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Choose! Get salary increments now or keep your jobs, gov’t workers told

Premier and Minister of Finance, Andrew Fahie said COVID-19 has impacted government’s coffers to the extent that public officers would now have to choose between getting their salary increments or keeping their jobs.

He gave that indication Tuesday night while responding to questions about the outstanding increments owed to government employees.

The Finance Minister said: “We have to decide if we are going to give you increments right now — which we already started when we entered office — and that was years before they had any increments period. But, here comes COVID-19. This is harsh but I have to ask you: would you prefer a little increment and no job? Or to hold the increment and have your job and then when we get better, then you get the increments?”

“That is the question that I am asking public officers because that’s where we are right now,” the Premier stated. “So if persons want to bombard the Minister for Finance and say ‘we want our increments’, I can give you the increments tomorrow. But, rest assured that once everybody gets their increments, I have to decide now — based on what’s coming in and what we just did with the increments — what we are going to do and who’s gone in terms of employment and that’s the reality of it.”

Back in January, Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr said government employees who are still owed their salary increments would be paid no later than by February 28.

He said 2,892 or 90 percent of public officers received their 2016 increment and the balance of 250 officers are those who had status changes, promotions, or were awaiting new job letters.

The promise

In October 2019, Fahie promised that all remaining public officers would have received their increments by the end of November 2019.

He said he had been advised by the Director of Human Resources that on June 24 last year, the Department of Human Resources provided notice and instructions for the processing of the increments for the 2016 work year.

The Human Resources Department had released the notification for the outstanding payments to be processed a few days after Cabinet approved the payments of the 2016 and 2017 increments.


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  1. Foolish Question says:

    Such a foolish and out of touch question in the midst of a worldwide pandemic with so many in the BVI either unemployed or underemployed and seeking Government assistance to meet their most basic needs.

    I bet the question coming at this point was not even meant to be informative but rather to stir up controversy. Journalists do better please! If there are indeed Public servants (which I doubt) wondering about increments right now, I wholeheartedly agree with the Premier be thankful that you have a job!

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  2. TruDat! says:

    Working in Legal/Financial Services many companies have paid no increases and no bonuses this year and or reduced hours and salaries. We are just grateful to still be working. I know it’s different for Public Service as they were promised for sooooo many years and then not paid but right now just be happy to get some cheese. That bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

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  3. Lies again says:

    More lies coming forward. The Premier promised to pay us our increments. He said so even more after we were promised our increments by the possible new NDP government. The last promise was in November last year, months after election. Instead of giving us our increments he hired body guards, government officials bought new vehicles, cronies on boards got an increase, one man got two contracts for 250k for 18 months and does no work, crony properties are being rented for all sort of things, taxi men getting $150 per day to drive empty buses through Road Town, a barge is getting 50k a day for customs to use for border protection and soo much more.
    We understand the problem we are facing now but your promise to us Mr. Premier was way before corona virus happened. Now you’re trying to give us the option of lay offs or increments. That’s deceptive Sir!

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  4. Increments! says:

    Increments seems to be public service code for a raise in salary without any reference to job performance – it simply would not happen in the private sector.
    The Govt needs to do some performance appraisals ASAP because it needs to reduce the size of the public sector – and it needs to ensure that it keeps the competent hard working civil servants (of which there are many) and get rid of the lazy, incompetent, rude civil servants (of which there are also unfortunately many). We will end up with a leaner more competent and better civil service but lord knows where the ones laid off are going to find work – the private sector will not want them even if they say they are prepared to smile, be polite, serve ice cream, clean boats and generally demonstrate simple customer service skills.

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  5. cool says:

    So much money owed to government workers and he turn down Jaspert’s offer and instead spending $45,000. PER DAY? So please tell me the $45,000 per day for the local barges etc to watch for smugglers is not a real number. Why does this government have so many secrets. We the people of the BVI are waking up and are not amused.

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  6. Reason says:

    Please keep my increment so i can keep my job.Even if you have to cut my salary i would stil be satisfied because i know this is unprecedented times and it calls for unprecedented measures. All i want is for the banks to understand and extend the moratorium. We need at least 12 months to loan suspension from the banks. I know premier that you been asking for it from the get go but only three months they give. I also believe that only a salary cut would eventually save my job and many others employed by government.

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  7. Ning says:

    Maybe I am just a blind old man that just does not grasp the big picture, or know all the facts our security council is privy to, but I believe by November you’ll feel the same pain of the private sector you’ve so systematically strangled. So, I wouldn’t worry what anyone in the Civil Service says Mr. Premier, there will be no increments, no salaries, and probably a crumbled shell of Government by year’s end.

    If ever in your wildest dreams you think your powerplays are showing strength and independence you’re wrong, it is going to have entirely the opposite effect. Your game plan by its very nature is leading you right back into the hands of those you’re fighting so hard against. When we are broken, on our knees, frustrated, and destitute who do you think will come riding in to ‘right the ship’? They may not be greeted as saviors, but they are sure a hell the better option looking at the way things are going now!

    How’s your budget looking for this year? I’m guessing it’s pretty bleak.

    I am going to say this for the last time – Covid is going nowhere, you can lock us down, curfew us, strangle the private sector, but right there at the end Covid will still be there. I am sure you’ll look shocked, that your ‘new regular’ plan did not work after the fourth time, and by the very definition of madness do the very same thing again and again believing a different result will come of it. My words of advice is help us as a country learn to adapt and live with it, or you and your merry band of civil servants who so happily endorse your insane policies of economic strangulation and lock downs will themselves be on their knees like the rest of us!

    Policies driven by fear is not the answer!

    The sad thing after all of this is said and done, and you’ve broken us, you’ll have done the dirty work that our ‘Colonial Master’ needs and they will come because of your very actions. You yourself, will have done inadvertently done all the work for them while believing that you are ‘saving us’!

    Brother, PLEASE WAKE UP!

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  8. Local says:

    Great comment from the Premier

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  9. Lost Lemon says:

    You make very good points and are very right on all!

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  10. Wow! Wow! says:

    Covid, you are just another scapegoat being used to keep the working class from earning what they have already worked for and should be given.

    It is sad how the few at the top always get fed beyond their needs at the expense of the middle, lower and poor classes.

    Every action, though usually has an oposite and equal reaction, according to science.

    This is very painful to read.

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  11. vip heckler says:

    He wasn’t saying that on the campaign trail

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  12. Stay Woke says:

    @Lies Again. I love your post. It shows that some of us are awake.

  13. Earl says:

    The civil service has to be trimmed anyway, this is inevitable.

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  14. pagu says:

    Ayo will learn about he, think he easy?

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  15. Agree with Big Bossy says:

    I agree with big bossy on this one, Increment or your Job….How about no work half pay,,How about a plan to get money in the treasury..

  16. Styles. says:

    Perhaps it’s time to slim down (pun intended) the government. too many people, too little competition and no accountability make the government very ineffective.

    Slim down Fahie.

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  17. Hmmm says:

    If ALL of what you say is true, then this is financial mismanagement. Especially since U.K. army will give assistance concerning border patrol?

  18. vote of no confidence says:

    Cant wait to vote out this dictator and his regime. Election cant come soon enough

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  19. @lies says:

    he paid 90% of people the other 10% be like you a lil b***h

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  20. 4real says:

    If that barge story is real, the government got balls to make such a comment about your increment or your job because you were given an offer to do the same job for free and to use a barge that only can give chase and not catch is an insult

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  21. Last laugh says:

    He jump off island people and jump on locals now, so this man is not for nobody cause he against expat he against local and he against UK. He probably born in the US

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  22. 4real says:

    Take a look and what’s happening in America right now specifically inside the NBA enough is enough

  23. L Ipton says:

    Its no fault of the public servants. Their increment is rightfully theirs. This BS about covid and unprecidented times is utter nonesense.

    The coffers are dwindling is whose fault. Who shut down the country? Who not collecting the revenue? Who not accepting help from the UK? Who paying their cronies big bucks to ‘secure’ the borders? Who putting the country in additional and unwarranted expenditure?

    No choice is needed. I want my increment and I am keeping my job.

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  24. Don't Forget says:

    Consultancy contracts to consult nothing, rehired a group of women and men who stole millions from government a few years back and now working on these boards and P—-. What sort of message is our so called Leader sending, this clearly is a mafia take over. Now don’t get me started with this so called plan to stimulate the economy, what rubbish 5 or 6 contractors with let’s say 100 workers combined can stimulate the entire BVI. While businesses and persons suffer cronnies are getting FAT for the COVID – Winter storm to come.
    THE UK should be on the door steps this is clear, blantant corruption to the 10th power.
    Also some hefty AUdit needs to be done on how much has been spent by this administration since the 40 million social security money was given away, yes given away……I didn’t stutter.

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  25. Increments says:

    And still working getting a salary what about us who are laid off and still waiting on the little Relief package you promised. Why are we taking so long.. months now to hear anything from the Social Security Board who are responsible for processing the applications.

  26. This says:

    is sad, horrible news to read, a double kick in the gut and two in the butt,

    This is as heavy as losing a mother, father, sister and child to death in the same week.

    There has got to be a more palatable solution to this one or the other decree.

    This is horrible. We know not what’s in the coffers, but it is believed that we can do better than this.

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  27. blindman says:

    @ lie again the time is around the corner when the premier will have no choice but to lay off staff so be grateful for now you have job make sure to save something because by year end some of you will be given a big pay cut or sent home .

  28. don't forget when election time come says:

    This secrecy game is annoying. . . How much money is there?

  29. That. says:

    @this What is horrible news??. I think all reasonably persons should have the thought somewhere in their heads that things would get worst with this pandemic. You are one wicked person. You mean to tell me that you are looking increment at this time?? You should be happy to take a salary cut to save your jobs.listen my people it still have worst to get before it get better. Prepare to take a huge salary cut in the near future. Where you expect the government to get money from to continue to pay workers?? I also know the government ministers would also have to take a salary cut to All the hotels are closed the financial services taking a dip. The banks would soon be crying but you talking about kick in the stomach?? You and the others are a bunch of sick hungry greedy people .be satisfied with the little you have now because worst still to come.

  30. @That says:

    You couldn’t state your opinion without insulting someone who has never insulted you in person or in cyber space.

    However, when you go low, who know better , go high.

    Meanwhile, every living soul living soul knows that economic downturns are ahead. However, the fear mongering and fear peddling are uncalled for at this juncture.

    One only has to look at and analyze the huge expenditures the government has and are undertaking.

    Indeed, conservatism needs to begin, in the right places with the right methods.

    Suffering the people to keep the priviledge priviledge, or asking the poor to suck it while the upper class is not is morally, christianly and humanly wrong.

    If there are scarifices to be made, and hopefully there will not be, they should be distributed equally, evenly and justly.

    Asking civil servants, who have been waiting for years to receive what they have worked for to bear the burden, and the manner in which it was stated was and is in need of care, concern emphathy.

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  31. Do your thing Mr. Premier says:

    I would like my increment. But it is clear to me these are extremely tough times. I can see clearly that the premier is looking at the long term. First looking out for the health and safety of us the people and trying to keep the civil servants employed as hard as it is. It’s a decision that many don’t care to hear but it is the better decision to withstand in these trying times.

    So I say do your thing Mr. Premier.

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  32. Avalon says:

    @ Ning: You may well be old but you can most definitely see…

    You said that you will say this for the last time but I’m going to say it for you again: ‘Covid is going nowhere, you can lock us down, curfew us, strangle the private sector, but right there at the end Covid will still be there. I am sure you’ll look shocked, that your ‘new regular’ plan did not work after the fourth time, and by the very definition of madness do the very same thing again and again believing a different result will come of it’.

    You’re right, indeed the territory could spend several billion dollars on lockdown, border security, stimulus, lockdown again, curfew, wear masks, social distance, lockup, curfew again, more doctors, more nurses and wake up the next morning and the next morning and Covid will still be there. It will still be there by design… until it has served its purpose.

    It would appear that the lack of plan is to continue to follow the WHO dictate (UN NWO) to the inevitable culmination of the Covid Vaccine. Whist claiming that all of the above measures are in the best interests of the people.

    For anyone who cannot see, the follow is not ‘a conspiracy theory’ it is conspiracy fact:
    The United Nations
    New World Order
    Project is a global,
    high-level initiative
    founded in 2008
    to advance a new
    economic paradigm, a
    new political order,
    and more broadly, a
    new world order for
    humankind, which
    achieves the UN’s
    Global Goals for
    Development by 2030,
    and the happiness,
    well-being, and
    freedom of all life on
    Earth by 2050.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE – you still think that the New World Order is a conspiracy theory, it is fact not fiction. Go read Agenda 21, go read Agenda 2030, go read the World Economic Forum Agenda, go read the United Nations New World Order Website, go read! –

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  33. GTFOH says:

    Most companies have delayed or completely cancelled raises in the first half of this year. I think it isn’t totally warranted in some cases because certain companies can afford it but being a reasonable person you should be able to understand that without our 2nd biggest income generator and the 1st under a steady decline these are not typical times.

  34. well andrew says:

    Election coming around, you will eat that same line a little increment or loss of vote?which you prefer

    Tell the public what you have really done with our tax payers money passing it out to all your friends and district people whilst living everyone else to struggle

  35. Did not go to college says:

    What a shame – 1. Money to purchase palm trees in a hurricane season 2. Money to repair boats and pay barge ( that cannot chase a speed boat ) and govt can only give a choice between paying increment or keeping your job? U.K. is responsible for our security in all of its OT’s nothing in return so why waste money when our borders can be secured for nothing ? Can it be Claude Cline is correct . ..,,, is out third economic pillar why the hesitation?

  36. Diaspora says:

    Increment or job? The choice is a no brainer. Job. Government by necessity is a major employer, directly employing over 2800 employees. Hundreds are indirectly employed through procurement contracts, eg, goods and services. Government prime revenue stream comes from taxes and fees………etc. Government revenue stream has been slowed by Covid-19. Nonetheless, despite reduced revenue, government still has to deliver services, eg, pay civil servants, collect trash, maintain and repair roads, pay police officers and fire officers…….etc. The fi

  37. E. Leonard says:

    Increment or job? The choice is a no brainer. Job. Government by necessity is a major employer, directly employing over 2800 employees. Additionally, hundreds more are indirectly employed through procurement contracts, eg, goods and services. Government prime revenue stream comes from taxes and fees………etc. Undoubtedly, government revenue stream has been slowed by Covid-19. Nonetheless, despite reduced revenue, government still has to deliver services, eg, pay civil servants, collect trash, maintain and repair roads, pay police officers and fire officers…….etc. To do so, it has to tap into the non-reserve fund, causing it too to dwindle.

    Moreover, the expenditure is probably exceeding revenue stream and that no doubt can be problematic. If a cistern is leaking more water than is coming into it, the facility owner has a major problem that needs urgent attention . If the revenue stream and expenditure plan continues, government will have no choice but to make some controversial and unpopular structural adjustments. I would take a wild guess that there are already a number of structural adjustment bands on the table. These are unprecedented, tough and challenging times that require strong leadership and tough decision making. In good times decisions are easy but tough times require VI tough decision making.

  38. Norris Turnbull says:

    How does this apply to retired persons Andrew Alturo Fahie? Who are owned increments?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Thought he bragged about making millions trading bit coins this year. Why not show his locals how to invest and trade bitcoin aso.

  40. increment yes! says:

    It was a stupid answer. It is not now increment is owed to public servants.. The more time passes the more in debt the government will be with the increment and arrears. He could of use some of the same grant money from social and pay increment as a stimulus.. you will be killing two birds with one stone.. tired of Andrew and his Bull S**t!Pay the people them increment. Especially teachers..mon!

  41. IHOP says:

    you all people complain about everything you really see what is going on around us it is rough people in the world are losing their jobs that is afect the only thing you all could think about now is incument greedy people inconsderate some people don’t not have money to buy food or pay rent now we asking for some thing that can wait I prefer my job when the money finish what will you do cus the government do not take them on Andrew don’t care what they say your have a government to run do your job if you do good they talk if you do bad they still talk you can’t please everyone yous that should be the last thing to talk about right now our safety concerns should be on our minds if God sees you fit to lead us again no man can move you it is all in God’s hands and I know you means well and you will be in again God continue to be your guide and protecter and blessed you

  42. Quietly Watching says:

    While I can understand the question asked increment or your job, no one in their right minds would choose the latter, yes. But there is a flipside. Why is the Premier full speed ahead with things that are not priority at this time? Why should one person benefit from sitting on three boards? There are many examples of that. Share the wealth. Why should we have new palm threes, ten feet apart in Road Town while the country roads breaking up our cars on the country roads? Why should the Speaker, who is well paid, get a security contract over someone who is not working? Why should other members of Government be given hefty contracts as well? The question would be a good one but for the wastage and corruption seen in other places.

  43. Wow- karma Decisions says:

    No increment…no job…why threatening people in a time like this…we are all getting anxiety attack…palm trees were free? Social security building houses…lots of things could be put off just like our increments are going to be put off…No money for one thing but money for the other palm trees can’t eat. I am a VIP supporter but I am disappointed to know that bullying starts at the top. Don’t threaten the innocent people. With the NDP…everybody and them dog was getting work…not just one set of people getting 2 and 3 contracts…NDP spread the work like peanut butter

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