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Fahie promises to have Integrity legislation by first quarter of 2021

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has made a stern promise that his government will be moving to have the Integrity in Public Life Bill passed through the House of Assembly before the end of March 2021.

This legislation is something Fahie had promised during his 2019 election campaign.

“The Integrity in Public Life Bill maintains a priority on your government’s legislative agenda. In fact, by the first quarter of 2021, this Bill will be back before Cabinet for final consideration, then before the House of Assembly and then wait for the assent by the Governor,” Fahie said in a Press statement on Tuesday. 

“This initiative of the Premier’s Office is important for two reasons. One: It represents our continued maturity as a people who have long been in control of our affairs. Two: It represents our commitment to strengthening governance, which remains important for having a stable economy,” he added.

DG and Premier’s Office to collab

Premier Fahie also stated that his office will be collaborating with the Office of the Deputy Governor to work on the aspects of the Bill which makes provisions for Code of Conduct and declarations of interest for public officers.

He said both aspects will be reflective of regional and international best practices and standards seen in other legislations.

“Cabinet has approved that the Premier’s Office will work in collaboration with the Deputy Governor on this particular matter. The Premier’s Office is the lead department on the work to finalise the Integrity In Public Life Act because the scope of the legislation is wider than Public Officers,” the Premier stated.

“We are pushing the good governance standards forward. Your elected government is serious about ensuring that we have the Integrity In Public Life Act and the Code of Conduct in place, and we have taken the initiative to make sure this happens,” he added.

The Bill went before the House of Assembly for recommendations on December 18, 2020.

Lack of legislation hindering investigations

This comes after Governor Augustus Jaspert revealed in November that there were major concerns raised regarding the lack of transparency in government spending.

While emphasising the need for a thorough investigation on this serious allegation, Governor Jaspert said the lack of legislation to support the measures that will need to be taken will hinder the process.


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  1. Sickening says:

    Thank you for this Governor Jaspert. We know that it was pressure from you that made the VIP government bring this bill forward. It was never their intention to do it. The VIP said they would do this just to win votes for election. If it was important to them they would have passed it as soon as they got elected. Here we are 22 months later only because the Governor has been speaking about their corrupt practices and he was the one who was going to push the bill forward. All of a sudden to save face as they always do, the imposters run out in front to make it look as if they are the ones bringing it of their own free will. The premier thinks that we are stupid people. They do their badness at day and come out singing carols at night.

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    • WTF says:

      …Apparently weed and gambling were more important.

      Like 18
    • ..... says:

      What’s sickening is the narrative you wish to push.

      The government is moving forward with all kinds legislation very rapidly. This has very little to do with the governor and more to do with this being a different government party leading the territory.

      This legislation was mentioned in the recent speech from the throne which I think the government writes and the governor approves & relays as is his duty.

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      • Thank you Governor says:

        Thank you givernor Jaspert. If it wasn’t for you nothing would have been done about this legislation.

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      • Pressure buss pipe says:

        Fun it was in the throne speech that was read a month ago why is it necessary to have a whole speech on it again now? The Premier and his gang really believe that everyone is stupid in the BVI. Keep the pressure on Governor Jaspert.

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    • lol says:

      A politician once said that they behave like pedophiles

  2. L Ipton says:

    Having such legislation may not necessarily mean there will be integrity in public life. These guys will seek to exempt and cover themselves.

    Hope to see fines of $100,000 and above, imprisonment of 10 plus years for breaches including assets confiscation.

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  3. true says:

    Pass a Bill that makes you tell the truth in the House instead of being protected from telling outright lies and outlandish claims while in the house.

    Do this and public officers will gladly accept this , if not it just
    shows the double standards that exist

    harsh but True

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  4. LOL says:

    Integrity? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  5. 1st district says:

    GTFOH, waste of the people’s vote!!

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  6. Gus says:

    The Guvna’s trolls are out in full force.
    Integrity legislation was in the Throne Speech.
    The throne speech is written by the BVI Government and read by the Guvna. If you listen to the throne speech the Guvna himself says so.
    Gus ain’t no hero. He’s a f**lure. That is why UK call him back 8 months before he originally supposed to leave.

  7. Ting to talk ! says:

    The first integrity law is incarcerated individuals should not be leading or sitting on govt board

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