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BVI to receive COVID-19 vaccines from the UK

Governor Augustus Jaspert.

The United Kingdom has guaranteed to procure COVID-19 vaccines for the British Virgin Islands and other Overseas Territories (OTs).

A media release from the Ministry of Health said the UK Minister for Overseas Territories, Baroness Elizabeth Sugg wrote to all the leaders of the OTs earlier this week to confirm the offer.

Governor Augustus Jaspert said discussions will be had between the UK and the BVI to ensure that all parties receive a share based on the nature of the vaccine procured and its availability.

“I am pleased that the UK has made this commitment and although the exact details have yet to be worked out depending on the vaccine procured, it is a clear signal of the UK and BVI’s special partnership. Our health services and public officials have been doing a fantastic job to fight COVID-19 and I hope this promise of support from the UK will be an extra boost to help defeat the virus,” Governor Jaspert stated.

Not all will be welcoming vaccine

The release also said Premier Andrew Fahie had thanked the UK and its agencies for their COVID-19 support to the territory in a letter addressed to Baroness Sugg on October 27.

He also noted that not all persons in the territory will be willing to accept the vaccine, which should be respected.

“We must bear in mind that there are persons in our society who, for religious or other beliefs, do not subscribe to the taking of vaccines, and we do have to be respectful of that when the time comes. Notwithstanding this, the people of the Virgin Islands would be grateful and happy to receive supplies of the vaccine when it becomes available, for which I thank the UK Government in advance,” he said.

Special storage facility specs needed

Premier Fahie also requested for information that will allow the BVI to adequately prepare a proper storage facility for the vaccine, ahead of its arrival.

“I note from your letter that one of the potential vaccines would require special storage. I would like the BVI to be in a state of preparedness to receive the vaccines when they become available. I would be grateful to know the specifications of the recommended storage facilities so my government can begin looking at where we can locate the facility and what resources we would need to put this in place,” Fahie explained.

Since January, the UK has provided more than $1.4 million worth of medical equipment which has enabled the territory’s medical professionals to respond to the virus while building the long-term capacity of local health services.

These medical equipment include testing kits, ventilators, protective gear, laboratory supplies, mobile isolation units and a new testing machine that has given BVI the capability to run real-time PCR tests for the first time.

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  1. Part of the Script says:

    The game they play, yes how it works is to introduce the vaccine freely so that it’s available by choice then mandate it, just wait for an opportunity to say that Covid in rising and the people aren’t coming for the vaccine so we’ll have to mandate it so that our people remain safe from this “deadly disease” it’s not rocket science

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  2. Whitebwoy says:

    Black people has and will always depend on natural herbs for healing.when it arrives give it to the white population alone.the blacks have been recovering off home remadies.

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    • Life expectancy... says:

      For men In west Africa is 57.

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    • @white says:

      I clearly don’t understand the small mind of the Belonger. Since you have your teas, herbs and voodoo cures for Covid then why do you fear opening the Territory up. There should be no issue. The black man is stronger than the whites so what is the fear? The reality is you’re just dumber than the whites which is why you’re so backwards all around the globe.

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  3. Played out says:

    These white people look like they loose their minds.boss go from here with your vaccines,y’all is the weaker race.

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  4. Earl says:

    I would be happy to take the Astra Zeneca Oxford vaccine as it is a proven type of vaccine… the others which are new types (RNA I believe) are cutting edge so would not want to be a Guinea pig with them.

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  5. Winter spike says:

    They are waiting on winter to bawl out,SPIKE in corona.then pressure everyone to get vaccinated.people when the cold front comes in and your nose start to run a little do not go to the hospital so that they can use you as the many different bush teas and drink,simple.

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  6. Rubber Duck says:

    That evil UK again eh?

    Please get some rapid testing kits too Governor so we can test on arrival with results in under an hour and get rid of this ridiculous 4 test , quarantine and criminals bracelet non sense.

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  7. Hell no says:

    Dear Mr. Governor,

    Please inform the UK that these racist people of the BVI would rather die (and hopefully so) than take a vaccine given to them by their former enslavers. These people should not be on the UK’s list of receivers as the hatred of the white man overwhelms them and their demented minds and souls. Please send the vaccine elsewhere where it will be appreciated. If the vaccine should come to the BVI, this wretched government will sell the free vaccine to the people especially the whites who live on these islands. Let these people of the BVI purchase their vaccine from Somalia along with their testing kits. Stay safe Governor and wish you well.

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  8. WOW says:

    Now I see why Fahie does keep an eye on these people. They are always up to no good.

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  9. Clearly says:

    Clearly I must appologize to the Premier for coming against him for bashing the Governor and some of them in the UK in power because this is clear the plot they have towards us with this vaccine. Premier continue to be vigilant on our behalf in the BVI.

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  10. Troglodyte Killer says:

    When in HISTORY has pale face or PAWGs saved Black people smh lol give the vaccine to yuh modda 1st.

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  11. Sad reality says:

    The vaccine is the only thing that can bring life back to some normalcy..It will tke a law or a govt policy for people to take vaccine…

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  12. Bvi says:

    But andrew fahie agreed to it as we need to say no to both the governor and andrew fahie.

    • leer says:

      “We must bear in mind that there are persons in our society who, for religious or other beliefs, do not subscribe to the taking of vaccines, and we do have to be respectful of that when the time comes. Notwithstanding this, the people of the Virgin Islands would be grateful and happy to receive supplies of the vaccine when it becomes available, for which I thank the UK Government in advance,” he said.

      What part of this you dont understand?

  13. Bvi says:

    But andrew fahie has agreed to it.he wanted the vaccine,so we need to say no to both him and the governor.

  14. Bvi says:

    We cannot just blame the governor,we need to also blame andrew fahie as well.he had long agrees to the vvaccine as well.the people in the uk has refused it,we need to bdo the same.

  15. Patriotic bvi says:

    Many of us are so anti white,yet we all embracy us culture so much.guys,remember our government has all lot to say in the vaccination too.why we don’t talk to him as well.and blaming the governor alone.

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  16. Patriotic bvi says:

    Most americans and many europeans refused.I think wecan do the same.

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    • @Patriotic bvi says:

      Have you misspelled your name? Presumably you meant Idiotic bvi…
      What the actual F are you talking about? Nobody in usa or europe have refused a vaccine for Covid-19. You know why? Because you cannot refuse to have something that does not exist. When the vaccine does exist, let’s talk again.

      Incidentally, yellow fever is a disease for which a vaccine is mandated if you want to visit certain countries. So, it is not unprecedented to require a vaccine in certain countries.

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  17. Dave henry says:

    Let’s look at the bigger picture,their is a conpire theory about depopulation the world by bill gates and his associates.and most caribbean islands has buy into this.guys let us say no to our countries has refused it,most americans and european countries is marching against it.guys,it’s not just us alone but the whole world.guys it’s eint the governor of vthe primere,but the world leaders.let’s so no to it simple.let’S PUT God first.we are a christian society.we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but power and principality.and wickedness in high places.let’s seek God face more than ever before.

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    • @Dave says:

      Idiot. Nobody is marching against Covid vaccine. It doesn’t exist yet.
      As for depopulation, it’s not a very good virus if the aim is to depopulate the world. It is however dangerous and should be managed and respected

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    • the f**k?? says:

      n***a you stupid, keep your island people s**t out of this, put science first

  18. Dave henry says:

    Sorry for my miss spelling of some of the words.I was saying bill gates was pushing cfor vaccination.the entire world,not just the Bvi.but the whole world.

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  19. Expats says:

    I hope all the expats get sense
    Expats do not take this vaccine
    Let them give there own ppl the bvi islanders
    The don’t like us so will will use this vaccine to kill us
    As you can see around the world anybody the try it on the die
    This is the VIP plan to get raid of expats

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