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BVI’s active COVID-19 cases spike to 13!

Health Minister Carvin Malone

The BVI has now hit 13 active positive COVID-19 cases, three of which were symptomatic and had no travel history. 

The news was announced by Health Minister Carvin Malone earlier today, Tuesday, June 29.

Malone said that as of yesterday, June 28, the BVI has recorded a total of 313 cases, with 299 recoveries and one death. 

The Health Minister also shared that a total of 56,092 tests were conducted so far on individuals throughout the BVI.

In his update, Malone related that active contact tracing of the most recent cases continues with a number of primary contacts having been quarantined and scheduled for testing “at the appropriate time”.

He said the Public Health Department is currently also actively looking for any other persons who may have come in contact with these positive cases. 

According to the minister, persons who have attended these locations at the specified times are asked to self-isolate. 

As reported previously on BVI News, a further two of the three local cases have been identified as workers at a local grocery and are being actively contact traced and followed up. 

Testing for these individuals, the minister explained, will be administered on day-10 after the suspected exposure. 

He encouraged persons to work together to avoid the community spread of COVID-19 by contacting the department and self-isolating if they thought they were exposed at one of these locations. 

Malone added: “The remaining positive cases are presently located on the island of Tortola and have a history of travel. The Public Health Unit Team continues to monitor all positive cases closely and these persons will remain in mandatory quarantine until they are deemed fully recovered.”

AstraZeneca vaccine safe

Malone added an urgent plea for persons to continue to follow public health protocols such as wearing face masks. He further noted that getting vaccinated was the best tool to reduce transmission, prevent severe illness and prevent hospitalisation caused by COVID-19.

“The vaccine has been proven safe and effective as millions of persons not only have been vaccinated but have received the AstraZeneca vaccine,” Malone said. “And to see that as the world demand increases, our numbers show reluctance that would lead to wastage should we not act now.”

“If you are not going to do it for you, then do it for your children,” the Minister urged. “At the end of the day, we are hoping the protection of the adult population will, in turn, protect each child under the age of 17 in this territory.”


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  1. No surprise here says:

    I’ve seen many pics and videos of people out at public functions without masks….the ministers were present at a few of those functions.

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    • Yes there were! says:

      At the high school graduation some students were cheering and screaming without masks on and there certainly wasn’t any protocol used as speakers changed. They all used the same nasty microphone; students and adult speakers alike.

      • Who cares says:

        you people need to remember that this is God’s earth and we are his children.. you talking about people speaking on microphones… I mean come on .. has this covid thing rotted ayo brain… we are the same people we have always been covid is not new the stigma has just been risen and propagated into a scare tactic. We trust man and question God now that is disgusting… I pray for all of you lost I individuals who have chose this plandemic over your common sense ? ?

  2. How did covid get in here. says:

    Bill Gates and WHO, getting their carriers into our Islands, U all realize everytime a country about to open up and move forward then an out break happen, look at St. Kitts…This is very suspicious..Something aint right..

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  3. Doh says:

    Omfg people. Get vaccinated

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  4. 1st district says:

    Dear Mr. Malone, according to the UK Covid policies ALL ADVERSE REACTIONS should be placed on a yellow card and WE THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW ABOUT THEM. Keep spewing about how safe the jab is and there are opposite effects about it.

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  5. local business says:

    we’re in the ludicrous situation of being more at risk from our own population than tourists. Check this out, vaccine deniers:

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    • Fact Checker says:

      I think we need to stop working with fear and start working with facts. It is very irresponsible of the Virgin Islands health minister to continue to share incorrect information to the public and encourage the public to be part of a test group for an untested DNA vaccine. The first warning that came with the vaccines stated the high risk to seniors yet the government and doctors encouraging to take the vaccine. U.K government health website a d U.S health agencies as well as news are now telling you about the risks of vaccines yet we still advocate it in the V.I. Vaccinated persons still contract, carry and spread covid19. We are deliberately putting everyone at risk by not quarantining for the same time frame because the took an ineffective high risk vaccine. More have died from the vaccines than covid check CDC websites for the facts as I did.

  6. LILLIAN says:


  7. Flu Season says:

    …meanwhile, nobody is catching or dying from the regular flu, only COVID-19…interesting!

    • Vaccinated says:

      That’s because no-one is getting flu due to us wearing masks and the vulnerable have had the covid vaccine. The flu and Covid and cold viruses have the same basic components.

  8. Vaccinated says:

    Singapore has over 70% vaccinated population and has decided to throw open its borders and get on with life. To all those unvaccinated people you have had enough time to get vaccinated. The vaccine is the difference between life and death if you get Covid bad. You may get Covid if you are vaccinated but you wont die! So I think its time that the Government open up the borders and scrap all remaining quarantine and tests and carry on as normal. The cruise ships are coming this week. So you unvaccinated people should just start praying.

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  9. Hm says:

    Might I say that the recovery was very quick… I’m happy for those individuals who recovered.

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