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Creque says BVIEC was untruthful about no locals bidding for Anegada solar project

Former Deputy General Manager at the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC), Henry Creque is refuting recent statements from the power company that no local contractors showed interest in the $4.6 million Anegada Hybrid Renewable Energy & Battery Energy Storage System project.

In a statement issued Monday, July 27, Creque said his firm, Creque’s Engineering Services as well as aTec BVI, BMR Energy Ltd — all company’s with local ties — teamed up with US company Advanced Solar Products to operate as a single entity and submitted bids on the project on February 24 this year.

“Contrary to responses of the Corporation’s General Manager, Mr Leroy Abraham, to a series of questions posed by the media at a recent press conference, we are very pleased to advise that our group of firms, which consisted of three BVI companies out of four, did indeed tender for this first-ever utility-scale solar project in the British Virgin Islands,” he said.

Creques said this fact was made evident in their proposal’s cover letter — a copy of which he shared with BVI News to substantiate their claims.

Furthermore, Creque said the umbrella group of companies paid approximately $20,000 for the bid fee and bid security.

Perplexed by BVIEC’s statement 

The former BVIEC Deputy General Manager said he was “perplexed” when he heard Abraham tell the media that no local companies bid.

During a press conference on July 17, a reporter from ZBVI radio station had asked Abraham: “From what was said, it seems as though you did not have any local companies submitting proposals. Am I correct to say that?”

“Yes, you are correct,” Abraham replied.

However, Abraham took a completely different approach when he was pressed, stating that “there was some local interest in the project as it was advertised locally. Based on the scope and extent of the project, I think the project is outside the scope of local expertise so therein lies the reason why most of the participants in regards to the tendering process were large entities outside of the BVI.”

Responding to that statement, Creque said: “Based on the summary report published in the media, the bids were very competitive and we, the majority BVI group, were a mere 1.35 percent higher than the cheapest turn-key price tendered. We were, however, informed that our team was the most experienced and qualified out of four submitting bidders. This too is contrary to the statements repeatedly being made by Mr Abraham.”

He continued: “Further, BVIEC and their consultants refused to provide Creque’s Engineering with a bid package, claiming that we were not qualified to receive one, although no details of minimum qualifications had been included in the tender advertisement. Every government administration in the history of this Territory, dating back to the late Hon. H. L. Stoutt has always verbalized an unswerving commitment to the development of local, BVI based companies and workers, and remarks of that nature could only serve to undermine the development of local enterprises.”

He said the team he is part of has a “number of concerns” relating to the administration of the bidding process by the BVIEC.

Won’t stop there 

Creque, in the meantime, reported that the umbrella group of companies of which his firm is a member has also submitted a proposal for a 10-megawatt solar installation at a location on Tortola.”

He stated that the project’s proposal was submitted on March 6, 2020.

The former Deputy General Manager at the BVIEC stated that this project would “actually supply BVIEC’s main power grid with even more clean energy than the Anegada initiative”. 

“The project would also bring numerous benefits to various stakeholders in the territory, but we are particularly excited that it would create a significant number of new jobs at a time when Tourism and other sectors are facing the many notable challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he stated.

US company won the bid

US-based solar energy company Power52 was awarded the contract to complete the Anegada project.

Chairwoman of the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) Rosemarie Flax said Power52 was the successful bidder from among four other competitors.

Each party was made to submit two separate bids for the options to provide services to either engineer, procure, and construct (EPC) or have a power purchase agreement (PPA).

While the BVIEC has not yet decided which of the two options they will be advancing with, Chairwoman Flax said Power52 had the most appealing proposal in both categories.

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  1. Oh please says:

    Henry you done gone home with our money that you —- work for through the same BVIEC. Do you remember that??? Now you here circulating nonsense about BViEC and trying to tarnish the corporation or better yet trying to get at Leroy. We know that you and your f—- dont —- him. I am so tired of you. Whenever you and your m—- dearest dont get you all way you all cry foul. Get over it! Not because you join up with an overseas company makes the company local. The company that submitted the bid from the details laid out in the BVI press release none of those companies are registered in the BVI. You and the f—- done milk the damn cow just go and sit down. Your point if being a local company is like saying you have shares in Microsoft and because of this Microsoft is a local company because you are the person here in the BVi. What foolish hogwash you trying to tell people.

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    • Oh yes says:

      Did you hear what you said, money that he WORKED FOR. So what is your point? He EARNED IT. Or is this a case of tief don’t like to see tief wid long bag?

      This sounds just like LAEDS. Vex with the wrong person and for the wrong reasons.

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      • Oh please says:

        Bvi news edited my comments…he DIDNOT work his full years to be granted pension when he left….he left with our tax payers money 4 years short to be exact! Would you like me to say it any clearer. The news site edited my comments by altering words and putting dashes.

  2. smh says:

    Thing that make you go hummmmmmmm!!

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    • Pandora's Box says:

      Not really! That is how things work here.

      Not sure what is more surprising – the former BVIEC 2nd in command, retired to go into politics, member of two and associated with three powerful BVI families, and he didn’t get the contract?

      I figured it would be a slam dunk for him to get the contract on name and power alone, and all others were wasting their time.

      You know what? I think you’re right … I am going “Hmmmmmmmm” right now! 😉

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      • Jill says:

        Hmmmm! I think the reasons listed by Pandora’s Box as reasons he might have secured the contract are the reasons he did not, plus he ran for office.

      • @ Long Look says:

        These two been butting heads since Henry was deputy. Leroy always felt t———- by Henry because Henry interacted with the workers and Leroy like to see the workers at each others ——-.

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  3. Tell says:

    Tell it all Mr. creque! Not good if this is true.

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  4. Oh please says:

    I know that BVI News wont publish my comment.

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  5. Ok I might not be that smart says:

    As I said it’s not about black life matters or rasist but prejudice
    Not wanting to see a fellow citizens come up. They rather tom from abroad get the bly it’s a real shame
    But I hope one day that changes

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    • Ruex enterprise says:

      Yes I agree with what you are partner and I are having the same issues right now. We are trying to bring satellite internet to the Bvi with the help of one of America’s top satellite company. But it seems like we are been railroaded by the trc licencing. Both of us are from Bvi. So I know what is been said is realtall

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  6. Victimization? says:

    If this is true I find it very disturbing! You telling me that in a time when we need to be even more determined to give a local company an opportunity, we are deliberately disenfranchising them?? BVIEC needs to explain to the people why this process was not very transparent and explain in detail the qualifications of the company they selected in comparison to the local company that was met with such disregard (Let us not have another Biwater episode). I also don’t know Mr. Creque to be one to put out such a strong statement if it was not true, so I am inclined to believe him. We cannot stand for victimization in this little country. we need answers!!

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  7. Wow says:

    If this is so we have a lot of black Trump
    . Some people lie so much they begin to believe their own lies hehe

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  8. Resident says:

    I believe him.

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  9. oh oh says:

    sour grapes

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  10. It seems like fraud says:

    Follow the money. Someone got b—-.

  11. Yikes says:

    I guess if Henry government was in it would be easy sailing huh while others suffer huh. When shall we stop acting like little brats? This dude just a t—————-. Gold spoon drop. Hard be an underprivileged? Dragging Abraham name through mud. Ting to talk buddy. Pity votes coming next election. Here we go whooped!!!!!!

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  12. Ruex enterprise. Satellite internet says:

    This seems to be a practice of those in power. Don’t help your fellow Bvislander get ahead. My partner and I is trying to bring satellite internet to the Bvi territories. We are been back by one of America’s top satellite company. Got a letter of intent. But some how the trc licencing don’t feel that’s enough. I feel they stonewalling us. They making up their own rules as we go to prevent giving us the opportunity to be competitive with the 3 company’s. So yes this story is believable. My name is Rex Frett 9198883295. If you care to elaborate on my story please call or email me at Bvislander don’t want to see another Bvislander succeed

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  13. Andy says:

    How much kick back **** gettting. American companies always bring envelopes under the table. That’s how it works in America.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    His mother don’t run the territory now so he have to get to the back of the bus.

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  15. Truth be told says:

    Nothing new here. They cheat on every level to make somebody who is not deserving, get ahead. They cheat businesses, employees on the job, contracts awarded, people on interviews, scholarsjip recipients, children in school and the list goes on. Just suck it up and let God repay and he will!

  16. 1st district says:

    Sorry my boy, this government is also UNTRUTHFUL about A LOT OF THINGS TO WE THE PEOPLE. Sad to say, the UK will officially separate it self from the European Union the end of this year. What will be the out come of us due to our leaders rude, disrespectfulness and blatant unloyalness to the crown and representative.Do we know how much money the Uk government was giving the EU daily, that same money was given to us for projects here. Where, when and who will be funding any much needed large projects for us any more? The Uk, but we talking independence? Who will be minding the cookie jar then when there’s absolutely NO transparency now.

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    • Truth be told says:

      I wish this comment was in all bold and too the top for everyone to see. Too many people in this country are comfortable being blind followers to party politics and not learning the process. we need to learn about the processes in local government and that of dependent countires (which we are). We reap the benefits of dependency. We are singing independence and that might be the very thing that bankrupts us. Stop allowing them to use our voices as a weapon to our own detriment. Thank you for speaking the truth.

  17. Concerned says:

    And the contract has been signed so if we back out we have to pay the US-company a truck-load of money anyhow for breach of contract.

  18. Well wel says:

    Aint so nice wen he was worki there he dont ansaw phone it just goo 4 him

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  19. Mad Max says:

    Is he still Deputy Chairman of BVIEC? If so, surely it would have been a conflict of interest anyway!

  20. ah ha says:

    Teeth and tongue fall out now

  21. BVIlander says:

    I find this debate very sad. Henry is a very competent, descent and professional engineer. I do believe everything he has written. It is sad that the government and or the management of electricity are using a public project and public funds to try to deny any BVIlander of an opportunity to which they may be entitled. Henry you’re intelligent an you will thrive, and every dog will have it’s day

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  22. Marv says:

    Sounds like some sk**t tickling going on.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Crazy stuff!

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