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BVI spared wrath of the most active hurricane season

File photo: Overlooking a section of Tortola post-Hurricane Dorian in August 2019. (Photo by Kamal Haynes/BVI News)

The BVI has escaped the devastation of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season which officially ended yesterday, November 30.

The Atlantic Hurricane season runs from July 1 to November 30 yearly.

Weather experts said the 2020 season has been the most active on record, with 30 named storms; 13 of which were hurricanes.

By September, the hurricane season was so active that it exhausted the regular list of storm names. This forced The World Meteorological Organisation to resort to using Greek letters, which they’ve only done once before in 2005.

The strongest hurricane was Hurricane Iota, which struck Central America and devastated areas that were already recovering from Hurricane Eta just two weeks earlier. It left thousands displaced in Central America.

But the BVI, which continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, did not experience any major hurricanes this year.

Speaking at the official opening of the Terrance B Lettsome airport yesterday, Governor Augustus Jaspert declared the day “a good day” since it marked the end of a busy hurricane season that did not bring any devastation to the territory.

The last hurricane to actually hit the BVI was hurricane Dorian which made landfall on August 28, 2019.

Prior to that, the BVI was hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria which wrecked the territory and to this day, continue to influence the political and economic landscape of the BVI.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Don’t count your eggs before the are hatched
    Only time will tell
    God don’t like wicked
    He attack the wicked when the are not prepare

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    • Doh says:

      BVI spared from the storms, but not the wrath of F***e. He’s done more damage than any storm and it will take years to recover.

      But carry on

  2. nice says:

    Thank you Jesus

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  3. Thank you Jesus says:

    Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    And He will spare us of this cvvvv thing too.

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  4. The Truth says:

    Yeah we are wicked, not other places where they chop up people like minced meat lol.

  5. Though says:

    the thought is understood, it must be raised again that there some serious evil/wickedness going on in these islands.

    The truth is people are being murdered by the hand full a week, and law enforcement cannot even begin investigate those kinds of killings.

    Beware of those who shout and preach jesus everyday, go to church every sunday. It is believed there are some of the people who are murdering people with evil.

    Some don’t like to hear truth. but truth must be told, there are to many unusual deaths occurring since 1980 to be natural. They are not.

    Karma says, do good and good will attend you. Do bad and will greet you. Do evil unto others and evil will be done unto you. Kill/murder others and expect you and or yours to be killed or murdered, in this generation or the next.

  6. lol says:

    ..but couldn’t escape the wrath of Hurricane Mugafoy

    • @Lol says:

      Wherever there are Black people, but especially in Africa and the diaspora, many, many, many Idi Amins along with many, many Mugabe’s are needed to turn the wrongs done to Black humanity around.

      The deliberate suppression of Black people’s history has been going on for centuries, but little by little it is being revealed.

      So, Mugafoy all you want, but many now know the true contribution Hon. Mugabe made to his country and people.

      • Rubber Duck says:

        Lol. He bankrupted them while ripping off the Treasury buying homes all over the world and stashing money away in Switzerland.

        His thugs killed and tortured his opponents.

        How dumb are you?

        • @Rubber Duck says:

          You clearly don’t know beyond what lies western media has told you. on that issue. Go get and read the facts. You disappoint on this one.

  7. Anonymous says:

    would prefer MugaFoy to HitStalBrit ruling the seas any day.

    See, Foy ancestors never stole no other peoples lands, evicted them from it, and rendered them into abject poverty.

    Mugaby sought to reclaim that stolen land for his people. Such was seen a a wrong because the people that stole the land was white people. What a thing. One is made a criminal for retaking what was his all along. Only a savage could see that as being right.

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    • Doh says:

      And then mugabe destroyed the economy, hyper inflation kicked in, and he kicked out the white farmers who,provided the country with food.

      Sounds familiar…

      • @Doh says:

        Zim’s economy was deliberately destroyed by vicious sanctions imposed by the EU, US and others.

        That was their inhumane response, to cripple the economy and starve the people. Their reasoning, if we can’t steal their land, make riches from it while keeping them poor and hungry, then we will make sure they do not live either.

        Alternative facts just seem to be your only source of information. Truths you truly can’t handle.

      • Get says:

        your narrative straight. EU, US and other vicious sanctions crippled the economy, not Mugabe’s policies.

        He was the west sweet heart until he decided to take back the stolen land.

        Sounds about truthful, don’t it?

  8. Correction - Geo teacher. says:

    The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 – 6 full months.

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