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By-election to replace Fahie not likely, Premier confirms

Premier Andrew Fahie

It appears as though there will be no by-election held to replace former Premier Andrew Fahie as the First District Representative.

Furthermore, his seat in the House of Assembly (HOA) will not be vacated for another few weeks.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley gave that indication after previously stating that Fahie’s seat will be vacated after an un-excused absence of three consecutive sittings of the HOA; the third of which finished just last week.

Fahie currently remains on bond and confined to the home of his two daughters in Florida, USA where he was indicted on charges of money laundering and drug smuggling. His trial is not expected to begin until mid-January of next year.

“I did give some clarity in the House because I was saying first that if you missed three consecutive sittings, the seat would be vacated but that was not completely accurate. It’s more than three consecutive sittings, which would be four, at minimum four,” Premier Wheatley said. 

He continued: “So, we’ll be starting the fourth sitting on Tuesday and at the conclusion of that sitting, the seat would be vacated … unless the member [Fahie] shows up — which is unlikely — or whether the Speaker excuses [him], but we already know what the Speaker’s position is on that.”

During the Fourth Sitting of the Fourth Session of the House in late July, House Speaker Corine George-Massicote said she would not be granting Fahie leave/permission to be absent from any future sittings of the House until his circumstances in the United States change.

Premier Wheatley said the next House sitting will have to be completed by November 12 for a by-election to be held to replace Fahie; a feat which he said looks very unlikely. 

The Premier further explained that under the amended Elections Act, if the House dissolves within four months of when a seat becomes vacant, officials don’t have to go to a by-election. He added that a general election will instead be held in May as is constitutionally due. 

“It’s unlikely that we’ll finish before November 12th because we have some very heavy bills on the Order Paper and a lot that we want to get accomplished before we have budget day,” Dr Wheatley stated.

After the Premier delivers his budget address on budget day, legislators have to go through what is called the Standing Finance Committee deliberation process. The Premier said legislators must, thereafter, have a budget debate before the year ends so a budget can be ready for January 1st. 

“So, with some of the heavy things on the order paper, I don’t think it’s it’s likely that we’ll finish those before November 12,” Dr Wheatley stated.


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  1. hmmmmm says:

    sounds like a delay tactic!!! sounds like election is around the corner.

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  2. Please says:

    The fact that our disgraced ex premier has not tendered his resignation says so much about his character.

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  3. Rubber Duck says:

    Unbelievable. Fat Albert is still the puppet master running these muppets.

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  4. Hmmm says:

    Maybe they’re waiting for the trial and hoping that he will get off LOL cause the delusional ones still believe he is innocent LMAO

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  5. 2023 election says:

    Call for election grows louder by the day!

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  6. 1st district original says:

    We have tried the best NOW lest try the rest. Bring on the regular street people and work for us. I have NOTHING TO LOOSE!

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  7. Madame speaker says:

    Is this guy changing the rules of the house?

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  8. PRODIGAL SON says:


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  9. @Hmmm says:

    I’m not sure the delusional ones think he is innocent – it is rather that they see nothing wrong with the crimes he is alleged to have committed.

    Still delusional and still disgusting. But also goes a long way to explain where we are and why we can not solve so many crimes – including murder!

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  10. Observer says:

    The fowl bottom has already been exposed. Let the people choose their representative.

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  11. THE Real Deal says:

    julian willock is the best hope for this country

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  12. @HMMM says:


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  13. Hello says:

    Why are we still entertaining thoughts about a shellfish egomaniacal self-absorbed criminal- procedures notwithstanding??? Mr. Fahie, Pooffff be gone….and take willock with you.

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  14. Guest says:

    Andrew Fahie is no Nelson Mandela. Do not desecrate Mandela’s memory like that.

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  15. @1st District Original says:

    The best, you say? What work he did other than cut cheques and hand out the Government’s money for free to a set of bum flies? Seems to me it’s time the First District actually have someone who works for them. Since HL you have not had anyone working or representing the District and that’s a fact. Helping individuals so that come election time you are a shoe in is self-serving. In the mean time the District suffers.

  16. lol says:

    What does the constitution say?

  17. Me says:

    You all are no different from andrew fahie.I just cant believe my tax money is still being wasted like this.If andrew was human he would have resign,the speaker should not honor such because this will drag on until after his trial 2023

  18. Sister District says:

    My people of the sister district, ‘1st district’, the Government of National Unity have LIED to you, they know exactly what they were doing!

    If the people of the first district had not been led by the deception of the Hon Natalio Wheatley, they would have known in advance that the fourth missed sitting would not convene in such time and would have taken democratic action to have the representative removed.

    But he led us on and now that option is off the books, but there is another way…….

    People if my sister distrust, “1st District”, you MUST get your rep to resign before the said date!

    This is the FIRST district we are talking about!!!!

  19. West says:

    We can see he has no shame, integrity and no country over me honor. But then again it’s them blood hung district rep in his caucas who is just as bad. Them too refuse to insist that he resign and then we the people must continue to suffer. Shitz!

  20. Only the truth says:

    Only Julian Willock can save us

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  21. but why says:

    the topic of former Hon. A. Fahie still hitting news. Unless it’s saying he has been release on all charges or been serve time. I do not think we need to be wasting the people time on article of Him.

    And for those who still think he is innocent. Remember he (Hon. A. Fahie) was recorded saying He’s not paid enough. Imagine that, being paid nearly 200k a year and that’s not enough.

    So if that statement he made doesn’t give you an idea of status when it come to that case you all are truly in denial.

    It’s so sad that all those previous and current politician have made such a mess of local politics and now want to be making noise because it might possibly be remove from them.

    You guys are at fault NOT UK. You guys put us in this current situation not UK. Now you guys wants the people of the BVI to stand with you for you to continue your corrupt ways.

    I am not a fan of the Governor but, I would rather have him in charge and overlooking everything you guys do than have you guys continue on this destructive path.

  22. Deh Watcha says:

    If it was any member of the then sitting opposition, best believe the A Fahie would have called however many sittings necessary within one month and done call a bi-election.

    You would not hear the end it. But these set just here, business as usual.

  23. Mr. Palmer says:

    Come forth, it’s your time to shine your light. Be of good courage. Let Jehovah be your guide.

  24. @ deH waTCher says:

    So why U think Mark refer to them as ( PUPPETS 🤔

  25. A prophecy... says:

    Real shame but…when he gets out, he’ll probably run again…and the people of the First will re-elect him. That’s where we are in terms of ethics and integrity and so forth. All he’ll have to do is say he’s repented, yell out a couple “Jehovahs” and he will go right back in. Remember I said so.

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