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Buju Banton show projected to generate roughly half-million in revenue for BVI

Deputy Director of the BVI Tourist Board, Rhodni Skelton.

The BVI is projected to generate a number in the region of half-million dollars in revenue for the Buju Banton ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ show set for next month.

This is according to Deputy Director of the BVI Tourist Board, Rhodni Skelton.

He gave that projection at the media conference held on Wednesday, May 8, stating that the event will present a great opportunity for the territory.

“It gives us an opportunity to showcase to the world what the BVI is capable of; that we have recovered so much so to the point that we can host a show of this magnitude that’s expected to bring way over 8,000 guests to the BVI,” the Deputy Director said.

And while crunching numbers, the Tourist Board deputy director added: “If you look at departure tax, multiply that up by the average 8,000 persons, you’re easily talking between $300,000 – $400,000 just from that alone.”

He also noted the time period for which the concert is scheduled which, according to Skelton, is ‘on the shoulder of the BVI’s tourism season’.

“As we are seeing, already less cruise ships are coming in. By the time we get down to June, if we didn’t have the event, a lot of our business owners or tourism industry partners may be looking at layoffs and things of that nature.”


With the large influx of visitors expected, Skelton said security will be accordingly prepped to handle all potential outcomes.

“Within a week or so, we are going to have a ‘mass gather plan’ that speaks to what each of our law enforcement agencies is going to be responsible for including things that you may not think about [such as] environmental health,” Skelton explained.

He further said: “You have that mass amount of people coming in and making sure that no one gets sick. The worst thing that can happen is someone comes here expecting to have a good time and all of a sudden you fall ill because we didn’t do our due diligence. So, all of those agencies health services, police, Customs — we’re all going to sit around the table and make sure.

Venue layout

Meanwhile, event promoter Kennie Thompson of KT Productions said the layout of the venue will be a little different than what typically happens. He said this is to maximize on space as much as possible.

“The booths we have for [emancipation] festival; you won’t have those so that we have more space for production and patrons,” Thompson said.

A new section is also to be created at the venue to facilitate specially-invited guests, Thompson further explained.

“Because of the great demand, we had to create some more space and also we had to create an area that we are calling the Ultra VIP where we are going to have your dignitaries, [as well as] local and visiting celebrities,” he said.

The show is set for Saturday, June 15 at 5 pm.

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  1. Kingfish says:

    Who is Buju Banton ???????

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  2. Hmm says:

    The BVI used to be a first class destination selective. We have to stop running this country from a ghetto perspective. We need good role models for our youths.

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    • Lol says:

      The projection makes no sense. Does they realize that 8000 is almost equivalent to 33% of our population? Grossly overestimated.

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  3. Good says:

    Eye candy

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  4. Isitive says:

    Powers of RASTAFAR I Empress Menen I

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  5. strupes says:

    A lot of hype and exaggeration just to harbor a deported criminal? Wow! just for the love of money

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  6. Extremely Concern says:

    As bad music remains one of the most destructive element of our communities, especially, the black community, we need to be more selective in the style and substance of music we allow on our airwaves and concert halls.

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    • Really says:

      Clearly you are not familiar with his oeuvre. He’s one of the most conscious artistes to come out of Jamaica in the last fifty years. Get a clue!

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  7. Online Now says:

    Without meaning to be too negative, I am very glad I will be off island that weekend. I hope everything runs smoothly but that is a lot of people to pack into a small space.

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  8. Jokes says:

    name a local celebrity please ?? I knows none….

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  9. Mick Mars says:

    I think a portion of that money should go towards paying all the local artists that y’all owe outstanding monies too because as much as I’m hyped for this show, I think it’s a frigging awful precedent that ANY International Artiste can come in, get paid in full (as we know is always the case when Village come about) while locals got to be running down heads of Government on Facebook getting digital IOU’s.

    Looking forward to seeing Gargamel and I’d dead laughing if he play the song Driver.

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    • WOW says:

      But its not the Gov’t who is keeping the show though.

      I honestly believe reading is one thing BUT comprehension is lacking in some of you bloggers

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    • Hmmm says:


      • Truth says:

        Who gives a sh** about your departure. Lol…All you antimen should leave the island during the concert and dont come back.

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  10. Dingabelle says:

    Tourist board needs to go do their part in promiting the BVI. How they get in this matter. All they do is travel. Stupes

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  11. Eclipse says:

    On what basis or evidence are we making this financial projection? I believe this is a gross exaggeration. Tourist Board to needs to come with real tourism initiatives. This concert is just the gravy. We need a proper main course to talk about tourism revenue not a Buju concert. Good try but we got to do better.

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    • Not2Sure says:

      I am also very suspicious about these “projected revenues”. Reading the article this sounds like a an off-the-cuff reply to a reporter’s question rather than any kind of meaningful financial projection based on some kind of analysis.

      She is hoping we will get 8,000 visitors coming to see the concert. But she really has no idea, and we have no way of measuring how many people – if any – will travel to the BVI for this concert.

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      • Please says:

        Lets just say for arguments sake that we have 5k people who are non residents/belongers. those 5k pay $20 departure tax to leave the territory, that is 100k right there. not to mention the hotel occupancy tax at 8% and say there are 100 rooms at $100 per night that $8.00 x 5k you have an additional 40k
        whats that 140K alone and we all know hotel rooms are not 100 per night for this weekend. Restaurants will be open, bars will be open, beaches will have people, rentals(pay tax also) the taxis, airb&b. So there is money to be made by the gov’t. Even the small vedors who set up on the roadsides will make money.

        Just because you might not know if there will be 8k people doesn’t mean there wont be

        We complain to much in this place; at the end of the day is the govt makes five dollars its 5 dollars more that we had yesterday! This concert wont be everyone’s cup of tea, if its for you go, if you don’t want to support don’t but for the love of life and all things good in the world. Stop f^9king complaining !!

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        • @ Please says:

          OK, let’s talk a minute for how much money is going OUT of the territory. Specifically, all the money that is getting paid to the artist. He is going to spend that money here – he is going to take the money he earns from putting on the show and take it right back to Jamaica.

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        • Not2Sure says:

          But are we even going to get 5,000 people? Or much less.

          If you look at his website, he doesn’t even bother to list the BVI as one of his upcoming tour dates. Anyone wanting to travel to see him is most likely going to buy a ticket to see him the following week in St Kitts, because that is what he is advertising. Not BVI!

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  12. Eagle eye says:

    If he was selling weed i would support the hype.coke sellers are a destruction to mankind and in no way our government should be supporting this.send coke sellers a clear message.

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  13. I call BS says:

    Gee whizz, our very own Fyre Festival in the making- Where are these 8000 people going to sleep?
    Or eat?
    The promoters better stock up on white bread, bologna and romaine lettuce leaves.
    Perhaps our Ferry system is planning to move most of these 8000 to St Thomas at one or two or three in the morning after the concert? I’m sure the USVI Customs officers will be ready and waiting with a smile….

    Somebody is planning on making a lot of money with this but it’s sure not going to be the Government of the People of the Virgin Islands.

    Just out of curiosity; does anyone know how many working hotel rooms there are on Tortola right now?

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  14. . says:

    We are not perfect. He did his crime and did his time. We need to be more forgiving towards him. He did not rob, rape or molest anyone. We are quick to judge and castrate each other. We need to start loving each other and stop being so hateful. The same way you all view our black brother Buju is the same way the other races view us.

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  15. ? says:

    $500,000? That’s it? I would have expected more when you factor in Food, transportation, accommodations, taxes, etc. This may not be worth the hype.

  16. Question for promoter says:

    Can you please print more VIP tickets? Need at least 10 more for my guests. TIA!

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  17. Lol says:

    Who is paying for the emergency services who will have to prepare for this? Will it be the tax payer while the promoter collects the profit?

  18. Boo says:

    As a convicted drug offender how did Mr. Buju Banton get a BVI Visa?

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  19. Nice says:

    This show is the hype pls legalize marijuana for the wknd pls O

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  20. Truth says:

    Who gives a sh** about your departure. Lol…All you antimen should leave the island during the concert and dont come back.

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  21. One eye fowl cock says:

    Tourist board while you at it take you all a## over to cane garden bay and look at the dinghy dock before all those ghost people who coming to buju show drop them a** on those rocks while walking on the dock

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  22. 8000 ppl lol says:

    That’s a ridiculous estimation WTH he get that from and where 8000 ppl will stay exactly? We have 8000 hotel rooms??

  23. Bloggers ? says:

    we are not BLOGGERS .. we just leave mere comments .

  24. call no name says:

    why did they not invite Tortola best reggae singer to head line this show Mr Quito Rhymer

  25. Home Boy says:

    This show got too much hype, I hope the have proper SECURITY in place and a mas gathering emergency plan in place as well.

  26. Home Boy says:

    Call no name I agree with you, Quito should be on the show.

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