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COVID spikes in in-transit countries! BVI’s chances of being affected rise

Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone

By Kamal Haynes, BVI News Staff

With multiple in-transit countries to the territory experiencing a surge in positive COVID-19 cases, the BVI remains vigilant as the prevalence of the virus in these countries increases the probability of exposure to the territory.

On Sunday, Puerto Rico which now has a total of 45,981 active COVID-19 cases, reported 1,841 new positive COVID-19 cases and five deaths. Santo Domingo also reported an increase of 986 new cases to now total 23,372 active cases.

The neighbouring United States Virgin Islands (USVI) also registered 26 new cases between Thursday and Sunday, which brings their total active cases to 74.

Speaking to BVI News following the alarming statistics, Health Minister Carvin Malone said the BVI will continue to monitor the situation in each of the respective countries and territories.

He said: “As I have said from the declaration of this pandemic in March of 2020, it is critical for us not only to observe the protocols that we’ve put in place here in the Virgin Islands, but it was going to be critical for us to look at what is happening throughout the region and indeed throughout the world.”

“When we look at the USVI, when we look at the numbers coming out of Puerto Rico, when we look at the numbers coming out of the Dominican Republic – primarily because those markets are the ones that afford us direct linkage to whether the TB Lettsome Airport or to any of our seaports on the west or in Road Town – it is utmost critical for us to be mindful of this because we are our brother’s keeper. And if it is prevalent in any of these direct routes, then the likelihood of us being affected one way or the other will increase,” the minister explained.

BVI cannot be too careful

Though the territory continues to maintain a status of having no active COVID cases after conducting 6,858 tests to date, Minister Malone said he believes now is not the time to be complacent as the second wave of the virus has started to aggressively impact a number of the countries where tourists usually travel from.

“We can’t be too careful. We have to keep our guards up and we have to be mindful that this is possible on our shores. So vigilance is critical for us whether tourists are coming out of Canada, that has now instituted lockdowns; the United States, which has a number of states that is under critical review; or the United Kingdom, that has reinstituted lockdowns,” Malone said.

He added: “There is hardly a place in the world that has not been adversely affected by the COVID-19 virus and our protocols must show this level of caution that we need to take in order to keep our residence safe.” 

When the BVI reopens its borders to tourism on December 1, it will require all visitors to undergo a mandatory four-day quarantine period. During the quarantine, visitors will have to take multiple COVID-19 tests that must all return negative results if they are to be permitted into the general population of the territory.



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  1. bvi islander says:

    4 day quarentine is not enough you all sick in ayo head.7 to 14 days is preferable who dont like it stay put .

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  2. SMH says:

    Pandemic just getting more drastic. The more testing being done, the more cases on the Rise. Getting a Positive Test does put you in the clear. It takes fourteen days for the mutilation of the Virus. So We really got to be more cautious and think Safety.

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  3. Vi says:

    Y’all need to stop being alarming
    COVID-19 ain’t going anywhere soon
    We have to learn to live with it Some ppl will die some will survive
    Get that in y’all thick skull
    But life goes on for the surviving ppl
    Ppl already know what the need to do to protect themselves
    Oh wait let me guess y’all vip idiot thinking to cancel opening the border
    Ppl will die from starvation and become homeless instead in the bvi cause there are not working and greedy landlords putting tenants out for rent money
    Bank running ppl down for loan money
    Supermarkets raise all the prices on food stuff
    So bvi cost of living is more deadly than the coronavirus

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    • Then says:

      There will be other bloging and saying pay your darn bills like how they are, but never take a moment to think that not everyone is rich.

      • @reply says:

        Not everyone one working right now
        Most ppl are jobless since March due to the pandemic
        My work place close since March with no pay, no hearing or seeing the boss
        I offer my landlord half rent and he refuses it she want all
        And threaten to throw my stuff out the apartment
        On one hand ppl are struggling to get food to eat
        And on the other hand some wicked landlord so greedy the don’t want to work with there tenants
        Plus my landlord is not from here he is a Belonger
        The get a funny way here in the bvi to show
        Bvi love

        • Legal says:

          @reply, your landlord cannot throw you out of the apartment, not even the police can do that. This what she can do. She can have her lawyer write a letter asking you to pay the outstanding rent and to also vacate the premises at a prescribed time. If you are not able to, she will then take you to Court. However, the Judge will give you at least 3 months to vacate her premises and perhaps longer to pay the outstanding rent. This is might only be done if in the past, you have always paid your full rent in a timely manner and can show proof of same. You will also likely have to show proof that you are not working, you have attempted to get work, you have advised the landlord of your current status and have also offered to pay half of the rent until you are able to pay in full. Don’t worry, give your problems to the Almighty.

          • @legal says:

            My landlord brought a summons for me to go to court
            Mind you she never give any warning letter or any notice
            The summons only state that I was summons to court to pay $200 for the two months that I paid $500 for and he raise the rent cause I can’t afford to pay $600 so the rent is now $700
            And he clearly say that he get ppl that can pay $900-$1000 for his one bedroom apartment
            And he don’t care if we get food to eat he want all his rent
            And treating to throw my stuff out of the apartment a d change the lock when I’m not home
            I got all my rent receipts, letter from my place of employment to show that I’m not working since March
            Bvi get some really sick landlords

  4. Yup says:

    This is a clear indication that the Dec 1 opening is going to be delayed. Just grow a pair and say it. Don’t wait a week and then say it. They are all unsuited to be in responsible governing positions.

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  5. yawn says:

    Here we go with more fear mongering.

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    • @yawn says:

      You sound so foolish. Giving the FACTS and reality on the ground can never ne fear mongering.

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      • @@Yawn says:

        What facts? That in the height of Flu season NOBODY IS DYING FROM THE FLU as in the past? Give me a f**king break! Is COVID serious? YES! Is it worth all this panic? NO! Life must go on and the cure cannot be worst than the sickness. COVID is being used as an excuse for total incompetence and only the fully paid civil servants and those well off would agree with the bulls**t but don’t worry, time will tell.

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  6. It says:

    is truly a heartless and a woeful sign of greed and lack of any human empathy to raise food prices in a pandemic simply to match profit margins banked before the pandemic when everyone was working.

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    • Thats says:

      That’s your wonderful politicians. Who owns the grocery store? Who owns all big business. It’s your collection of “statesmen” that they call themselves now. More like thieves with a coat and tie. Enjoy them prices. Happy Holidays. Lmfao

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      • Anonymous says:

        Last published transaction sale of the largest super market chain was bought and is now owned by a Canadian expats, not local politicians. Carry on. You can’r help yourself. Poor thing.

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        • @Anon says:

          And who exactly owns Onemart and is going to build another large store. Expats? Who owns Bobby’s? Sit down and stfu. You are clearly not in the right mind. Or perhaps you are one of the store owners gouging the people.

          • Check it says:

            Onemart is a boy to what Mr Rite is doing to US these days. You don’t realize that the largest distributor dictates what happen in any market.

  7. Concerned says:

    Postpone the opening until January. It will be even worse after US Thanksgiving. Many countries in Europe have shut down. Canadian border closed to US. Toronto closing today for 28 days. Even Mexican birder is closed to US. We have done so well since match., open the schools instead! Also, the BVI still needs practice on mask wearing! Under the nose, really!,,,

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  8. If only says:

    If only you all had allowed the expats to teavel at the same time as the belongers it would have been much better, you allowed the locals alone when it was not so bad now expat have to use those ports if they catch it your people will say its expat who bring it in.

  9. Love says:

    Opening will be delayed. For various reasons.

    The government isn’t ready. The website tourist portal hasn’t been built yet. Nor will it any time soon. Even if it were operational, the sheer magnitude of handling tourists using the set protocols will quickly overwhelm those tasked to handle it.

    Spike in cases. We already see it happening. Shutdowns are occurring worldwide and this government will not think twice about closing the borders immediately. God help the visitors who plan to come or are here when that happens. We will never get those tourists back. Ever.

    Sorry, but our season is over before it even began. Pray for a working vaccine as it will be the only way we see normalization of the travel and tourism sectors.

    • Please says:

      Why write foolishness? It’s been operational since early evening yesterday and people already getting travel authorizations.

  10. Get ready says:


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  11. TC says:

    Puerto Rico which now has a total of 45,981 active COVID-19 cases, reported 1,841 new positive COVID-19 cases and five deaths.

    5 deaths out of 46K cases? The normal death rate per capita is higher then that

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  12. To Whom It May Concern says:

    Given the low confidence, productivity and lack of genuine plans to take the BVI and its people forward, while protecting them from external and invading haters, as a Black BVIslanders, it might be time to consider building a strong non aligned brand new political party to repair the damage done by previous parties and chart a new course forward.

    People are especially tired of preferential treatment, misguided spending, talk of corruption, crumbling infrastructure, no education development policy, the taking of voters for granted, to name a few, and a seemingly non forward or progressive movement of the political ideas of or for the country.

  13. @ To Whom It May Concern says:

    If dis party ain’t people out of the Methodist Chuch we ain’t want to hear nothing bout dem. We don’t care wa happen if the methodist chuch ain’t running things under the banner of the Jesus fairy tale we dont want to hear nuttin. Who dead could dead the country could go to h**l we don’t care once we runnin things. We got the Jesus cure three four and five funerals every Saturday is good business forward ever backward never and Santa Clause is coming to the city. Merry Chrismus en B WE I Lowe.

    • @@ To Whom It May Concern says:

      That is some evil written there. Is there a heaven where your kind is going?

      A moment of silence for all who have left, especially those who may have left before their time.

      May those are still alive be protected from evil doers.

      But remember, all actions have consequences. Take, so too it will be taken.

  14. Heckler says:

    This cat doesn’t have a clue and his boss won’t reign him in. Folks better prepare to spend Christmas under lockdown.

  15. Very unfair says:

    These people never give permission for expat to return even now they have to get approval some are still waiting for approval after applying for over 2 weeks now, now it does not have much flights is when you saying expat are allowed in why did you not allow them in when the l8cals were returning and there were flights available?????

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