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Cops need to be more assertive in clamping down on illegal scooters

Kye Rymer

Transport Minister Kye Rymer said the cops need to do a better job clamping down on owners of motor scooters who are unlicensed.

“Though I have been working closely with the police, the enforcement agency needs to actually show more standing in terms of being more prevalent so that these persons can understand that we are not a lawless community,” said Rymer who was addressing the House of Assembly on December 15.

Rymer said the police’s traffic unit should be well-staffed so they can focus more attention on these unlicensed riders who have become a public nuisance.

“I have many conversations with the Chief of Police even the Governor who is in charge of security, to make this an issue … Through Standing Finance [Committee] meetings, the question was asked about how many persons are within the Traffic Unit. I think the response was seven officers. To me, that shows that traffic is not an important arm of the enforcement agency because I think traffic should be more staffed if we want to make an impact on vehicles and scooters,” Rymer said.

He also urged unlicensed riders to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get their licenses. He said the department has implemented several initiatives to make it easy for riders to get certified but many remain negligent.

“I want to acknowledge the Department of Motor Vehicles, they even opened on Saturdays and had different programmes where we tried to encourage those riders to come and licence their scooters. For those responsible riders, I applaud you for doing the right thing. For those who are still negligent, I encourage you to come and get your scooter licence and refrain from taking out the package from your muffler because it’s becoming a nuisance,” Rymer urged.

Rymer said he has received many complaints from persons who say the unlicensed riders are a public nuisance.

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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    It should be illegal to remove the baffles from the silencers. A heavy fine for first offenses and confiscation of the bike for repeats. The noise is the biggest nuisance.

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    • Concerned Citizen says:

      I concur. Additionally, there should be a requirement that all scooters and motor bikes be initially licensed by the importer. Importation details should be passed on the DMV to ensure they are licensed within a few days of entering the Territory. Later the importer can transfer ownership by using DMV’s similar protocols for cars, trucks, etc. The Territory will then have better records to manage any new issues that may arise.

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    • the law says:

      IT IS!!!!!

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    • Stfu says:

      Nobody removes anything from silencers.. the pipes are bought that way… why tf dnt you penalize the person selling them…

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    • LG says:

      it is illegal to pollute with noise. all vehicles must have mufflers its in the Law. the law needs to be upheld when it comes to scooters and trucks.

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  2. No nonsense says:

    You was in charge of licensing them, were you sleeping then?

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  3. Reasonable Man says:

    The police really do need to step up here. The noise from those who have gutted their mufflers and the reckless driving are intolerable.

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    • Comment says:

      Plus, they don’t know what a red light means, I have observed them many times running the red light, and often with their girlfriends behind them.

  4. Bob says:

    Transport Minister Kye Rymer said the cops need to do a better job clamping down on owners of motor scooters who are unlicensed.
    When have you ever seen the police pull over any scooter for not having a license or wearing a helmet? when?

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    • Police don't care... says:

      It seems pretty clear, the RVIPF do not care. They are completely disinterested in hassling scooter riders. They know exactly were they are getting together to race on weekends, but do ZERO.
      And that attitude is BS. Police should have a dollar docked from their pay every time they drive past an unlicensed scooter.

      I ask, where is the incentive for me to insure and license my motorcar, based on the lackadaisical attitude of the RVIPF towards other motor vehicles on the road? Or even keep my personal license up to date? NONE!

      Perhaps we could require the vendors of scooters to only release the new scooters to the buyers once the buyer provides proof of non-refundable insurance for a year, the number plate for the scooter, and the rider shows his or her motorcycle endorsement on their own license and have a helmet in their hot little hands… Why not? It would be a start.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      Supa Cop

      And when they complain they move him another location.

  5. 7 officers? says:

    There over 10,000 vehicles on Tortola alone and probably close to 20,000 in the whole BVI. The 7 person Traffic Division of the RVIPF is woefully understaffed. Please increase the staff or reduce the number of vehicles in the BVI.

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  6. What!!!! says:

    Been going on for years and nothing done.

  7. they have there own lane says:

    Every other biker passes between cars and run the red lights. Not all, but quite a few. If I see one coming I will wave out my window to the car driver next to me….Whoops..sorry to knock you off your bike.

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  8. Driver says:

    Police to clamp down more, then the politicians go to court and beg for them.


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  9. Lipservice says:

    Who really wants to stop the scooters? They are part of the intricate network of our 3rd pillar!

    If you really want to enforce, raise the fines to $10,000 per unlicensed scooter and have road blocks 7 days a week to stop them..

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  10. NB says:

    Mista Rhymer, when it comes to the scooters ‘We are living in a lawless society’ you in denial or what? Fix it, get those pests of the road. Ain’t nobody care about them life. I care about if them gone get me in an accident and my babies in my car. The game will change then. This ain’t funny no more. People can’t sleep in them own house. These bugs on the streets flying. Stap talking and fix it boss!

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  11. Nuisance says:

    “Rymer said he has received many complaints from persons who say the unlicensed riders are a public nuisance.”


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  12. GoPro says:

    Remember when some try to enforce ppl say why you harassing the youth. They only riding having fun. Leave our young locals alone. Now the problem get out of hand we bawling..

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    • Observer 1 says:

      If my memory serves me right, the last time two officers tried enforcing the laws re scooter riders, they ended up losing their jobs.
      Well, the others learned, and they are no longer chasing down any scooter riders for any reason.
      Do a simple exercise: Stand on any stretch of road in the island for a period 30 mins and observe the number of scooters driving by, and count how many of the riders are wearing protective headgear.

      • truth says:

        when the officers go after the riders and they chose to risk their lives to avoid the police and in doing so something happens, the policeman is penalized instead of the person who did the wrong. The department who suppose to stand with you also fights against you. Too many friends and family going on.
        Mr. Rymer needs nobody to do anything for him. He is anointed, and appointed by God. Once he stands for what is right, he has no fear. Owe no man anything except love in Jesus name.

  13. Wow says:

    Only now them street man going stop support kye

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  14. Yolo says:

    The church people who singing by the east field is is noise pollution them there for hours giving me a headache

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  15. Polo says:

    The church people who singing by the east field is is noise pollution them there for hours giving me a headache

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  16. Agree says:

    Cops are completely ignoring the motor bike rules,, No helmets, sometimes two persons on one bike in an out of traffic none with helmet,,

  17. Driver says:

    Sometimes those loud pipes are needed. I done seen it in many situations the scooter rider could have got hurt if the person driving didn’t hear the bike coming , yes it’s noise pollution but think on it from a different angle

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  18. GTFOH says:

    Police does be in traffic behind of riders with no helmet and not even a blow of the horn to acknowledge the breaking of the law.

  19. Good luck says:

    Good luck with that. Scooter riders blatantly break the law in front of police officers and they just drive along like it’s none of their business.

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  20. Watchers says:

    Cops have been doing a good job solving a lot of Criminal these days. Why not give them a proper raise.

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