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Complete digital processing of trade licenses coming in 2021

Government legislator, Shereen Flax Charles.

Junior Minister for Trade & Economic Development Shereen Flax-Charles has announced a number of new initiatives which includes a new digital process for future trade license applications.

She said the Trade Department hopes to roll out this new process for applications in 2021.

Speaking at a recent sitting in the House of Assembly, Flax Charles said the initiative is geared towards transforming the Trade Department as the government continues to transition to offering e-services.

She said: “I have already commissioned the department to implement a new digital process for trade license applications, amendments and renewals. I am confident that next year this process will be hands-off, contactless and much speedier and more efficient, fitting for the new normal and our new phases of BVI business.”

“I am certain that our young people in particular will find this new system to be marvelous but I am happy to report that my priority on their efforts extend well beyond this,” Flax-Charles added.

Business video competition

The junior minister also said she recently launched a BVI business video competition to promote ‘buying local’ through targeting the ‘limitless’ talent of youths in the territory.

“They will be aiming their cameras to remind our market that our business people are still on the grind. I am hoping to see our five-star restaurants, trendy boutiques and every other sort of idea highlighted in grand style,” the government legislator said.

She continued: “The winning youth will receive a $500 cash price and one month of promotion for their videography studio as well.”

Strategy for youth entrepreneurship

Flax-Charles further said she will be teaming up with her department to begin crafting a strategy for youth entrepreneurship in the BVI.

She said it will allow some of the local young minds with a tenacity for sales, marketing and profits to join the ranks of recognised business people.

This strategy will allow these young business-minded persons to be licensed, supported and promoted.

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  1. schemers says:

    You’re 40 years behind, just get with it already

    Like 11
  2. stimulus says:

    Where is our stimulus? We are suffering big time. Please help.

  3. NDP supporter says:

    You are a waste of time.

  4. shabazz says:

    “one term”

  5. lol says:

    This Facebook “Live” and Photo Op group will run out of smoke screens soon

  6. vip heckler says:

    She is better off singing calypso

  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titantic.

  8. Jane says:

    you have been in power for 588 days. This is a pitiful soundbite: no detail, no deadline. It is not a joined up solution which will be integrated with Inland Revenue, Social Security, NHI and Labour & Immigration Departments.

    Look at countries like Latvia, Denmark and Finland. Their entire governments operate digitally and have done so for years. We still have the Immigration Department writing out their files in long hand, for goodness sake.

    Its almost as if government is more interested in keeping the expensive, bloated civil service (AKA “voters”) employed and leaving the wretched and unwelcome ex-pats to do all the hard work round these parts.

  9. @Trade says:

    wey we lil money so we could go by the strip club

  10. VI says:

    Trade needs serious reform. Poorly run department.

  11. L says:

    poorly run department

  12. Hmmm says:

    Why not now ahead of whatever season can be salvaged?

    Why are we letting the same cartel sit of our prime properties like Spanish Town marina and Prospect without the experience or wherewithal to do anything with them. Eyesore and national embarrassment

  13. Interested says:

    Karia lost her voice? Does she still run trade ?

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