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Cline confirms getting gov’t contract for greenhouses

Bishop John Cline

Majority shareholder of Infinite Solutions, Bishop John Cline has confirmed that government has granted his company the contract for the controversial Greenhouse Project in Paraquita Bay.

Back in February, Minister responsible for agriculture Dr Kedrick Pickering said three companies were vying to lease some 10 acres of land in Paraquita Bay for agribusiness purposes.

Bishop Cline said his company has been allowed to lease three acres of the 10 – an agreement that is four years in the making.

According to his deal with government, Cline’s company will use its portion of the land to grow food and produce energy.

The contract

The company is also expected to develop an alliance with the H Lavity Stoutt Community College to train students in greenhouse farming.

“The other thing that we have proposed in our contract is that we will get together with local farmers – those who are willing to create a farmer’s or agricultural cooperation; so that there are no competing interests,” Bishop Cline explained.

“The last component is the energy piece … we would have to negotiate with the BVI Electricity Corporation to interest them in getting the energy that they would need,” he added.

Gov’t not funding project

While speaking on local radio recently, the businessman sought to dispel rumours that government is contributing funds towards the revived greenhouse project.

He said his company will provide 100 percent of the capital to fund the project.

“The only thing that government is doing is leasing the land,” he said.

Asked when the project will launch, Bishop Cline said: “It will take a while to build from scratch, get everything in place, plant the seedlings, grow the food, and prepare a packing house.”

The businessman said the first greenhouse project would have begun producing results by December 2017; had it not been for the hurricanes.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria smashed into the British Virgin Islands in September 2017.

Meanwhile, Cline disclosed that government is holding talks with other local investors to lease the remaining seven acres of land at Paraquita Bay.


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  1. VI Stronger says:


    • Albion says:

      But why have we not learned our lessons? BVI is just TOO HOT for greenhouse farming. We have the wrong climate – why do we keep throwing more money away on this?

  2. Sam the man says:

    Well… well… no surprises there then… helps keep him quiet criticizing the NDP who sacked him from his i—- role on the Health Authority… he’s got what he wanted and we know why he’s not been so vocal lately as suspected by many ….he’s now cozying up to M so maybe he’s in line for the new sewage treatment works watch this space! step back for a moment why does the BVI need greenhouses anyway? it has a perfect semi tropical natural environment…

    • Terri says:

      U sound like a complete @$$ hole. The hatred is spewing from u like venom in your veins. Whatever happened to positive vibes??

      • Sam the man says:

        easy Terri you’ll burst a blood vessel, it’s called constructive criticism only dumb folk that don’t understand other opinions they don’t agree with call it hatred – love you man anyway – just chill a bit! I’ll leave it to you to spread your positive vibes about the Wolf in Sheeps clothing!

  3. cheers says:


  4. I FROM HERE says:

    Love this!

  5. Eyes open says:

    I hope the BVI people are catching on to the plans of a certain family to try to run our country by any means necessary. It’s a carefully orchestrated plan and they are using God’s name and the pulpit to do it. There are cross over links that I hope you see as well. That the family from cane garden bay is linked to another family by marriage from the 2nd district as well and the nephew of one family member is also the cousin and nephew of two members in the House of Assembly. The two members in the House are extremely close and the little one does the d—- work of the o—r one.
    These people are power hungry and when things are not going their way they go on the radio, on the pulpit and anywhere possible to b—- and in—-e people to do what they want. The last family pastor that prays in H——————- drop words while praying before he prays for unity and strength.
    Do not be fooled BVI people. Keep your eyes open.

    • Sam the man says:

      Trouble is Eyes Open whilst you are right on this many just don’t want to see what’s happening as its easier to just be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand!..whilst the few get richer and richer

      • @ Sam the man says:

        When are we going to stop the crab in the barrel mentality? At least the opportunity is given to someone who is a doer and not just a talker! He is also a BVIslander, for crying out loud! It takes money to do these projects, not broke people! Chups! I am tired of the bickering! Cline is the man for this opportunity!

        • Sam the man says:

          Just because he born here don’t make him better than anyone else….be v careful who you associate with – they may just not be the harmless Sheep you believe them to be?…

    • Wicked people says:

      This is sooo tru them s– like fox the d—- these people working for trying to conquer the bvi by any means thats why i saty far from churches

    • @Eyes Open and the Rest says:

      You, Sam the man and Wicked people are a bunch of Haters!!! It’s none of your business…. Crabs in the bucket mentality!!!

      • Sam the man says:

        I think you need to calm down and not get so angry – accusing people of hatred just because you can’t appreciate an alternative view to your own? You need to grow up and be more tolerant and just accept that you just may be wrong! a lot of people on our Island aren’t stupid they know what’s happening – its pretty obvious really – after all M hasn’t exactly set the place alight yet and if it wasn’t for his connections lets face it he wouldn’t have stood a chance getting elected….

      • Blasphemy says:

        Not agreeing does not make you a hater

  6. Rubber Duck says:

    I wonder if I could found something and persuade gullible idiots to give me 10% of their earnings.

  7. Special Agent A. says:


  8. Smarts says:

    I love how you church folk accept that your tithe goes unaccountable to enriching few families pockets, keep up the good work folks. By time you really realise the real issues it would be your children’s children’s problems. With nothing to own and being forced to provide to maintain the oligopoly. I urge you to step away from mental slaverly. Look what William lynch said in 1712 for reference. Pastors of religious organisation should be restricted on what they get involved in. I mean their money is tax free, electricity subsidised, their highly influential people and yet want to have hands in each sector of growth. Legislation is the only hope.

  9. nick says:

    pastor cline, you’ve been a lot in the news lately. Give us a break and go back to your church. Getting sick and tired to see your face in every newspapers.

  10. Hint says:

    Now i c y he is marching…hope he is not using biwater’s water to water his plants?

  11. Loonytoon says:

    Mmm..”no competing interests” that’s code for “let’s keep prices h—!”

  12. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Political charade, political mirage, political patronage and dependency rules VI politics. The tap is turned back on and government nipple is still yielding milk so no doubt the political rhetoric would be turn down if not off altogether. We should go by what people say but what they do. Be aware of mirages, ie, things are not always what they appear to be. People quickly trade in credibility for a few green backs, a few Benjamin. Growing food and producing energy. Interesting. What type of energy will be produce, ie, wind, solar, hydro (never mind)…..etc. Will organic foods be produce? Will food prices go down?

  13. GOD is in Control says:

    Let them keep playing with the ALMIGHTY, Barry say “You will Hear”.

  14. Hmm says:

    The prices would be like infinite prices therefore we wouldn’t be able to buy food. Smh

  15. NewWhioleLifeChrucrhFoods says:

    It’s a miracle!!! Holy foods from sanctified earth with so much clean energy and food at infinite prices – Let’s all March for this God send deal!! Blessed are those with mullah gwop and……….

  16. Thanos "I hope they remember you" says:

    Nope this is deeper than rap. They going eventually put for legislation to legalize medical marijuana. He getting the inside track….remember the tourist telling him they want weed. He headline an article about and know he going grow food? Really? Do your thing though.

  17. de ting start says:

    I too will lead a march for a deal like this

  18. Hmmm says:

    Racist, seriously???

  19. So... says:

    He is a BVIslander businessman that has the capital to do something positive so I dont see any issues. All the best Mr Cline.

  20. Transparent Governance says:

    Why we only learning this now- was this contract even tendered? The world laughing at the BVI – must be one of the most corrupt jurisdictions

    • @Transparent Governance says:

      “Bishop Cline said his company has been allowed to lease three acres of the 10 – an agreement that is four years in the making.”

  21. Amen says:

    I want to be a farmer!!!

  22. TurtleDove says:

    So does he have the expertise to do this or it will have to be sub contracted out?…..and what are the terms of this monopoly?… competing intrest? Really….this is not China!

  23. BuzzBvi says:

    Government land given out without tender. No wonder we need to keep beneficial owners hidden. How else we going to hide all our money if we can’t hide it in our own country. No rules (B)VI. it’s working for some of us.

  24. BuzzBvi says:

    I forgot. What happened to the last $6 Million spent there. Who got that. We know the $6 Million produced less than 10c of vegetables so who got the the other $5,999,999.90. And we the rest of the BVI are left with nothing.

    Has to be said that is a saving of $1,000,000.10 on the airline deal.

    Greenhouses win for best value for the BVI hand down.

  25. Lemons says:

    Like a vacant landlord I predict that there will be no investment, no development, lots of hot air, and finally the government will bail the failed business out with a huge none refundable loan to the esteemed gentleman. The project will obviously be a great success story and produce a lemon.

  26. Lemons says:

    I predict that like a vacant landlord, there will be no investment, no repairs, and lots of hot air.

    After a few years of no activity the government will lend the esteemed gentleman a none refundable development loan and the only fruit of all this money and lack of labour and business acumen will be a lemon.

  27. Rubber Duck says:

    People Are Stupid Take Or Rob.

  28. Virgin Gordian says:

    this is great, but what is happening with making progress in VG?!! There are many local farmers here on VG just Waiting for the opportunity to come together and show their planting skills on the field. If You, The Government would just give them this opportunity, and not look for a “business company” to sign your contract, the People of VG would be filled with gratitude. patiently waiting……………..

  29. Cardinal Rubber Duck says:

    I have decided to promote myself so I outrank other purveyors of fairy tales.

  30. Watcher says:

    Perhaps before getting too excited those nvolved should do some sums.

    Studies of Florida greenhouses growing tomatoes showed they could produce a gross yield of around $15000 per 3600. sq ft greenhouse. 3 acres is about 130,000 sq ft , so that is around 36 of those sized greenhouses or a total potential yield of $540,000.
    That is sales not profits.
    The studies also showed that it is very difficult to make a profit growing tomatoes in greenhouses in Florida.

    Medical marijuana might temporarily provide greater returns but that wouldn’t last long as new producers in easier growing locations are bound to come into the market.

    For comparison purposes $540,000 is about two weeks takings at a recently much discussed restaurant on the outer islands.

  31. lol says:

    medical weed next

  32. Amazing says:

    It amazes me how whenever a BVIslander does something good or bad there are so many negative comments. However, any body else can do whatever and wrong becomes right.

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