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Businesses could face fines and closure for not enforcing social distancing, mask policies — Premier

Businesses in the British Virgin Islands could face fines and even closure if they fail to enforce government’s mandatory ‘no mask, no service’ and social distancing protocols to help prevent any potential spread of the coronavirus.

In a statement issued late Wednesday evening, Premier Andrew Fahie said the Attorney General has been instructed to consider all relevant legislation “for the purpose of enacting provisions to adhere to the social distancing measures”. 

He said these measures and protocols would include but are not limited to the wearing of face masks/coverings by all individuals when in an indoor or outdoor public space, and maintaining a physical distance of at least six feet between individuals when in an indoor or outdoor public space.

The Premier said all businesses must ensure these measures apply to both employees and visitors (customers) at their respective establishments.

Penalties coming 

He said Cabinet has also decided to introduce a range of penalties for individuals and businesses who fail to comply. For individuals and businesses who commit an offence for the first time, they will be given a warning.

For individuals who commit a second offence, they will be fined and educated. Any subsequent offence will automatically result in a fine and failure to pay the fine would incur a ‘further penalty’, the Premier said.

As for businesses, second-time offenders will be fined, given notice of closure, and be subjected to re-inspection as well as becoming educated on the importance of complying with the government-imposed measures.

Third-time offending businesses

Third-time offending businesses will be made to close their establishments, have their Environmental Health Certificate revoked, and a further penalty would apply.

“We will continue to meet as a Cabinet to move this territory forward in the best interest and benefit of the people of the Virgin Islands,” the Premier stated.

There are no reported active cases of the coronavirus in the territory.

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  1. Nice says:

    3 months in and no help at all for businesses but lets fine them or close them down for masks! Beautiful!!! BTW do we still have a Jr Minister for Trade? Tourism? Where are they and why are they mum? Anyway you got to loce this govt. Grow your weed, smoke your weed and gamble your mortgage away when the casinos arrive no problem but dont let us catch you standing too close to anyone or else you will be fined!!

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  2. oh yeah boy says:

    Not wearing a mask in public is not illegal.

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  3. Wow says:

    Why would anyone be wearing a mask outside and did these geniuses take into consideration the side-effects of wearing the masks for some people? The year is only halfway spent but we already know who the Donkey of the year award will be awarded to.

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  4. Wow says:

    I think power going to this man head. If he get he way we all will be sleeping in masks.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Like the cannibis enforcement laws of decades, will they be enforced only on local Black businesses? More than likely.

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  6. The Fahie nonsense says:

    KThe Fahie nonsense continues.

    When is this bloke going to advice the people to actually start caring about their health by adopting a healthy lifestyle to boost immune systems.

    Oh wait…. looking at … it’s probably easier to put a mask on.


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    • Foy nonesense says:

      The past leaders must be turning over in there graves to see what this present leader has single handed done to the bvi my God. It is the worst ever this is going to be the longest 4 years in history

  7. MJ says:

    Interesting! The supermarket I often shop at has many customers with no mask or that new fashion of a mask on your chin or up to your mouth but nose sticking out.

    Yes, please enforce it. Masks help

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    • where says:

      there has been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 for 2 months so why should we wear masks, punish abnd cripple businesses yet they promise help but no help is given but they have time to pass legislation to kill off the outer islands while they get their salary play ball without masks but can’t even give out a form to get a grant thats been due since June 15th

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      • @ where says:

        The USVI jumped from 5 Active Cases on 29 Jun to 57 Active cases as of today (9 July) and they are localized cases.

        Don’t be ignorant; take the necessary precautions.

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        • ? says:

          So what? COVID isn’t going anywhere so stop the fear-mongering! Is the hospital equipped for WHEN COVID comes back? Because IT IS COMING BACK WHEN THE BORDERS OPEN!!! Are we all going to lock ourselves in our houses with masks on and pray? Sometimes I wonder if we are a set of f***ing retards in this place! The irony is that everyone is scared of the virus and rightfully so, but we are being advised to do everything except what really matters, which is trying to live healthier, eat better, strengthen our immune systems! You are not seeing/hearing this anywhere, but let’s hammer everyone into breathing in carbon dioxide and staying home.

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      • x says:

        No confirmed cases doesn’t mean no cases. There might be infected people among us and not know it.

        Wear you mask. It’s a help.

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  8. Reality... says:

    It is not fair to put the onus on business owners in regard to the ‘no mask no service’ enforcement. Security personnel and business owners have been assaulted by patrons when they have attempted this. Business property has been damaged. If the government want this to be mandatory they must make it so. It is not fair for them to threaten businesses based on a statement from the Premier.

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  9. humm says:

    Well I think ******L NIGHT CLUB should be the first to close down because in there is jammed backed every weekend , no mask, no social distancing just a bunch of horny man and woman wasting their time and money! REALLY SOCIAL DISTANCING IN A STRIP CLUB????????

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  10. Lost Lemon says:

    Just my humble advice honorable Premier…. there is a fine line between the logic behind your decisions (which none of us have figured out), the matter of lives vs livelihood, and the outright stamping on the free person’s civil liberties! You, your Cabinet, and those elected officials in Caucus are walking on VERY thin ice Sir.

    Keep lording over the common man and you may just get a backlash that will surprise you. Tensions are beginning to bubble.

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  11. Well says:

    Where is the assistance for business. It was announced weeks ago. What happened?

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  12. is it now law? says:

    Is it now a law that masks are to be worn?

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    • not a law yet says:

      but sounds like it will be soon – which i think is a good idea as too many people getting too close to each other without masks

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  13. Too little too late says:

    All these statements and laws and NOTHING is enforced! Locals do not follow any and officials turn a blind eye!

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    • @Too little says:

      Please stop with the generalizing. I’ve been to bars and restaurants and none of patrons, local or not, were wearing masks. And, let’s face it, you can’t eat or drink while in a mask. So, again stop generalizing. If you can’t add to the solution, don’t instigate division.

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    • @ Too little too late says:

      Turning a blind eye and expect us to vote them back in.

  14. Now says:

    now this is when suddenly everyone will love the Govenor again as he must sign this into law and this is not a lawful order.

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  15. Do as I say not as I do says:

    This is ridiculous. Government officials are seen daily gathering in bars and restaurants without masks sitting right next to each other. Giving out hugs. You minister have to make sure your that your cronies are setting the example if you want people to follow. Why all the hype if there are no cases here. Is there something you are not telling us? Hmmmm…

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  16. GPS says:

    This man must have an evil clone…..this same man on the campaign trail begging for votes and when i say don’t tear don’t share votes. He’s now on a high horse making moves like a dictator, instead of easing the lives of persons cresting a breeding ground for crime……..Time will tell and can’t come fast enough. This same man was at a function at the gym that he himself participated in, not one person had on a mask. I rest my case.

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  17. vip heckler says:

    His basketball tournament finish now so let us enforce the mask law

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  18. resident says:

    I ain’t wearing a mask outdoors, sorry not sorry

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  19. trump says:

    kim jong foy

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  20. What? says:

    May as well close all the restaurants, daysail companies, hair salons, and beaches and be done with it then. Is this where we are heading? IF so, just tell us now, so I could go buy some clippers.

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  21. Everyone relax says:

    I’ll let you know when I get my official warning for not wearing a mask in an outdoor space.

    Check this page in 2032 and you still won’t see anything, like a helmet on a scooter rider’s head.

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  22. BABYLON BIG DOG says:

    Its disgraceful how Tolians are joining with outside forces to destroy locals. What do you think is going to happen when there is no more need of you.

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  23. Me says:

    He needs to give ppl they stimulus money

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  24. A step too far says:

    In this case we need education not more laws. People are not wearing masks as we are declared Covid Free so educate us all as to why masks and social distancing are important.

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  25. Old says:

    You Talking about mask people int getting no money to pay there rent and buy food from social security. And this is real.

  26. Poverty says:

    When and who going to start talk about and address the high cost of living and rent in the British Virgin Islands . Rent,Food, water,electricity,Internet.What salary the average person making. A one bedroom apartment is 1000$ and up how many local own their own homes or able to do so.3000$ and up for an apartment.Many people out of work salaries going down it is time someone address this topic

  27. Laws for Show says:

    If everyone’s invited to the restaurant re-opening up Trellis this weekend how is social distancing and mask wearing going to be enforced…inquiring minds.

  28. Facts says:

    BVI, I’m all for precautions and ensuring the everyone living in these islands are safe and doing they part to ensure we remain covid 19 free. I read the article as well as the comments and the clear cut of this all is educating one self about what this virus really is and what is really does. Wearing mask comes with its challenges. We need to understand covid 19 kills but it not a death sentence so fearless think more, people with chronic respiratory conditions are at higher risk of contracting the virus. Wearing the mask for a lengthy time will create respiration problems. What persons forget is the the nose and mouth isn’t the only way the virus can enter ones body. It can enter through your eyes you see the fleshy corner of your if the virus gets there it will enter your body that way to. Now that’s my little take on what I know about this virus.

    The installation for fear is what makes the world wealthy stay wealthy and i mean world leaders, people the fear that’s being instilled is to drive the money train I heard of a doctor in the US who contracted the virus and cure it with home base products honey ginger and turmeric. He disclosed this to the media but his story get played out in 30 minute never to be heard of again. But the play the fact that the virus has no cure over n over day by day so that your in a stage of panic and you do as they want you to do. Look at the table of success. The manufacturers of masks sanitizer get a jump in sale governments gets a cut/tax so much so that their relax and comfortable and not pushing for a cure by why is that some may ask and the answer is simple. He that feels it knows it he the benefits doesn’t care. We are have to face the fact that the virus is a stepping stone to what’s to come. The ruler of the freedom America speaks of a new strain and second wave of this virus so tell me what we can do. Let history reflect that year after you some deadly viruses are made to change the view of health care doctors are now in the business of selling medication and not a cure. How many of you even went to a doctor and before they diagnose you they prescribe medication without know what you have. My point is this we are feed the basic just get by when the holder of the truth plot how to make their pocket longer. Mask wearing helps for now but it will create problems and more and more people with will catch this virus to the point where there wouldnt be no where around it. I wanna close asking this one question. How will the government officials warn and educate you about the virus when the information provided as to the working of the virus change weekly. I dont know but what we are face to live with is a part of the man agenda this man made virus geared to instill fear to create wealth. So take my advise be wise wear the mask when around people and practice social distancing. Enjoy a distance conversation and let’s stay over the statistical board.

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  29. Calico says:

    Dear Premier y should they wear a mask . U have no one with the virus currently… Ppl r not listening to wear a mask and being asymptomatic … this is the environment u created so start with the fines…. Pls open the ports so ferries can commence….. cause guess what when u do open the ports u will have cases of CoVID…. work on putting precautions in place instead of shutting down ports indefinitely…….

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