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‘D4 matter still in court’ | Willock mum whether he will swear in Vanterpool

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Julian Willock (GIS Photo)

Speaker of the House of Assembly Julian Willock is remaining mum on whether he will honour Premier Andrew Fahie’s request for him to swear in member-elect of the Fourth District, Mark Vanterpool.

When BVI News contacted the Speaker on Monday, he said: “The matter is still in court so I cannot comment.”

Further pressed on whether he will consider the Premier’s request, Willock pointed to the above statement as his response.

Premier Fahie had announced on Sunday that, “after much consultation, meditation and prayer”, he decided to ask the Speaker to swear in Vanterpool.

While Fahie said he believes the Speaker is right to pursue the matter to the fullest extent, he also thinks the issue has been ongoing for an excessive amount of time and “has become a source of discord and bitterness” for the territory.

The decision to swear in Vanterpool is still ultimately Willock’s, notwithstanding the Premier’s request.

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  1. Out Of Control says:

    It looks like its Willock and not Fahie who running this country. We all know it was Fahie who was encouraging Willock, but now he cannot even tame him!

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    • @ Out Of Control says:

      I think Fahie is playing a psychological game with our minds. Why make a public announcement rather than speaking to the Speaker in private? I think this was planned between Fahie and the Speaker and in the end Vanterpool would not be in the house. Watch and you’ll see how this plays out.

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      • wow says:

        Fahie has already told Willox to install Mark. It will happen. Using Fahie’s love of the latest buzz words, it is all about optics. The Speaker must be seen to be in charge of the House so the Premier has “asked” him nicely. Willox is an errand boy.

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    • Ribbit ribbit says:

      So this b**lf**g run things? VIP disappointed me with their choice of this f**g

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  2. vip heckler says:

    If he refuses he willock needs to be suspended until the matter is settled

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  3. What! says:

    After tolerating the foolishness for three and a half months the Premier suddenly realizes that he in fact can have some influence on the Speakers’ actions. Interesting. But one must ask the question, why would the Premier wait until a mere few days before the Appeal Courts’ decision to put in a quick change of heart? Is the HoA even going to meet before the decision? Does the precedent that would affect the constitution not matter any longer? Why the rush? Rather than trying to persuade the esteemed speaker today why not wait until next week when the Appeals Court insists upon it (reasonable speculation ).

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  4. The Reaper says:

    Mr Fahie you think we are some fool around here in the bvi. We going to fight all the way. Don’t swear him in U talking BS

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    • To The Reaper says:

      We are tired of the same set of supporters of Mark blogging all day. Give the Premier a break. Go hold Mark accountable for not going and getting swear in.

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  5. Asking for a friend says:

    Will is he saying it has not been taking out of the court yet?

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  6. Andrew says:

    Hon. Fahie was the same one who said he cannot intervine with the D4 Sager now all of a sudden he can intervine. SMH. Hon.. tou have proven you are no different or even a bigger culprit than the former Government.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Only the speaker can swear in Mark. The Premier can encourage him to swear him in but he is at the mercy of the Speaker. The Premier cannot fire the Speaker. He can only bring a motion to the HOA but then he only has 1 vote and will rely on the other members of the HOA to get the majority vote.

      A person shall vacate the office of Speaker or Deputy Speaker— (a) on dissolution of the House of Assembly;

      (b) if he or she announces the resignation of his or her office to the House of Assembly or if by writing under his or her hand addressed to the House and received by the Clerk of the House he or she resigns that office;

      (c) if a motion on the Order Paper for his or her removal is carried by the votes of a majority of all the elected members of the House; or (d) if he or she is appointed to be a member of the Cabinet.

      (7) A person shall also vacate the office of Speaker— (a) if he or she ceases to be a person qualified for election as a member of the House of Assembly; (b) if any circumstances arise that would cause him or her to be disqualified for election as an elected member of the House by virtue of any provision of section 66(1) other than paragraph (f); (c) on the expiration of a period of thirty days from the date of his or her election if he or she was at that date a party to, or a partner in a firm or a director or manager of a company which is a party to, any contract with the Government of the Virgin Islands for or on account of the public service and if, before the expiration of that period, he or she has not disclosed to the House of Assembly the nature of such contract and his or her interest, or the interest of such firm or company, in it and the House has not exempted him or her from vacating his or her office under this paragraph; or (d) if any circumstances arise that, if he or she were an elected member of the House of Assembly, would cause him or her to vacate his or her seat under section 67(3)(d).

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  7. My two cents says:

    Fahie should not do this to Willock it’s unfair Willock has been there helping VIP to win the last elections

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  8. Eagle eye says:

    Andrew cleared his end of the matter.willfrock alone get left in the heat.

  9. Ok says:

    So let us see who is runnung things. This whole thing is just causing a lot of desention and is only going to get worse.

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  10. Hmmm says:

    You guys forgot it’s Mr Vanterpool vacated his seat he also had a Facebook announcement that he’s resisting for personal reasons

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    • who to blame says:

      You mean a man cant change he mine, the Hon. Premier change he mine with the immigration saga. ah ya dont think is about time them stop with teh lies.One time tis this and one time tis that. who to blame
      Tis the Premier man got the ansewers for deh cruse pier project, he was the manager, now he managing the premier.

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    • Wake Up says:

      Cropo what part of the resignation was not valid do you not understand.

      It’s not up to Willock to make an example out of a Constitution that does not have an alternate means of resigning.

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      • Irrelevant says:

        I totally understand the argument that “Mark caused this debacle.” However, I respectfully disagree. It is a human behavior to act irrational when emotions are high, and an irrational decision was made by Mr. Vanterpool (in my opinion) when he decided to resign. Now, here is where I disagree with most opinions on the subject, to include that of the speaker and premier. Let’s just say that Mr. Vanterpool had resigned the “right” way as per procedure, then for whatever reason decides to rescind his resignation…I still think it is within his right to do so and it is perfectly ok to have a change of mind, especially as a democratically elected representative. Regardless of the motives, he should be allowed to rescind and continue serving. This is why it is a non-issue as to whether or not the constitution speaks directly to the validity of his resignation. So to waste time, money and delay the representation of district 4 is an extremely inconsiderate and irresponsible move by the speaker/premier. An irrational decision that has a greater consequence; as even the premier himself agrees that this is dividing the country. Additionally, prolonging this nonsense even after the governor, AG and court all agreed that the man should be sworn in, shows that this speaker and government is putting their political interests over what is best for the country. Even as we still struggle to recover and sure-up our economy, and considering that every-penny-count at this time, why on earth are we wasting precious resources on this unnecessary issue? That is very disconcerting.

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    • @Hmmm says:

      We already know he vacated his seat and caused this fiasco. For doing that, he does not deserve to be sworn in but it is time to move on. Sometimes for the greater good we have to concede even if we are justified.

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    • @Hmmm says:

      I am and can only speak for myself.I am going to keep S**t real with you. I supported Vanterpool election day because I liked him as District 4 Rep and still does however, I am pissed with him and want to kick his A** for all this drama that is going on.I am not going to sugar coat anything.The people of District 4 got and is getting F**k over.

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      • True says:

        Exactly the people of the 4th district getting upset with Willock for nothing! It must be more than we on the outside actually know!! Think people!!

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    • True says:

      Exactly he was the one resigned in the first place so he abandoned the people of his district on his own free will! Can you silly people wake up and ask yourselves why??‍♀️There had to be a reason why he did it and he may do it again.

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    • @Hmmm says:

      Can you remind me what the constitution says concerning Facebook resignations? I admit my forgetfulness.

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  11. Jones says:

    Perhaps Fahie will grow a pair and fire the speaker

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  12. Sam says:

    Hahahahaha uneducated people on a small uneducated island playing at government FFS you idiots

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  13. heights says:

    Willock has the potential to be a really great Speaker BUT absolutely must work on his character if he is to remain.

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  14. Pat says:

    I have full confidence in the esteemed speaker, he will do a great job as usual

    He has a track record of success as he turned around the water and sewerage dept

    He is a man of high values, known for his good integrity and most of all is one of us

    Stay the course Mr Speaker

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  15. Open your eyes says:

    When will begin to open our eyes and see that we’re conned by the greatest conn men in the country? The speaker and the premier are playing the BVI people. The premier doesn’t want Mr. Vanterpool sworn in and it is obvious from his distasteful statement made on the matter. I strongly believe that there was UK intervention since his statement comes about week since the director of the FCO left the country.
    The game is that Fahie will do what he was asked by London publicly as Premier but the Speaker, who does not report you london, will defy it. End result, Vanterpool still not sworn in.

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  16. Barbs says:

    Funny thing about this issue is his supporters blaming everyone else except the mastermind of all this confusion Mark Vanterpool. Can the real culprit stand up.
    What was the real reason for Mr. Vanterpool vacating his seat. If we want honesty, let us start with him.

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  17. Truth Sayer says:

    I am tired of all this back and forth about the swearing of Mark Vanterpool. I am no fan of his and yes what he did was foolishness. But the truth of the matter is that his foolishness was not legal, in that his resignation was not legal. There was no one to send his resignation to. He would have to wait until the House of Assembly was convened and a Speaker sworn in. Our Constitution does not say otherwise. So let us stop this back and forth nonsense and move forward, especially since the Court has ruled in Mark’s favour. What was the point of our Premier having a unity service if he does act that way? Mark was elected by the people of the 4th and he has the right to be sworn in as a member of the House of Assembly of the Virgin Islands.

  18. Simple says:

    The Premier should have acted before it reach the local courts. That said, The speaker is also acting retroactively and trying to exercise his authority over the council before he was appointed which is unlawful. There was no speaker of the house when the resignation was tendered so mark cannot resign.

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  19. :) says:

    The same j@ck@$$ them that saying that the Mark didn’t resign because he didn’t do it according to the constitution are the same ones wanting Fahie to “fire” Willock even though the Premier holds no such power based on the same constitution they quoting.

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  20. CLOWN says:

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