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Border patrol officers, frontline workers to get monthly COVID-19 allowance — Premier

Government will be issuing a monthly allowance to each officer involved in the territory’s border security initiative during the COVID-19 period.

This is according to Premier Andrew Fahie who made that statement at a press conference this week.

The Premier did not disclose the exact sum of money that will be issued but said it is an incentive for the border security officers’ hard work during this time.

“We have boosted our manpower for law enforcement and border protection by redeploying personnel from within our systems and may I add that we are making sure that allowances will be passed for all officers monthly who are part of the security team during the COVID-19 era until those officers are no longer deployed in that capacity,” the Premier said.

He added: “We want to do that not only for our law enforcement but across the board for those who have fought so hard with COVID-19. We have to reward our people even in these bitter hard times … because not only are they working now, they are actually putting their lives on the line.”

More patrol vessels to arrive next week

Premier Fahie also said his government is putting the necessary measures in place to increase the overall fleet size of law enforcement vessels to further protect and strengthen the territory’s borders.

“By next week, Customs should have at least three more vessels on the water when all of the parts reach. Within the next month, Customs and police will have at least seven more vessels out there combined and we have other areas that we are bringing to strengthen our border in terms of equipment and material resources,” Fahie stated

Appeal to residents to report signs of border breaches

The Premier also appealed to residents to report any sightings of border breaches to the relevant authorities.

He said he believes this will assist with his goal of discouraging persons from sneaking into the BVI or attempting to smuggle other people into the territory.

“Just a few persons can cause a country millions of dollars and those who do it are getting less questions than those of us who are trying to prevent them from doing it. But that’s part of being at the top. So if you see persons smuggling, please call 311 with any information that you have,” Fahie urged.

The Premier has expressed extreme confidence in the ability of local personnel to effectively protect the BVI’s borders and recently said accepting military assistance from the United Kingdom would be ‘a last resort’.


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  1. Ning says:

    Nice! At least some folk are making out during this fiasco.

    However, you do realize that the money you are so generously using is coming from the very tax base you are systematically killing?

    Just think on that for a little while because I am guessing around November that pretty little cookie jar will be looking very much like mother Hubbard’s cupboard.

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  2. Say what? says:

    It is unfair that the health care workers are not considered for Covid-19 allowances. They have been in the fore from since the beginning of this virus in the territory. Is this fair? NO

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  3. Say what? says:

    It is unfair that the health care workers are not considered for Covid-19 allowances. They have been in the fore from since the beginning of this virus in the territory. They are more at risk than anybody else. Is this fair? NO. Consideration to the health workers. They are people too.

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  4. huh? says:

    What about the jobless rest of us?

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  5. Wow says:

    This is going from bad to worst. Where did we get funding all of a sudden to beef up the marine equipment and why only now?

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  6. smh says:

    Exactly. So Health Care workers have not and do not put their lives on the line? This thing is so blatantly one-sided to suit the Premiers wants it is comical.

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  7. Their pay should stay the same says:

    For what helping those a’holes get into the country. Letting in their friends and family hmmm

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  8. No mask no problem says:

    Although I am glad to see our frontline workers get “ the COVID 19 allowance for working tirelessly around the clock to protect us, the Essential Firefighters at the Airport ,Air Traffic Controllers and security who service the Airport to ensure that it is opened especially in this pandemic time got their salaries slashed. If these workers were not there Cargo planes couldn’t land, loved ones locals and expats wouldn’t be able to arrive to these shores. And the plane that carries or carried the COVID test to and from Trinidad wouldn’t be able to land. So Mr Premier seeing that you could find money to sprinkle on border patrol please find a way to put back the Firefighters of the Airport salary that was slashed as we are essential to the territory too.

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  9. Rubber Duck says:

    Both sides giving them money. Nice for them.

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  10. Observer says:

    Additional allowance is given, manpower is increased and additional equipment needed provided. The Premier is very confident in their ability to protect the border 24/7 but begging residents to report signs of breaches… will residence be given an allowance as well.

    Why couldnt they have used the assistance of the UK and use the monies set aside for the equipment, allowance and increase man power including the fees for those bardges to assist residence with a covid allowance?

    Pride, greed and corruption.

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  11. LOL says:

    You would not need to pay the UKNavy anything, so where does that make sense?

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  12. jack i tell yo says:

    and in the mean time we are paying 2 empty cargo barges to park up at 50 thou per day

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  13. TALK TALK says:

    Trust me all this is talk, no allowance blah blah as usual Untruths as they say. Don’t be fooled as usual borders are still wide open and I mean wide.

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  14. Doh says:

    You realize the fleet he is building is not to protect you, but to suppress you.

    The dictator needs a stronger police and military to control the population. Goods and merchandise are restricted and controlled and prices are fixed.

    Socialism is coming

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  15. Smh says:

    What about the other essential workers who been a necessity before the weak borders

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  16. hmm says:

    Seem like hush money if you ask me. I am not even a front line worker and I feel the unfairness in this .. what happen to the doctors, nurses, etc. And just where is this extra money coming from.

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  17. West says:

    I live at West End and have a 180 degree view of the ocean and I dont see any patrol boats anywhere in sight. If they are on the North of Tortola the South side here is wide open. A patrol boat need to be stationed 24/7 in the channel in West End were they can monitor movement between St. John, the West End ferry terminal and the open area to Jost Van Dyke. Ocean down here seems wide open.

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  18. Hmmmm says:



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  19. Doh says:

    All the patrol boats are either in st Thomas loading up goods or in nanny off loading them.

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  20. There is only 1 frontline against COVID19. The health staff. Lets be real. If the drs and nurses dont test and contact trace and suspect persons. Then there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE THAT MATTERS in terms of frontline says:


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  21. ReX FeRaL says:

    But other government employees can get increments they earned,? Talk as boy unfairness to the nth degree.

  22. Disgusted says:

    Do not forget your frontline healthcare workers who have been dealing with this virus since February and putting their lives AND families at risk. Workers at BVIHSA! If they do decide to strike we are all in hot water!! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE THAT ARE TAKING CARE OF US !!!

  23. Frontline Workers says:

    So I would like to know what really happen to us the Front line workers who have been working right through Covid-19 with no extra pay!! not even Pandemic leave, vacation nothing we are working for whole Yearrrrrrr… Putting my family at Risk everyday i go to work in the Hospital. So WHAT YOU CALL US… We Value nothing to this Government..

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  24. Frontline Workers says:

    Agree Disgusted!!!!!!!!!

  25. Frontline workers says:

    Was your pay decrease from normal, y do you do what u do..Big ppl acting like children, no need to ask for candy because u c candy sharing act ur age and wait ur turn

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