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Easter Fest was ‘a huge success’, says first-time Chairman

Festival & Fairs Committee Chairman, Carnel Clyne.

Virgin Islands Festivals & Fairs Committee Chairman Carnel Clyne is reporting that this year’s Virgin Gorda Easter Festival was largely a success.

The first-time festival committee chairman said this success comes despite a few hiccups the event experienced.

His conclusion about the festival came from what he said were positive reviews from patrons.

“I was even able to grab a few statistics. I will say that on Saturday’s village night, we had about 500 patrons turning out and then the next night which was the Sunday we had about 850 patrons turn out. That’s a little bit to show how the festivities were. It was a huge success,” Clyne said.

He added: “It was a month to press everything together and yes, you are going to make some mistakes along the way but for the holistic picture, I think it was a success whereby people didn’t see the slips here and there.”

Clyne also addressed some of the issues including the dusty atmosphere at the festival village and said there were failed attempts made prior to the event to rectify the issue.

“We tried to use the firefighters to damp the field the Saturday afternoon but at the end of the day, you do that Saturday afternoon let’s say 5 o’clock and then the crowd starts to come let’s say 8 o’clock, that moisture done dried up and the ground dusty again,” he explained.

He assured that this will be a thing of the past come next year as an alternative method to solve the issue will be determined.

“We’ll have to think of some other methods that can work; maybe putting gravel on the field or something like that to keep down the dust,” he said.

With more time available to prepare for the upcoming emancipation festivities, Clyne said earlier marketing will be done and some of the minor issues will be fixed ahead of those events.

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  1. strupes says:

    Success my behind!!! Then next year you will hear how much $100,000’s owed to vendors

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  2. Huh? says:

    Lies! Lets start being totally honest about our current situations as they are happening before our eyes where everyone can see the outcome. The Village entertainment on paper didn’t excite me but I must admit that when the show started it was full of life from start to finish. What I did not appreciate was the fact that on the “Saturday day and evening” there was no musical entertainment happening to encourage people to come to the village and socialize or patronize the businesses before the Official opening of the Grounds. The Sunday nite, the festival grounds was in total darkness until 7:15, and here again was the same issue of no music being played to entertain those who were waiting for the main performances. Sunday there was no wet fete. Monday morning the jouvert apparently was not organized as the start time of 4 am didn’t happen until after 6 and it could be seen that Band members were scrambling to acquire instruments from nearby businesses to make the best of a not so good situation and then only to be turned back by the police. The parade………. well that was whatever it was. To say this was a huge success is a blatant lie. Lets be honest, highlight the issues and work to bettering them from filling the atmosphere with nonsense. This is why we don’t get better and get worst at things.

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  3. wow says:

    Clyne just like the rest ah dem……Trying to sell ice to an eskimo

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  4. 65th going be a F says:

    Remove this boy from chairman he give the whole vg committee horrors treat our chairman Lyra like doo doo then blame everybody and them side piece for things what went wrong by his command

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