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Gov’t may have to drop another round of stimulus


The government may have to consider another stimulus package for the public if tourism doesn’t yield enough revenue to revive the economy soon after the December 1 reopening of the BVI’s borders.

This was posted by Social Security Minister Vincent Wheatley who discussed the state of the territory’s economy on the November 3 airing of the Honestly Speaking radio show.

“It’s like I told the Premier on Sunday, we got to figure out another round of stimulus in case the tourism is weaker than even I am anticipating,” Wheatley explained.

He said another stimulus package would be necessary especially for people in the Ninth and other districts where tourism is the main economic earner.

“We are going to need that intervention. If the tourism does not take off the way we expect, we cannot continue down this road for very long,” Wheatley stated.

During the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in the BVI earlier this year, the government took $40 million of the Social Security Board’s (SSB) funds to fuel its Economic Stimulus Plan.

After sections of the public questioned the sustainability of the SSB, Premier Fahie stated that an actuary study conducted by Canada-based firm Morneau Shepell Incorporated concluded that the $40 million grant would not affect the future sustainability of the scheme.

Of the $40 million allocated to the stimulus plan, $10 million was geared towards an Unemployment Relief Support initiative for persons who have been either laid off or placed on reduced working time because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another $6.5 million was used to assist businesses across the territory.


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  1. Wait.... says:

    There was a first round????

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    • @Wait says:

      LMFAO. What first round? Raise your hand if you received stimulus. Foy you put your hand down. We know you got stimulus and plenty of it. You just can’t make this s**t up. This c**p is better than tv.

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  2. Incompetent says:

    People want to work. The so-called stimulus cannot stimulate anything and it was used a political handout. Big businesses and one man type businesses got the same amount of money. This made no sense except politically which this government always have on their mind. If the reopening protocols were handled with some kind of sense we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Incompetent government

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  3. 9district says:

    Well some of us that applied never even get anything after typing up letter an so forth to bring in to try help them selfs get something

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  4. Facts says:

    The vip has a heart the ndp is wicked

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  5. Tola says:

    People who really need didnt get any
    I hope people in these organization will get like rite way , port authority etc these people hours drop horrible and didnt received anything. Some of the staff cant pay them Bill’s and rent while board members and hr staff collecting full salary

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  6. God's child says:

    When we get the first one ?
    Like the people is show dogs.

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  7. got some says:

    I was lucky and got stimulus on July 3rd, funny thing wasit wasonly for 2 months April, May as I needed to reapply for June even though I didn’t get any tillJuly.

    I didn’t get much $1200 for the 2 months,so $600 a month so in the past 8 months I have been paid $1200, thats $150 a month wtf

    Lucky i’m a gigilo

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  8. LOL says:

    Is he for real? In case the tourist numbers are weaker than anticipated? With that noon sense 8 day quarantine of course it will be weaker because nobody coming bvi.

    And when did the first round of stimulus drop? You gave money to a few companies and people with trade licence even though they have no business actually running. The average man the individual residents received no stimulus. Electricity and water bills still due. Land tax still due. Rent still due. Grocery bills higher now. Banks charging on all loans again. Insurance companies digging out we eyes. What stimulus you talking bout?

    Oh yeah you still getting paid 15 and 30 so you wouldn’t understand.

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  9. But says:

    Mr. Minister i am a mother of 2 children and i was working and contributing and I did not get 1 cent from the first package.

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  10. Local says:

    Long and short the Government will not able to continue giving stimulus packages paying a hefty monthly salary , petty contracts ,feeding into NHI country will soon go broke ,we have to face reality either give away the healt of your people for the want of money and the strongest survive and the sick die

  11. vip heckler says:

    Whenever you look it will be the same people {mostly cronies} who got before getting again

  12. suggestion says:

    give everybody who is registered with social security $1200 each across the board…..PROBLEM SOLVED

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    • And says:

      Including everyone who already contributed their minimum number of years (to qualify for a pension at age 65). A number of overseas people should be receiving too.

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    • Peter says:

      @suggestion same thing i here saying would be alot less then the millions they claim they are spending

  13. Crazy says:

    The stimulus program was totally misused! So many people with multiple trade licenses that have conducted ZERO business, pay ZERO rent, have ZERO staff, paid ZERO NHI/SS/TAX but they collected multiple checks, some of them carting off with over $20K in government money while legit businesses and needy people are still waiting with their hands out. You are telling me that Trade/Premier’s Office couldn’t easily verify these businesses, especially when one person submitted multiple licenses? I would really love to see the audit report on this stimulus because we cannot be serious around here.

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    • Indeed says:

      I understand some churches also received stimulus to the tune of $20,000.

      • Local girl says:

        Touch not the Lord’s anointed and speak no evil nor ill-will against Bishop Charles, he could get all that money if they didn’t give it to him.
        This is Nature’s little secret, and the country running good.

  14. Again says:

    What is the reason of contributing your hard earn money if there’s no help when needed in return? I am sorry for parents who are struggling to provide for their children and themselves. I have not received any stimulus package and my hours were cut which only result to a mountain of unpaid bills. Now they’re discussing a second package as if the first was any help to the people struggling in this community. Help us all.

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  15. Begging bowl says:

    Last evening I was sitting with my husband outside a take-out food establishment and a young man approached us asking for $10 to buy a meal. It was an awkward conversation and we didn’t have much cash on us, so couldn’t help anyway.
    Where can those who don’t have money for food go so that they don’t starve? BVI Govt should at least set up a place where these residents can go for a free meal, or give out food vouchers, and don’t just leave this problem for charities to sort out. Your policies have put your citizens in this position, so help them out please!

    • BVI LOVE says:

      This government talking about BVI LOVE, where the love at, because I not feeling jack S*** the only ones getting that love is Andrew and his goons. People have been on half salary others no work at all, and you have the Balls to come out on the media and say people should not have booked vacations, you are a m***n or something. Let me break it down, by the time they force all the expats out with there charter companies and the down island labor force, you all will end up alone owing the banks for your homes, and in a few years be just like Haiti. This online schooling, that’s a generation of Dunce with no social skills. This government making it hard at every turn you make, to renew work permit you have to pay for a certificate more cost to businesses, every step you make this government finding a way to make living hard, while they sit on their chair screwing this country, living life nice. THE BLACK LIVES MATTER BUNCH, how come you not protesting now when you should be. Time for you all to stand up against this government and gets them out.

  16. CRACK BOWL says:

    That $10 was more than likely to buy crack. Stop being so gullible.

  17. Maduro says:

    Madoo saw me today and asked for some cash to buy food. Knowing him I felt sorry for him and dipped into one of my bill monies to give him a $20 to assist his need. The vulnerable are suffering daily with no relief in sight. FSN has stated they run out of food items the day after filling their pantry. How bad does it have to get before the divide between the HAVES and HAVE NOTS widens to unsustainable levels?

    Government get off your collective arses and DEAL WITH THE PPL THAT ARE HURTING!

  18. Stimulus? says:

    I know a drug trafficker who claims to be a fisherman who got over 20k

  19. Local girl says:

    @Stimulus, you are not lying, and he bragging like hell about his eady money, I just shock my head at this Government.
    Time longer than twine, karma will soon come calling.

  20. Bad boy says:

    Wat next stimulus am still waiting on the first not a blind cent no one called or text wat a shame on the minister

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