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CXC has changes to address complaints about 2020 exams

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has announced it will be implementing measures to accommodate hundreds of students across the region who complained about unacceptable results in this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams.

After the flood of complaints in September, CXC had set up an Independent Review Team to look into the 2020 examinations which were modified because of COVID-19.

Speaking on those results at a press conference on Sunday, CXC Registrar Dr Wayne Wesley said they’ve extended the deadline from October 23 to November 6 for students seeking a review of their results.

Reduced fee

He also said the fee for a review is now US$15 — a 50 percent reduction of the original cost.

“Those persons who have already paid for a review, the difference will be refunded,” Dr Wesley told reporters across the Caribbean.

For any exams taken this year, CXC has also discontinued its policy where a review can result in a reduced grade.

Those who get an improvement on their grades after the review will get a full refund of the fee they paid.

Direct contact with CXC

Additionally, Dr Wesley said CXC will be communicating with aggrieved students in a timely manner. He said students will be notified if their grades remain the same or if it improves.

By the end of this week, CXC said it will have an avenue through which students can communicate directly with CXC without going through their schools or education ministries. This is expected to shorten the review process.

The Independent Review Team that assessed this year’s modified exams process found that the CXC “did well” in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team also found that CXC professionally conducted its remit; befitting its reputation and competence. But it said CXC could have had better communication with a number of institutions that had queries leading up to the exams earlier this year.

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  1. OMG says:

    Is this so hard to understand. You are under educating with the result being stupid uneducated children. They complain about the exams but they can’t read, write or do simple math. The Foy says you need higher education. I say you need lower education. You are presently breeding and raising dope dealers and criminals of all sorts. I guess the parents are so same uneducated lot so what can you expect.

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    • GTFOH says:

      They never mentioned BVI students anywhere in the article though. How ironic is it that you are speaking about literacy and at the same time showing the world just how stupid you are. 358 BVI students took the exam and had a 78% pass rate. If you do the math you would know that the chances of the BVI being a big part of the “hundreds of students across the region who complained about unacceptable results” was near impossible. If you paid attention to regional news you would know about the petition in Barbados with over 15,000 signatures calling for an investigation into the results. Other islands were calling for a review as well.

    • Please... says:

      @OMG people just sickening. Quick to call down BVI people. Imagine you calling God’s children stupid? Can’t read or write?. I am a proud BVIslander and yes in every country you have a small percentage that just fall through the cracks but don’t come on here bashing these Little Rocks called BVI which are supporting your a$$. Just imagine for a minute your life without the BVI… Just imagine… SMH. Try saying something positive today.

  2. Local girl says:

    B I N G O

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