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Embattled former Premier Andrew Fahie resigns and retires

Former Premier Fahie

Embattled and disgraced former Premier Andrew Fahie has officially resigned from his elected post as First District Representative, effective today, November 24.

Fahie announced his resignation in a letter addressed to the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Corine George-Massicote. Fahie also said his letter serves to announce his retirement from representational politics.

The Speaker read the letter in the House of Assembly today. Fahie’s letter also said all members of the House were sent a copy.

Fahie was arrested in the United States earlier this year but remained the elected representative for the First District even though he was absent from sittings. Elected leaders insisted that his removal had to be done according to law.

Back in July, George-Massicote announced that she will not grant leave/permission to Fahie to be absent from this and any future sittings of the House until his circumstances change.

In an address to the House of Assembly today, Tuesday, July 19, the Speaker said there has been public interest on whether leave should be or has been granted to Fahie regarding his ongoing criminal proceedings in the United States.

Fahie has served a little more than 20 years in representational politics.

‘God is the only judge’ — Andrew Fahie pens farewell letter


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  1. Lmao says:

    It’s about time. I guess he made a deal for reduced sentence and this was part of it. No chicken on the bone for him for quite a while.

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  2. My take says:

    Fahie is a good man. Time will tell.

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  3. 1st District says:

    We love you Fahie and that will not change.

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  4. Hmmm says:

    At least the NDP stand behind the arrested and c—–t Myron.

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  5. Bias says:

    Clearly this site favors the Governor and Walwyn & some NDP members because no matter what goes wrong with them, they always try to paint them in a positive light and block most blogs that do not support them.

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  6. VG man says:

    It is a well written and well received letter by Fahie. With time you will be vindicated. Nothing but love for you.

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  7. No choice says:

    The Speaker left him no choice. It is amazing that Walwyn is innocent until proven guilty for some of you and this news site while for Fahie for the same set is guilty and will remain guilty. What a country of hypocrites.

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  8. Don says:

    He will be missed free the drew

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  9. 1st district original says:

    Sing…row, row, row your boat gently down the stream..merrely, merrely, merrely, merely life is but ah dream. Armen!

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  10. Only the truth says:

    Hope Myron walwyn will be next to do the decent thing after his arrest

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  11. NOT BEFORE TIME says:

    At last!!!!!!

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  12. The Reaper says:

    U know…It’s sad,but reality setting in now.

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  13. Elsa says:

    Good Move Mr Fahie

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  14. Pension says:

    I suppose the taxpayer will not pay him a ridiculous pension.

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  15. A good man says:

    Fahie is paying for fighting against the powers of slavery.

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  16. East woman says:

    Fahie we know you did your best to help our country so do not mind the few critics who are blogging negative under anonymous names but the same set of people.

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  17. kweenie says:

    Disgraced Commissioner of Police Mark Collins should follow suit.

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  18. NDP Supporter says:

    I came from a poor family where we all supported the NDP. I want to go to college but couldn’t afford it and said the VIP was in power and I don’t stand a chance because Fahie will not help. A fellow ndper told me go to him as he is not what a few people are saying. I took the advise and Fahie said you get packed because you are going to college. I got my bachelor and now my Masters because Fahie ignored political affiliation and saw me as BVI citizen that deserves an opportunity. I am still an NDP but I am thankful to Fahie for fighting to give me the opportunity. Despite this present challenge he is a good man and I Pray the best for him.

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  19. Carrot Bay Lady says:

    I will always be a Fahie. This man is not what they are trying to paint him to be and eventually this will be clear. He really cares about people.

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  20. Snoppy says:

    Thank goodness. Finally.

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  21. Observation says:

    This man was a fighter for the rights of the small man and all. Look how he stood up alone against beneficial ownership becoming public as the UK was breathing down his throat to make them public or else they will take action on BVI. He disagreed and said it can only be done with conditions. Now look how the EU courts have vindicated him with their ruling against making them public. Look how he fought to make local boat companies to have an advantage over foreign ones in chartering and now he is gone they sell us out again. Look how he saved our shipping industry in securing us as a category one when they said it was not possible. I know some of you want to forget the many good this man has done for the country but history will not allow that to happen.

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  22. Sea Cow's Bay youth says:

    I am almost certain that Fahie will land on his feet as good people always do.

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  23. Citizen says:

    @ NDP Supporter, I am not party affiliated. This demonstrates what the persons elected should be doing. Looking out for the people, hope going forward and resetting we see what us expected of us BVI LANDERS

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  24. resident says:

    this man owes the bvi people an apology and so far he hasn’t done that

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  25. head couch says:

    my people, this isn’t the end, pray for me, I’ll be back one day

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  26. Honey Bee says:

    You guys are missing the point these are two entirely different cases fahie literally confessed on himself the fat lady spoke about his crime, if he was a smart and honest person, he would have resigned his post months ago.

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  27. Honesty says:

    Now Natalio u need to follow suit. Your reign as Premier has been a nightmare for the people. You are weak and can’t be trusted. The unity Government is a big failure.

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  28. @ observation says:

    Oh yeah we are observing the history from the historian , and am sure Mr E LENeRD will supply us with his take on this piece of history / ( for BVILANDERS only ) so ar-yo
    (<iLund peoplo ) stay outa we BIZNiS

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  29. Hopefully says:

    his letter of resignation and retirement is retroactive to 1 May 2022. No sense paying this disgraced premier a salary for his 6+ month staycation in Florida as a guest of their penal system. Also no BVI pension when found guilty next year.

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  30. Just asking says:

    What should Myron resign from? NDP?

  31. rico says:

    the rico charge has him bang to rights, there is no getting out of that charge, even if he is lucky and dodges the rest its a solid 5 years.

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  32. rrrrrr says:

    You love drug dealers? individuals that happily sacrifice the young people of this country for their own greed? Wow. That says a lot about your morals.

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  33. Jah says:

    Good riddance. Rot in jailhell

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  34. To Lmao says:

    Something about this matter with Fahie that does not add up but with time we will see. I wish him well because he has definitely done a lot of good for the people of the BVI. I remember how he assisted many from all districts and represented those in need after the floods, after Irma and during the worse parts of covid in the beginning two years. For anyone to say otherwise will be bad minded but nothing is new in this vein in the BVI.

  35. To Resident says:

    Where is the apology for those slave masters that ill-treat us black people in the Caribbean and put us in slavery while raping our ancestors and killing our males? Where is the apology from them as they are now trying to do it again in a modern way while we are fighting each other by their design and calling them our saviours? Don’t get me started.

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  36. Resident says:

    Andrew this is soooo sad. I feel for you because you did do a lot of good. I remember meeting you when you were the leader of the opposition and telling you I want to move to your district. The roads were clean. I admired how you dealt with the aftermath of Irma. I really don’t know why you put yourself in this situation but I am not going to throw stones. We all have sinned. I time you will be forgiven. Lots of people have talked about the good you have done. There are others who are castigating you. One day you will have to come back and face the country. I hope as a people we can forgive you. Stay strong my brother.

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  37. Set up says:

    They set bait for Fahie and they caught him. That’s on him. They trying their best with Myron now. What does that tell us. The two most dominant politicians were these two. They would have been the ones blocking the UK plans to do what they want and they know this. People start to think and stop giving in to these bad minded and jealous feelings that always seem to get the best of us when it comes to our own. This is an orchestrated set up.

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  38. As sad as it is. says:

    Fahie is not the first and Will not be the last to get caught up in bad decisions that will see the end of their career..I am certain that there are leaders in the Caribbean and other places who are doing worst and have done worst than Fahie but they are protected by “Their independence” a luxury Fahie doesn’t enjoy..Did Maynard resign or got Fired. The word is she has turn state witness so Fahie left with no choice but to take a plea deal,, So all those in co with Fahie start preparing..

  39. Retiring from representational politics says:

    Ha it sounds like he wants a commemorative watch rather than the Bracelets .

  40. Wtf says:

    Who wants chicken on the bone? Much better as a fillet.
    Honestly, it’s as if people don’t understand politics.

  41. Thank you! says:

    That is all

  42. Good and Bad says:

    I don’t know what the definition of good and bad is for most of the people here who have commented on Fahie’s goodness but you have definitely missed the point.

    We all do bad things, no one is 100% one thing or the other unless you are the very definition of evil, then there is no good in you.

    However there is always consequences for behavior, good and bad and we must all face our consequences.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, you cannot set up anyone who has voluntarily committed an act such as his actions on his own volition. Nobody sent him there, nobody gave him a script to say the crap that he said.

    What vindication are you all talking about?

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  43. YES TO UK says:

    @A good man, Fahie is paying because he DUM and greedy.

  44. YES TO UK says:

    @Set up, Stop talking S**T

  45. Struggling Man says:

    Fahie smarter than you all……….by resigning he does so with full benefits, whereas if he was removed he would lose his benefits.
    The man is laughing at you all as you don’t realize that he made a very, very clever move……, set and match for Fahie.

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  46. BS says:

    How is it game, set match when he still have charges looming over his head? Same benefits going to legal fees.

  47. Sour Dough says:

    His actions enabled murders. No doub he has knowledge of the identity of perpetrators of the scores of unsolved murders and missing at sea….sons and fathers of grieving families.
    He is as guilty as hands on murderers and because he gave handouts to some of our resident gimmee and takers in exchange for votes makes him scum along with those who knew the obvious but voted for him.
    I know of one family in his district that are recipients of at least 3 government built homes, A yard full of fatherless pickneys and illegal drug purveyors.

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