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D4 businesses receive biggest portion of govt’s $6.5M grants

Business owners in the Fourth District have been awarded more than $1.5 million from the government’s Small Business Sector Grant Relief Programme — the highest total value of grants of all the nine districts.

Premier Andrew Fahie shared this statistic while giving a detailed breakdown on how each district in the territory benefited from the $6.5 million programme.

While stating that the names of the businesses could not be released because of security purposes, he said a total of 1,039 businesses were approved at a total value of $6,138,889.

Premier Fahie said 68 businesses in the First Electoral District received a combined total of $399,290 in grants. The Second District received $598,114 to share among 102 businesses while District 3 received $548,825 for 91 businesses. The Fourth District where the Road Town capital is located collected a combined total of $1,665,565 shared among 280 businesses.

Below is a further breakdown:

Fifth District 5 (68 businesses) — $404,063

Sixth District (113 businesses) — $644,273

Seventh District (59 businesses) — $354,748

Eighth District (90 businesses) — $518,600

Ninth District (169 businesses) — $1,005,384

Banking information needed for some approved applicants

Despite the approval of some businesses, Director of Trade Karia Christopher said her department has reached out to those businesses who have not yet confirmed their banking information.

She said an email was sent to these businesses over the last few days after the department noticed that there were businesses who did not have a bank account attached to the same trade license of the business.

Using an example, she said: “If Karia Christopher has a trade license for Real Talk, we would assume that my account would be in Real Talk. However, we have recognised very early that this has not been the case. So if we wrote a cheque for Real Talk obviously it would not be valid for the bank because there’s no account for that particular name.”

“So we have further contacted individuals and said please confirm that you have a bank account in your business name. If you do not have a bank account in your business name, please confirm the personal name that this account should be measured in. Reason being we would allow that person’s name to be on the account,” she explained.

Name on bank information and trade license must match

Christopher further noted that the name of the person on the banking details provided must also be on the trade license.

She said: “So if you have a trade license you have to put it [banking information] in your name, you can’t put it in your husband’s name or your mother’s name or your child’s name if their names are not on the trade license.”

Cheques to be disbursed in batches

Due to the large volume of awardees, the director also said her department will be distributing the cheques in batches.

She is therefore asking all persons with outstanding information such as bank details, to submit the required documents as soon as possible to the department to prevent any delays from occurring within a respective batch.

Cheques to be distributed to sister islands

Christopher also informed the public that due to the present nature of COVID-19, her department is devising a system that would allow persons to safely collect their payments.

This includes the distribution of cheques to persons residing on the sister islands who will not be required to come to Tortola to collect their payment.

“Every business owner who receives a grant award, your cheques will be sent over to the respective island and then you will decide when it is appropriate for you to go to your personal business and do that transaction, however you will not receive a cheque if you do not confirm your banking details,” she reiterated.

For residents on Tortola, the Trade Director said more information will be forthcoming on how they can collect their payments.

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  1. retr says:

    Most of these “poor” people going squander this money. I sometimes want to help people then you have to ask yourself “why? are they making their lives any better? they’re just leeching off someone and feel the world owes them a favor.”

    I pray I really do hope this money what people will be receiving it will be used wisely not matter how small it is.

    But judging from the conditions of persons here I shouldn’t look for an improvement…

    Born here so don’t say it’s some down Island hater.

    I got nothing I against people I whatever race etc, I just don’t like people’s behavior

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  2. Whole Idea says:

    I thought the whole idea of obtaining the company’s name on the bank account and the account number was to facilitate direct deposits.

    We are trying to practise safe distancing are we not? Then all you had to do is once the banking details have been verified send the payment through by DD. Just to make sure it works also, deposit 0.01 cents to the account. A sure way of knowing that all is well for the bigger amount.

    Just a thought.

    BVI love. “We are in this thing together.”

    • Anonymous says:

      there is a cost associated with direct deposits. You have to pay for each transaction. Maybe it was cheaper to just run the checks. Just a thought.

    • just saying says:

      I think there is a fee for each direct deposit transaction. It was probably cheaper to run the checks. Just a thought.

  3. Clearly says:

    I love Hon Flax Charles speech. She and the Premier make a good team with Trade.

  4. WOW says:

    This is impressive to help 1039 businesses. Well done.

  5. ndp heckler says:

    and district 4 representative made the most money during all the lockdowns

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  6. NDP supporter says:

    We must commend the VIP Government for this because it was their vision. I am glad so many businesses got some help no matter the size.

  7. Bad boy says:

    Would the owners of buisness be paying their staff some money

  8. Thanks says:

    People really need the money but to be standing in the hot sun for hours just to get into the bank before they closed at 1130. Lord have mercy what a life

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  9. wondering says:

    What about those who lost their jobs to Covid19, those in the tourism industry?? 3 bags of food 6 months ago is not enough. Time to help the people who lost their jobs.

  10. Rubber Duck says:

    Wonder how many went and got a trade license for $50 and put in their claim for $6000

  11. Social security?? says:

    Where’s the article with the big smile for persons still waiting on a lil relief from social security?

  12. Social Security and Plandemic says:


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