking.

  2. Comment says:

    Where are all the bloggers today who are always putting down our Premier and given the Governor praises? Customs please place your dogs onboard each one of these yachts sailing through our waters.

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    • @Comment says:

      I’m right here. First, having Covid cases exposed through testing of tourists is and will be no surprise. Second, because the BVI doesn’t test its own population doesn’t mean there aren’t any cases. I can assure you there are plenty. As for your Premier, he operates by the seat of his pants. Nothing is thought out and he applies his rules haphazardly. Buying a third rate tracking system from Jamaica? Really? It may be the technology hub of the Black third world, but the rest of the world uses apps that actually work. Next, your Premier packs each taxi to its fullest yet he won’t allow returning residents to use their own vehicles. So the chance of spread is infinitely more possible. I could go on, and I know you needed to hear this but I’ve said enough and have been quite kind.

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    • Here says:

      I’m here. How can I help you? Can I tell you a joke? What about the one about the racist BVI local with one nut sack? Oh, I see you’ve already heard it.

  3. Wow says:

    @ Bob a broken system but just be safe and protect you and yours until this virus subsides or a proving vaccine is available to quench the wild fire. Best we can do.

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  4. Citizen says:

    Brace for more than 100 cases by Christmas and community spread with this US tourists visiting here , here we earn a few thousand dollars and lose millions of dollars

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  5. 9 days says:

    2 positive cases since visitors arriving on 1 Dec. is a bad sign. How many positive cases will there be by Christmas 16 days from now?

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  6. cries in ching chong says:


  7. ... says:

    sure these is false negative cases…just change in temps so the people them got the flu. This happens every time we travel and change zones

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  8. When says:

    my American flag bearing privileged entitled rights to do as i please, even if it means making others sick or dead done with infecting the rest of the world, the BVI will be back in lock down and in another nine month quarantine just for trying to make a buck.

    Real truths are frowned upon by the perpetrators, but that because they may not agree, does that make them untrue?

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    • Playground? More like burial ground says:

      This is happening at the millionaires or billionaires playground in Gorda Sound as we speak. Guests basically refusing to wear masks without any repucussuions I am told. Who is going to rescue the families they infect? I have still failed to process how these festive season temporary jobs being offered weigh in balance to the lives and health of the people of this territory and any other Caribbean country that hs opened its borders. If a potentially deadly virus has an incubation period of up to 14 days why are we allowing people free through our community after a 4 day period? And these most of these people are traveling here from the USA who has a third of the world’s covid infection in their country according to the WHO numbers today. Mr privileged is going to walk free here and have his top line health treatment available to him and all the wait staff, activities staff, and child center staff being recruited will be exposed along with their families, their family memeber’s coworkers and their families and God alone knows who else. These millionaire and billionaire property owners are going to smile with their micro business handouts while recruiting workers to their death because their guests think that rules don’t apply to them.

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    • @When says:

      GTFOH. People like you have no purpose on being on the earth other to than to bring about Death,Destruction,Division.

  9. Mr.Gage says:

    Flawed tracking system enabling individuals to break protocol without being held accountable, 2 imported cases already detected & with the MO of this virus coupled with the short quarantine period you can already see where this is headed might as well lockdown the BVI from visitors until we are all vaccinated here because this is ridiculous.

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  10. MD says:

    The USVI has remained open for tourism. Mask wearing, limited restaurant seating, and closed bar seating are closely adhered to. Yachts are in the harbors and people on the beaches. A total of 1,698 positive covid tests (1.6% of USVI population) out of which there have been 23 Covid-19 related deaths (1.3% of those infected). Translating these USVI numbers to the BVI with less than a third of the population suggests 480 positive tests and 6 deaths. It seems that the lockdowns and tourist lockouts have resulted in about 400 less positive tests and 5 less Covid-19 related deaths versus what numbers are reported with these measures. Additional poverty, joblessness, despair, and business ruination (the negatives of lockdown) may be a tradeoff BVI wants. Hope to see you all next year after the vaccine.

    • Horse Man says:

      Interesting stats MD… How many times is the PCR Test being cycled? Anything more than 35 is basically useless, it does not specifically test for Covid-19, positive test result does not mean you have Covid (90%+ likely to not have it). Worthy of note: the vaccine is not a cure, it will not stop you getting Covid or transmitting it to someone else, it will only reduce the symptoms and maybe the likelihood of succumbing to it, which is is almost negligible considering the 99.7% survival rate (if you catch it) and the average mortality rate of 82 years.

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      • MD says:

        Vaccination or recovery from infection provides a relative immunity. For all intents and purposes in everyday life, I think it is immunity unless we all keep acting like this thing is ebola instead of a respiratory virus where recovery rates are extremely favorable and treatments are effective for those sickened.

  11. Ted Jones says:

    This is a very sad situation. Here in New York thousands of businesses are closing their doors for good. We are all in this together. Be safe BVI. I’ll see you again after I get vaccinated.

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  12. The Truth says:

    You people talk about deaths so casually. Hmmmm

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  13. @Horse Man says:

    With all due respect, you’re wrong about the vaccine. It absolutely prevents you from becoming contagious. Can you still get infected, yes. However, thanks to the vaccine, your body goes straight to work destroying it before it can generate a sufficient viral load to become contagious. Please don’t spread false information.

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