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ESHS has first drive-in graduation | 59% graduates with honours

The Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) saw nearly 60 percent of its graduating class emerging as honour students this year.

During the first drive-in graduation ceremony held for ESHS at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) grounds on Thursday, 127 students officially bid farewell to the high school.

Noting the high percentage of honourees, ESHS Principal Vanessa Garraway described the Class of 2020 as a resilient and determined group. 

“I am pleased to share that of the 127 graduates, there are 72 honour students and 13 high honour students, together representing 59 percent of the class,” Garraway said.

She also noted that a number of the graduates were taking college courses in addition to their high school studies year.

“Twenty of our 12th-Grade students met the requirements to take college English and Mathematics in their final year, earning them college credits. For the very first time this school year, 10 of our students were early admittance students at the HLSCC. There they were full-time students completing at least 12 credits each semester while still completing their graduation requirements at ESHS and reaping success in both ventures,” she said.

Give strong consideration to HLSCC

Meanwhile, in a pre-recorded address, Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley encouraged the graduating class to give strong consideration to the HLSCC. 

He described it as a “quality institution which is heavily supported by the Government of the Virgin Islands”. 

The minister further reminded students that Belongers are not required to pay for tuition and non-Belongers pay extremely affordable rates.

Congratulatory remarks

Premier Andrew Fahie made a virtual appearance at the ceremony to commend the students on their achievements.

“You have a lot to be proud of, and everyone is proud of you. Many obstacles came in your way in the last few years, but you overcame them, and today, victory is yours,” he told the graduates.

“Always remember the BVI is your home sweet home and we are depending on you to build and shape the country into a place that you would be proud and happy to live in,” Premier Fahie added.

This year’s valedictorian was Alexia Penn while Zakila Frett was the graduating class’ salutatorian.

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  1. Yeah says:

    Biting Enis Adams style…you’re welcome…

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    • no body bite your style says:

      please is so you should feel proud not pompous

    • 60% says:

      Are the honor students the ones that actually showed up to class. It’s absurd to believe that 60% of the graduating class were honor students. What is the criteria and compared to what? A fifth grader everywhere else. The island Belongers are just the smartest people in the whole Caribbean . LMAO

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  2. Reply says:

    A big congrats in order to all the graduates. They have accomplished an important live milestone with hopefully many others to come.

    59% graduating with honors is very good. I wish them all the best in the lives and careers as they go forward.

    This graduation comes at a difficult time for mankind as we are all suffering thru this pandemic, and have had to deal with the disruption from the hurricanes of 2017. They made it despite it all.

    I trust that some of these graduates will be inspired and motivated to join the ranks of others in the scientific community giving the obvious need.

    Finally, no one get where they are without the help of others. As such congrats to all the teachers at ESHS, without whom this graduation would not be possible.

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    • @Reply says:

      I wish them all the best as well but at the rate this Government is going they may as well stay in school. It’s only so much business owners and investors will take of uncertainty, no plans and constant locking down without notice. The economy will be in the tank by November if something drastic does not happen.

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      • Reply says:

        I share your concern. It’s a growing one for me. While I totally understand some of the steps taken by the government to prevent the spread of covid, at some point we have to find a balance whereby economic activity can resume in a sensible way based on the science, local and international trends.

        The country cannot and should not continue on lock-down in perpetuity; however, I would not want the government to make precipitous actions that will risk the spread of this virus.

        It is my hope that there will be a vaccine and/or effective treatments sometime next year. I would not trust anything made in America that comes out before the Nov. 3rd election, but I think we will get there.

        The future may appear gloomy right now, but I believe we will all get thru this, and life will slowing begin to restore towards normal, and those young graduates future will remain bright.

        Lets all stay safe meanwhile.

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  3. Concern says:

    No community Covid cases, but following what’s happening in America. Congratulations to the graduates, but my people doing too much. The drive in graduation could have been plan B not A; but we like to be in so much like America; even drive by graduation for daycares…. just silly.

    • bruh says:

      america hater lmfao

      • Concern says:

        Call me what you want, but other schools such as SDA had a traditional graduation which tells me this drive up wasn’t a mandate but ESHS just wanted to be different and of course they got their idea from America. I don’t hate America btw just asking my people to have a mind of their own and stop being “monkies” – monkey see, monkey do. Just shows as a country we r way too influenced by America.. music, culture etc.

  4. ghutty says:

    graduating with honors when they are home cheating with this online classes. who were there to supervised?

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  5. @ghutty says:

    Honors are acquired throughout the school years and terms not at the elventh hour.

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