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Foxy’s ‘Old Year’s Night’ party unlikely to happen this year

Premier Andrew Fahie

Visitors and residents who are looking forward to ringing in 2021 at Foxy’s “Old Year’s Night” party on Jost Van Dyke will be better off making alternative arrangements as the event will likely be cancelled because of COVID-19.

Premier Andrew Fahie suggested the cancellation of the annual event at a community meeting held on Jost Van Dyke on Thursday, October 16.

“Based on what we are seeing right now, it will be a higher percentage of unlikely because you know what we are facing with COVID-19. I know it isn’t a popular thing with some but at the same time, too half a loaf is better than no loaf at all. So if we want to keep the economy going or forfeit that for one night of fun then that wouldn’t be a good way to go,” Premier Fahie explained.

“Please don’t misunderstand me, it’s not that I’m against the celebration … but given the challenges of what we are facing, I see it as very highly unlikely at this time.”

While the Premier was answering the question, one resident pressed to get a more concrete decision on the staging of the world-famous event, saying having a decision puts Jost Van Dyke in a better position to plan.

The Premier responded: “Well let me help you, right now it’s no. So plan as [as if it’s a] no.”

Foxy’s Old Year’s Night celebration is a world-famous event that brings much revenue to Jost Van Dyke — the BVI’s sailing capital.

The event jumped onto the world stage for the millennium, joining the ranks of Times Square, Paris, Las Vegas and Rio de Janiero as one of the globe’s hottest New Year’s Eve destinations.

Ever since, Foxy’s funky first-night festivities have perennially topped the lists of best places to ring in the New Year. It is often listed as the Virgin Islands’ largest party of the year.

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  1. haha says:

    ok castro

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  2. This is a difficult one... says:

    We dont have covid here, the people coming in should be properly tested and quarantine for the 3-4 days…Do not leave their boats and hotels until given the all clear.Hmmm. This is a tough one. This need plenty discussion…We have to find that balance because cancelling the whole thing may just kill the event for years to come….

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    • Daft says:

      Don’t be so daft. Lots of events worldwide are being cancelled because of COVID-19 in the next several months, but they will continue in years to come when we have the virus under control.

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      • @ Daft. U never lead anything... says:

        No one is saying cancel….They are saying dont cancel the whole thing, Find away to make something happen, thats what leaders do, because cancelling the whole thing can kill the event. And we are not the rest of the world, every country situation is unique..

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  3. really says:

    Of all the topics that was touched, was this the only thing worth mentioning about BVI News

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  4. party is on anyway says:

    Bill Gates Andrew,you still scared of downgraded covid.

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  5. Pandora's Box says:

    Don’t feel bad JVD he frigging everyone. Anegada has no Lobster Fest either. All hail King Fahie!

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  6. Resident. says:

    I agree with the decision. Unpopular as it may be. The crowds that would descend on jvd will be hard to contained. Puerto Ricans galore!!! There will not be social distancing. So premier the decision is a good one.

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  7. No one says:

    No tourist is coming. They are not going into quarantine for 4 out of a 7 day vacation. In addition, the requirement of a prior Covid test, $150, a test required by the government after 4 days, $150 and a test to return to their home, $150. Thus $450 per person. Add whatever else the Foy plans and it’s over $2k for a family of 4. Add airfare, Villa or boat rental, food, etc, etc, etc and what it adds up to is no one is coming. I hope Foy and his ministers can clearly understand what they intend to do. They are killing tourism. Goodnight and goodbye BVI.

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    • Two Bad government says:

      Neither NDP or VIP seems to be good at Crisis management.. NDP and their weak labour department allow employers to use the hurricanes to oppressed and layoff workers, Company that was making money, Like Super Markets..Super Markets make the most money during crisis / Natural disaster, Cabinet should have announced no layoffs by Super Markets and Hardware stores, they make the most money…. With VIP for this virus Cabinet should have announced any layoff must start with work permit holders.. That’s the way..

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  8. Dictator says:

    This isn’t the premier’s call to make. Let the organizers make that call. How can you cancel someone else’s event?

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  9. Me says:

    I agree with the Premier’s decision. That would be utter madness to allow such a huge crowd of people to descend on that tiny island given we are in the middle of a pandemic.

    The Minister of Health says it best ” we have 8 ventilators” …..story done!

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  10. Derek B says:

    People will still show up. They will make a choice on how safe it is.

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  11. @ Daft. U never lead anything... says:

    No one is saying cancel….They are saying dont cancel the whole thing, Find away to make something happen, thats what leaders do, because cancelling the whole thing can kill the event. And we are not the rest of the world, every country situation is unique..

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  12. Idiot says:

    This man using COVID to destroy this island and ppl out there not seeing
    This virus ain’t going anywhere anytime soon
    Grow up ppl
    If fahie keep destroying the tourism industry how he expect ppl to survive
    Ppl will start to die of hunger faster than coronavirus
    Don’t you think ppl know what precautions the need to do
    Look around is your own ppl not doing the right thing
    Example look at the bar fights, robbery etc who are those ppl that is involved, YOUR OWN PPL

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