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Autland company wins 4th RDA contract in three months! Combined value now nears $5M

Local construction business Autland Heavy Equipment Company Limited has been awarded yet another contract from the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA), this time for phase one of the Great Mountain road repair project on Tortola.

The contract is valued at $194,065.08 and is the fourth one they have received from the RDA since May.

“Four bids were received by the submission deadline and following a preliminary detailed examination, the contractor Autland Heavy Equipment Company Limited was determined to be the lowest responsive bidder, and therefore was recommended for the award of the contract which was approved by the Caribbean Development Bank,” the RDA’s Director of Procurement John Primo said during the contract signing ceremony on Thursday, July 9.

Scope of works detailed

Minister for Works Kye Rymer some of the work expected to be conducted on phase one of this project will include several metres of slope stabilisation and road reconstruction.

He said: “The scope of works include, but are not limited to: general site clearance and disposal, demolishing of existing section of reinforced concrete pavement, construction of 30 metres of reinforce concrete pavement with asphalt overlay, [and] construction of a 22-metre long by 4.5 metres high reinforce concrete retaining wall.”

Additionally, some of the other works will include the construction of a 10-metre-long swale drain, construction of 125 metres of reinforced concrete curb wall, and the installation of 30 metres of guard rail.

Project to begin in two weeks

In the meantime, Rymer is appealing to all motorists for their assistance during the temporary inconvenience within Great Mountain, which he says will all be worth it once the project is completed.

“With this project, we will witness the beginning of the restoration of a major artery of our road network. While there will be a period of discomfort, this minor inconvenience leads us on a path towards a better road network,” he said.

Minister Rymer added that the project is the first of eight which is scheduled to be completed, and revealed that works will commence 14 days following the signing of the contract, which dates Thursday, July 23.

Previous contracts

Within the last three months, Autland Heavy Equipment has received a total of four contracts from the RDA. The previous contracts were awarded for the rehabilitation works to three water systems on Tortola for the communities of Carrot Bay, Long Bush and Zion Hill.

The total value of these four contracts stands at $4,916,801.16.

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  1. Interesting! says:

    They can’t blame neither NDP or VIP!

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  2. Forward ever Backward never says:

    Full speed on the move going backwards
    Kisses really go by favor. Smfh. Only the Crabbe family need to eat? Or there is something more egregious going on here it ends. Nothing lasts forever especially if it’s wrong. VIP are Vipers.

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    • Cookie says:

      I think it is based on the procurement requirements of the RDA. Many of the smaller companies in the BVI do not have the ability or resources to prepare the complicated tendering documents that are usually required to be awarded these contracts.

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      • What I Recall says:

        I recall the head of the operation starting out cutting bush around the roadside at Christmas time etc, like everyone else. Then came the filling up the Fat Hogs Bay, exclusively by the said company, then came the creation of the drive around the bay, followed by contracts after contracts. So for them, the Petty Contracts System worked for them the way it was meant to work; building up the little guy. But it has worked so well that we created a Monster that is now like Pack Man, gobbling
        up everything in sight. It is also called Cronyism, instead of practicing Democracy, the parties in power have been operating as if only one group of Voters voted them into power; just like the VIP is now doing with their members already with jobs and businesses living and breathing at the THROUGH (~/\~)

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        • Please says:

          You all are not seeing the picture clearly the financing of these projects has nothing to do with the local Government. The crabs have set up themselves with other big outside firms who are in good standing with cdb bank. They understand the game and are playing it.

          When some of our civil servants going in jail in the early 2000’s the game changed. Plus with the NDP and VIP poor handling of the finances the power of communication and works and public works has been reduced.

          That’s why the name of the ministry has changed. The premier or the minister of works have no power over these contracts. They are CDB contracts. They have their own engineers here inspecting their projects

        • Deh Watcha says:


          But only who really understands what going on will see it.

  3. systems says:

    why these contracts cannot be shared equally amound local contractors instead of one local company getting 4 contracts in such a short period of time.Lets choose contractors within the district that the propose worksite is located,this way a certain level of equity can be established

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    • West man says:

      In the BVI is who you know . Why they can’t publish the bids that was submitted by everyone so the public can see who all bid for the jobs. That’s transparency.

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    • Hmp says:

      It has to be that the information known from the inside

  4. Joke says:

    This is just a joke. How is this company going to handle multiple contracts at the same time. Are there performance bonds in place to make sure the projects are completed on time and per the contract amount. This crap is just a joke. Third World crap and you all go along with it.

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    • Observer says:

      Businesses worldwide manage multiple projects all the time so why should there be an exception in the Virgin Islands. Its about project management and delegation using one’s human resources.

  5. oh boy says:

    still gonna be broke after all said and done

  6. nah says:

    split it up because that bidding thing onesided

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  7. Because says:

    Like one blog said, only certain people should eat.

    I was better off marrying a rich man than a damn poor a$$ lying conniving thieving full of confusion man.

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  8. Gurl..u got trouble! says:

    let’s see your husband is:

    1. damn poor
    2. a$$ lying
    3. conniving
    4. thieving
    5 full of confusion.

    Just a thought:

    It does sound like you married the wrong man. You need to free yourself. Just that you know, a richer one might be poor in other ways, lies just as much if not more, be conniving, thieving, and also a confusion maker as well.

    Suggestion: Get rid of him, and stay alone. 🙂
    Who needs that headache? Set yourself free gurl and get you a RDA contract! Them hot. You might get 4 contracts in 3 months too, and the great news is you would not have to share your profit with no man.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Lol y’all were the same ones praising RDA not that long ago because it was a UK mandate.

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  10. KY says:

    Now Mr. Crabbe has more money …

  11. lol says:

    Big money..nuff worries

  12. rda says:

    put your crab in the cookie jar.

  13. do the maths says:

    The man in charge is a NDP and the winner will always be a NDP

    • To Do The Maths says:

      If I was closer I would shake your big toe.
      Just what I was thinking and was going to ask. Do we not know who is heading RDA?? Why are we surprised that only C***** getting all the contracts?? This is easy to calculate, but good living not for long life. Unfairness and cronyism will continue as long as human beings in control.

      This is pure evil. Where is Governor in all this? They against expats and still against themselves. You men only C***** and J**** can bid and win??? My goodness!!!!!

      • Now y’all want the governor? says:

        Governor can only do wrong in y’all eyes but now y’all asking for him. Y’all wanted change. Y’all voted these people in. Take what y’all get.

  14. Ausar says:

    So will we get excellent work, commensurate for compensation?

    Too many contracts are awarded,and all we see performed is shoddy work!

    Who will hold this company to task, about this?

    Can the government sue for breach of contract, if there is evidence of shoddy performance?

    And why is one company, seemingly awarded with so many contracts?

    Are there no other builders in the BVI?

    Enquiring minds like “Ausar’s”, wants to know!

  15. No nonsense says:

    The RDA, fixing the reservoir in the Carrot Bay area. It’s shameful to see anon functional garbage truck parked on one side of the access road since the last VIP government. This is twinned with a safari bus, with ALL the heavy equipment passing and SQUEEZING through daily. The owners refuse to move these shitz. The improvement is for their own good, they say the Primer aint doing nothing. But here he is working for you in your district and you the people dont have the decancy to park on the field and stop hindering progress. Shame!Shame!!

  16. Hmmmm says:

    If you have the means and the requirements to bid on the jobs then go right ahead. Contractors have to put up their own money before they get a dime from the RDA so all you could stay there bashing. You all can go ask fir a job

  17. Booth kill Lincoln says:

    Stop all the crying! Crabbe eating because they know how to hunt kill and prepared their food. Silly people you want a contract? Well you better go out and make it happen stop the bawling by any means necessary nothing off the table. How far you willing to go? if not far then shut the h**l up cause cronyism exist and will always be there. DO SOMETHING BOUT IT.

  18. BULLSHIT says:

    Don’t you people know what the requirements are to get a RDA contract???

    The requirements can hardly be met by the smaller contractors/construction companies.

    You can’t blame Autland if they have what it takes to get the jobs done and if they weren’t getting the jobs done they wouldn’t continue to award them contracts!


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  19. Moses SVG says:

    The bidding process must have a successful bidder.
    Authland has shown it has what it takes to be awarded the contract.

  20. Maybe says:

    Maybe now D* will start paying his bills.

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