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DPP Hollis eyes local as immediate successor, HOA told

DPP Kim Hollis and Principal Crown Counsel, Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit.

A local might succeed United Kingdom native Kim Hollis as the territory’s next Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

This is according to reports to the House of Assembly from Opposition legislator, Julian Fraser.

“I had that conversation with the DPP about succession planning, and she felt that, at the end of her contract, her Principal Crown Counsel should be her successor,” Fraser said.

The post of Principal Crown Counsel is held by Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit, a local.

He said further that the DPP also requested a Senior Financial Prosecutor to join the Office of the DPP.

“I applaud her for that. That’s growing our people,” Fraser said. “Everybody who comes into this territory has a responsibility not just to be here, work, make money, and have a good time. You have a responsibility to grow us as well. You have to look back and say I did that and I am proud of myself for doing that, and the people will be proud of you too.”

He continued: “We have two choices, we can either send our people abroad to grow, or we can have people come here to grow them. Whichever way we do it, it should work. And it is the responsibility of the sitting government at the time to make it part of your remit.”

The post of DPP, like many other top government jobs in the BVI, has been largely held by expatriates.

Some of Hollis’ predecessors include Trinidadian national Wayne Rajbansie, Guyanese native Elizabeth Hinds as well as Jamaican Terrence Williams.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is time for change.

    We can sail our own ship!

    We must and can navigate our own course.

    Let’s continue to make, produce, nourish and build the minds needed for the task, as well as the necessary institutions.

    Last, let’s stop today from tearing each other down. Let’s start building each other up.

    We will all be shocked with the results if we begin living, thinking and practicing those ideals.

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  2. Hmmm says:

    She’s only protecting the former government

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    • Sam says:

      I personally don’t think the DPP’s Office has enough experienced prosecutors. You have to be versed in the law..Well learned and be able to do the research that is needed to prove your case. To make sure that the elements of the crime are satisfies, to insure your witnesses are prepared to give their evidence and to make sure that the police officers are guided properly to ensure that any evidence obtained from the crime scene etc. is managed and accounted for etc. you must anticipate the possible counter arguments of the defense in order to offer effective rebuttals etc. But in all fairness they are issue that are left to the jury with the direction of the judge and if the judge is not clear in their direction to the jury this could also affect the outcome of the trial.

      For example, words like dishonesty, consent, intent only to name those three. They might simple simple and it might be just as simple to say that the jury only need give them their ordinary meanings but when you have a complex criminal matter, it’s not always to know what is in a defendant’s mind at the time he was committing an offense. So you see it takes a lot to be a good prosecutor or a defense lawyer but when you have an indictable offense that is triable by jury only it can go either way. That is why you have an appeals process to ensure that justice is served most times, at the very least.

  3. WOWWY says:

    This woman is l*z* and costing the people of the BVI huge sums of unnecessary money.

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    • Hot one says:

      Tifiny can win o magostrates cort when defendent got nomlawyor but she ain goin sun in high cort
      DPP afraid o cort

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  4. Ausar says:

    I would like to see Mrs. Esprit in that position!

    The Kingdom touts alot about equality and fairness, but I dont hear of any Virgin Islander heading up their Department of Prosecution.

    Where is the reciprocity in all of that “equality” conversation??

    This is why, when the Kingdom touts these types of “noises” about equality, let us as Virgin Islanders, begin to tout that we need to see more of us,Virgin Islanders, in the Kingdom, in positions as Commissioner of Police, and all other areas where Kingdomer’s are represented here!

    It’s only FAIR and in keeping in the SPIRIT OF TRUE EQUALITY!!!

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  5. @Ausar says:

    Speak the truth soldier!

    While, we have to educate more of the people. Too many are still existing in house negro thinking, where they will bow down to and flagellate themselves before a wm, and would take your head off in support of that wm.

    That’s that house nigga mentality. He will not want self determination, he only desires to remain subservient.

    He does not want to see himself as governor or chief of police. He believes those positions are for the wm only. He genuinely believes that.

    So, he must first be historically educated. Let’s do it.

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  6. VILander says:

    Tiffany can do it.

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  7. NO says:

    NO NO I am a BVIslander and I am NOT for this. There is more training needs to be done for our locals to excel. I have nothing against our local but this position needs loads of experience, and a no it all. Ms Scatlifee has cost the government to spend too much. Bring back Terrence Willimas. s

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  8. Nonsense says:

    That crown council is the WRONG person for the job. Quality and results should be our objective. Not just local for local sake.

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  9. Shorty says:

    No disrespect to Ms. S——- but she is not DPP material she is very good at management but executing leading cases on behalf of the crown isn’t her strong suit. The leading prosecutor of the country needs to be tough no nonsense, strong in presenting arguments in effective prosecution. While Ms. S—— may have the experience working in DPP office for a number of years her delivery in the court isn’t her strong suit and i’ve witnessed it on numerous occasions. Sadly since the departure of the longest DPP Mr. Williams there has been none like him since. I do hope the position is filled locally though even if we give Ms. S——– a chance because she is still slightly better than the current DPP. I personally may not tip her for the position but if she is given a chance she may change my mind.

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  10. TRWilliams says:

    A person should not be awarded a position just because he or she is a Virgin Islander. Put a person who can do the job. Now all know Ms. ——-does te———- the local lawyers down at the DPP Office, in addition to just barely doing enough and not good enough to win cases.
    Has Kim Hollis done her job in ensuring that Scatliffe is trained properly and ready to take on that job? Graham would make a better DPP hands-down, but you wouldn’t hear the end of that, them telling he where he from, he nah bawn here.
    As it pleases you, MiLawd, as the lawyers like to say.

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  11. Hmm says:

    I really dont understand what is going on with the office of the Dpp. Either the police is not providing them with good evidence. But the justice system is to weak.

    It is alleged it is undermined by the appeals court that seems to overturn every decision of guilty made but the BVI is in trouble.

    Tiffany’s personality is b** and she has not proven if she has the gusto to win cases she might need more experience and Miss Hollis has not lived up to the hype.

    Too many cases in the courts get lose and the public is not briefed as to why these cases are loss by the Dpp office. Perhaps the press should be allowed in the courtroom for more cases.

  12. Bvi strong says:

    Madness madness madness, don’t do it, please bring inn an independent dpp.

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  13. Just Curious says:

    I applaud the DPP for sharing her views with Mr. Fraser but I am sure she was trying to be politically correct, and so she fed him with something he wants to hear. Be as it may I still believe the Mrs E—- is not ready for that position. Probably another two or three years but not now. She might have experience at the DPP’s office but I don’t think she’s the sharpest knife in the kitchen. She can be groomed for the position, but not right now. I happened to be a juror on more than one occasions in which she’s the lead prosecutor and I am not impressed with her. If she have a clear cut case then she will do justice to the case, but give her a case with some level of difficulties and then you see the difference. Ask all the lead defense attorney’s who battled with her. Not sure they are impressed either.

  14. Insider says:

    You all wanted a local for Supreme Court Registrar……and look at the mess there. Yes put a local thete…..cant wait!

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  15. @Insider says:

    If we are capable of messing up, are we not also capable of learning and growing?

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