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BVI’s main hospital the only authorised COVID testing facility

The Ministry of Health has issued a statement advising the public that the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town is the only facility authorised to conduct COVID-19 PCR testing and antigen testing in the BVI at this time.

This advisory was issued against the backdrop that the hospital undergoes continuous proficiency testing through the America College of Pathologists.

“The hospital has undergone validation exercises over a period of several months and the testing process has been developed and reviewed in conjunction with the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA),” Acting Chief Medical Office Dr Ronald Georges stated.

He further said reference samples are typically sent to CARPHA and other laboratories for quality control.

Samples were sent to CARPHA for reference testing and genetic typing just last week and those results are expected this week.

“The Ministry of Health continues to work with the Public Health England laboratory and virology sections to analyse data and determine any revision of algorithms required as we deal with the current outbreak,” Dr Georges said.

“While a positive result may indicate the presence of viral RNA or non-viable fragments, the interpretation relies on the lab values and the clinical and epidemiological information,” he added.

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  1. Loki says:

    Does this apply to people who need a PCR test for travel, or only to those who suspect they are positive and want to check? If it applies to everybody, can you imagine waiting with a crowd of Covid-positive people? You will go in negative and come out positive!!!

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    • USA says:

      The US for travel into the states does not require a test from the hospital. It just needs to be a negative PCR test. The government trying to collect all da fees and make people wait without social distancing for hours in the hot sun. Enjoy your government at work.

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    • Reality says:

      For entry back into the US you can purchase a self test which you administer to yourself during a video chat with the lab. This is now prevalent throughout the US. The backwards baboons of the BVI don’t want anyone to know this. You simply order the tests online and travel with them. When you are ready to leave, do the test and go. By the way you can use the same test and method to enter the BVI. No need to congregate with those infected at the hospital. The place is actually just a morgue. You enter and never leave….on your own.

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      • Curious says:

        But those self-test have to be analyzed somewhere? How are you going to do that within the 48 hours window that USVI give you?

        • @Curious says:

          The test is analyzed with the chemicals sent with the test. Similar to a pregnancy test. If the BVI wasn’t so backward there are many tests available that can be self administered and take less than a minute. The BVI just continues to live in the Third World. Suits and ties doesn’t make you first world. Infrastructure, healthcare and a social system to help the population does. The BVI has none of these.

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      • ??? says:

        Do you really have to denigrate folks in the BVI health community to make your point? Some of you are so mean spirited and hateful. I am overseas reading these comments. Not even COVID seems to be able to humble some of you.

        That childhood trauma will do a number of folks all their lives if not addressed.

    • Vintgrl says:

      It’s not “ America College of Pathologists” it’s
      The College of American Pathologists
      You’re welcome.

  2. Hmm says:

    I really thought Penn medical and another place close by to the hospital (don’t know the name) were also doing it.

    • @ Hmm says:

      From what I understand, Penn Medical and other labs are just collecting the samples. The actual testing is carried out at the hospital.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Not true. Penn medical does do testing. I was tested there Wednesday and got the antigen test results back in 1 hour. We also tested at the hospital. Penn medical was way way better of an experience.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    This is situation is utterly ridiculous. Does anyone actually have a clue what the plan is to get us out of this covid nightmare?

    Clear plan, clear communication, clear leadership. Sort it out!

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    • clear plan says:

      Yes, get your vaccination. How much clearer could the path be. Even with a % of population that can’t take it for health reasons, we would still be ok. For the Delta variant, we need about 80% vaccination for effective herd immunity.

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  4. Comprehension says:

    Once again the Government and their departments are confusing the people. Why not put out a release that states SPECIFICALLY that while ONLY the Peebles lab can do the actual sample testing, there are private clinics that can TAKE THE SAMPLES? Most people reading this would assume that they can only take tests at the hospital.

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  5. hmm says:

    Why can nowhere else be authorized to do covid testing? I dont get it.

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  6. EO says:

    Can the BVI Health Services let the BVI People know if the PCR test contains Ethylene Oxide?Warning from the FDA. Are you putting your population at health risk?

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    • Anonymous says:

      One thing we know is that this entire situation is a health risk!

    • local business says:

      Ethylene oxide – It’s possible. BUT the swab taken has no reagents and so cannot put you at risk. Unlike failing to take the vaccine, which exposes you to risk of death, blood clots and long-term organ disease, and puts everyone else at risk.
      Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists should note:
      Latest modelling analysis from Public Health England (PHE) and the University of Cambridge’s MRC Biostatistics Unit suggests that the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme has so far prevented an estimated 7.2 million infections and 27,000 deaths in England alone.
      Furthermore hospitals are swamped with unvaccinated Covid patients, essentially removing essential treatment for cancer, ER emergency etc. from the responsible people who are vaccinated.

    • Juju says:

      The FDA is not relevant here. Apparently it’s not gotten much relevance in the US either.

  7. Smh says:

    Well the government and the hospital should make a better effort at providing results in a more timely manner. It’s causing a huge issue for travel and costing us slot of money that we don’t have. Results not received in a timely manner and you can’t get through by telephone to save your life. This situation is ridiculous.

  8. HMM says:

    And yet still ppl getting false results form the hospital! who ever can do the results let the ppl go, they are paying their money !

  9. Madness! says:


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  10. BuzzBvi says:

    The “Dr D Orlando For The Unvaccinated Hospital” formerly and forever known as PEEBLES. The name fits on the tower! OH Dear so would FAHIE.

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