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Bye-bye plywood! Local design company inks $2M million for exterior works to Admin Complex

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Government has awarded a local design company a $2,092,037.52 contract for the installation of exterior fixtures to the Ralph T O’Neal Administration Complex.

As the winning bidder for the project, Design BVI Limited will be responsible to procure and install impact-resistant windows, doors and frames on the building.

Speaking at the contract signing ceremony on Tuesday, Works Minister Kye Rymer said the contract is a revision of the initial-intended amount which had been agreed on earlier this year. He said it saved government more than $200,000.

“On 12th February 2020, the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands agreed to award a contract to Design BVI Limited for the amount of $2,328,082.77 subject to negotiations. Subsequent negotiations with Design BVI Limited saw a reduction in the cost to the contract amount of $2,092,037.52 which is a savings of $236,045.25,” he explained.

Scope of works expected

Ryme said that the works will represent a substantial improvement on the appearance of the complex as many of its glass doors and windows were either blown in or severely damaged during the 2017 hurricanes.

He added that following the disaster, a number of temporary plywood barriers were constructed within the complex which will now have to be removed.

“There is great need to remove and replace all temporary plywood barriers and damaged glass to restore and upgrade all windows and doors,” he stated.

Works to begin in December

Despite the contract being awarded this month, Rymer said a number of factors have resulted in a confirmed December date being set for the commencement of works.

“We are cognizant that we are in the peak of the hurricane season and do not want to increase our liability by undertaking major works of this type during this season. Also, there is a design review and procurement process for these customised windows, glass windows and doors that is likely to take a few months,” the minister explained.

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  1. Ceremony.... says:

    Perhaps we need to stop with the contract signing ceremony.

    We only need to celebrate when a project is completed in a timely manner above expectations.

    Right now we are celebrating having achieved nothing.

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    • Yup says:

      Now that the government lost the case with Global Water to the tune of $30 mil, the Territory needs to save every penny. The ruling by the Privy Council will be one of the final nails in the coffin of the BVI. MONEY IS HEMORRHAGING OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT COFFERS LIKE ITS WATER WITH NOTHING COMING IN.

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  2. ok says:

    congratulations to the contractor. Is there a special reason why the name of the owner was left out?

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    • Water boy says:

      Exactly whi Design BVI Limited there is no no trace in Company search

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Yes. Because the company adds nothing. Just another layer of cost to a friend. Many construction companies can do this in their sleep and they would do but it is this Gov and last Gov still working out how to get money out of projects and in to others pockets before it goes to the good of the country. Please stop and let the money go to the country and its infrastructure.

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    • Name says:

      I myself was looking for the name of the owner…

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    • Smh says:

      @ok so you won’t go to them trying to get a loan or beg for money!

    • Seek the Truth says:

      This article omitted the name of the contractor but the live signing showed Mr. Colin O’Neal, as one the owners of DesignBVI, giving remarks, so it is no secret. There was an open and fair tendering process for these works. Additionally Mr. O’Neal is a CEO of a well established local development company which owns many properties, some of which stood up to Irma and Maria with minimal damage. He and his team are well qualified and should be given the opportunity to prove themselves.

  3. Well so says:

    No money but still the high school is not ready?

  4. Mellow Yell@w says:

    His name there ⬆️. Depends on the specs. on the glass and how well they’re installed. Might have some warranty? A bit thin on the bone with the meaty details J.Q Public would like to know (qtna) yah check!

  5. Laugh out loud! says:

    Here we go again with these buildings naming. These are the same one eye political parties, past Primers that have left us with a hugh settlement of 30 million. I would say what ever monies to be collected should be from then. We the people are not aware and not responsible for their own blind doings

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  6. Contract says:

    Thankful for the procurement process but sad thing that they waste other people time preparing for the tender when they done knew who they were going give it to in advance. It is what it is.

  7. deathknell says:

    who is behind design bvi? Usual suspects?

    recommendation from a friend, perhaps insure the govt buildings next time.

  8. pope paulie says:

    The contractor is local and well known.He has many buildings scattered around the Road Town area so he is well qualified.I guess for some people once it is a local they are never qualified. It is the insurance money that is funding the restoration of the building.GO LOCALS.

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    • thoughtful sailor says:

      If I remember correctly, the building was not insured, so there is no insurance money being paid, just the peoples’.

  9. WOW says:

    Look how Fahie give a rich man more money with a contract.

  10. facts says:

    The building was insured for US$32,000,000. The settlement was for around US$17,000,000.

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