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How can frontline workers refuse COVID vaccines?

Claude Skelton Cline

Public commentator and government consultant Claude Skelton Cline has decried the reported decision of some essential workers who’ve refused to take Astrazeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

He has now questioned whether the BVI should consider making the vaccines mandatory for those deemed ‘frontline workers’.

Speaking on the February 23 edition of his Honestly Speaking radio show, Skelton Cline said he has received information that some healthcare practitioners, police as well as Customs and Immigration officers have decided not to take the COVID jabs.

He said this would have been fine if these workers did not have to intimately interact with the public. But since their work requires intimate public interactions, Skelton Cline said they “do not have the right to put other people’s health at risk”.

“It is not my right to risk other people’s health. It is not your right. You do not have a personal, private right to risk other people’s health. This matter of the vaccine is in the best interest of the country. I wonder if we have come to the place where this vaccine should be made mandatory for frontline workers?” Skelton Cline questioned.

“How are you going to be in a hospital, in pharmacies, doctors’ private offices and not be vaccinated? Do you not trust the very science in which you practice? On top of that, we are supposed to open this territory on March 1st. How are we to prudently, wisely do that when we have all of this vaccination hesitancy, especially among us as black people because our white brothers and sisters are out in droves, standing in line, ready to be vaccinated?” Skelton Cline stated.

He also said the BVI should consider whether it wants the vaccines to be mandatory for teachers as well. Additionally, Skelton Cline said provisions should be made for frontline workers to step back from their duties once they refuse to take the vaccine.

Health Minister Carvin Malone has reported that some 2,050 people have taken the COVID-19 vaccines as of February 23.

Our news centre has not yet been able to ascertain the number of healthcare workers who have taken the vaccine and the number that has refused the jabs.

BVI News also checked with Police Commissioner Michael Matthews who said he couldn’t give exact figures but said he personally “witnessed a good number of police officers take the vaccine” when it was being offered at the Police Headquarters last week.

Over 6% of BVI’s population vaccinated so far

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  1. yes says:

    well every dog has his day and a broken clock is right twice a day!

    I agree for the first time with these sentiments , I would aslo go further and make it mandatory for renewal or new work permits, just like the VDRL , Sttol sample & TB, this vaccination should be required for anyone not from the territory wanting to reside here and work here.

    This vaccine is made following a process that has been used for more than 50 years, there is nothing new about it except the speed it was produced and pouring Billions of dollars into something will quicken the pace. You need a MMR shot for school, this should be the same for work permit holders.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      What you will find is that soon you will need a vaccination certificate to travel to most places, to engage in most jobs, and to be able to live a normal life. Like it or not thats how it will be.

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      • Yeah says:

        In Britain the uptake of the vaccine among whites is 95% and among blacks 55%. The blacks are dying of Covid and the whites are More frequently surviving.. there may be a link between the two, do you think?

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        • Black Nationalist says:

          List your source of information CLEAR. You demons lie often we need proof.

        • Black Nationalist says:

          You ever heard of a “WHITE LIE” If indeed Blacks were dying quickly and often from Covid then Boris wouldn’t concern himself with Blacks taking vaccine. In fact I can bet everything that it is the OTHER WAY. The Sun God RA is your enemy now COvid and the cure lol.

    • real says:

      I can you just listen to talk and don’t do much reading

      • @real says:

        I have read much data on all the vaccines and how the world works, perhaps you should take your head out the sand.

        If you do not come from a country you must abide by their laws this includes requiring vaccination before entry just like a yellow fever vaccination.

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    • Hey says:

      I’ve had the vaccine and not only do I feel safer but my internet speed is much better.

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    • So-Called COVID Vaccine is Not a Vaccine says:

      Calm yourself down, this is many things indeed, but a vaccine is not one of them.
      It is a mRNA, (In molecular biology, messenger RNA (mRNA)
      This new COVID vax is a completely new kind of technology, potentially even more dangerous than your average toxic vaccine.
      Plus, it has not been properly tested, no one know what will happen to those who took it in 10 years.
      We must awaken to the fact that the COVID scamdemic has rapidly accelerated the technocratic and transhumanistic aspects of the New World Order (NWO) to the point where people are blindly lining up to get injected with a “treatment” which is also a chemical device, an operating system, a synthetic pathogen, and chemical pathogen production device.

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    • Frustrated says:

      Why on earth we always want to target permit holders. It is the legal right of any human being to refuse medication including the covid or any other vaccine. It is not work permit holders alone who refuse the vaccine. Oh my gosh man, I am so sick of this. When we run the work permit holders who will rent our houses and buy our goods. Wow

  2. Hmmm says:

    A much better campaign needs to be launched immediately to encourage people to take it. I fear my black brothers and sisters will become more disenfranchised if they don’t get vaccinated. Will restrict travel and economic activities.

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  3. Bob says:

    That would include the premier. Good luck with that.

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  4. How Come? says:

    How can our premier run from the vaccine?

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  5. The Irony says:

    I think making the vaccine mandatory aka forcing people to take it who did not want to take it… would be procedurally undemocratic.

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    • Tongue Fu says:

      I am willing to march against that. No-one, I repeat no-one should be mandated to take that vaccine. It should your choice alone.

      You see that is what they have been doing to us all the time. Lockdowns, curfews, mask mandates, border closures just preparing us for a police state.

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  6. It's beginning says:

    Making an untested drug mandatory ? Look up my brothers and sisters, look up !

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    • Lucky says:

      That man have the government ministers in his pocket. He will try his best to make the andrew pass some law that as frontline workers in order to keep your job you must take that vaccine. He is like bill gates. They all have to answer to god.

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    • Chick says:

      The vaccine isn’t untested…the only difference between this vaccine and many others that have been around for years has been time.

      I do think though that it shouldn’t become mandatory. While Skelton-Cline has a point, we should not force someone to take a drug that comes with its own risks and side-effects. I think the risks of not taking the vaccine outweigh the risks of taking it though, so I would encourage people to take it!

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  7. Drop News says:

    My last post was deleted from these news site. Are we being censored and only want to push one side of the story which is the vaccine Agenda? Some of you people need to read read read. Even our doctors when asked certain questions cannot answer.
    No one knows long term or short term effects. Just the other day this news site posted a story concerning the UK looking for volunteers to inject covid 19. Isn’t this contradictory. You can find on the cdc website VAERS a list of reported side effects, deaths etc this vaccine which is at phase III trial and only authorized for emergency use. Where is the emergency when we have zero cases. This company is not transparent with their results and finding and to force anyone to be a part of any experiment against their will is unconstitutional. This is not some dictatorship Mr Skelton and when you try to bully people take care someone doesn’t do the same to you. Ask yourself what if these people are wrong and all who take it slowly start to deteriorate over time. Instead of waiting a bit for those who chose to take it and see what happens over time. In the event something goes wrong a whole population can be wiped out because the science was rushed and wrong. Scientists are people just like everyone else and they can be wrong also.
    You can’t make something still in trial mandatory educate yourself from coming on the news talking piss.

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  8. SMFH says:

    This guy touts the Constitution every time it seems to be a defense for their rubbish but seem to forget it in times like this? The Government CANNOT force anyone to take the vaccine because it is their absolute right not to do so.

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    • yes says:

      but it can be mandatory for renewal of work permits, not for BVIlanders . These are the people who mainly work in the tourisim industry so it should happen.

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      • Hmm says:

        Why should it be mandatory for one group of people but not everyone? You think COVID-19 going to skip a certain set of people and not infect the other??… what kind of logic is that? I’m sure that they’re are outsiders and bvi landers who work in the tourism industry and are frontline workers etc….

      • F150 says:

        U sound like a a** h***

  9. Fool says:

    “How are you going to be in a hospital, in pharmacies, doctors’ private offices and not be vaccinated? Do you not trust the very science in which you practice?

    The guy is so smart he doesn’t realize he answered his own question. LMAO!! Read what you said again and you will understand Fraud Fine!

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  10. real says:

    We can see this man does not know about human rights or just does not care

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  11. this man of god says:

    What is wrong with this man of god? (notice my small g for god) Do we look like guinea pigs? This is vaccine still under trial. The UK looking for volunteers to get infected to see how this thing work. There may not be any symptoms now, but give it time. You want your son to become infertile after 2 years? It doesn’t seem you want grand babies at all. Relax, give us two years, let we see how this thing go before we take this vaccine. But I never with this man.

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    • wrong says:

      they are looking for volunteers for under 18’s for the trial, the trial has already been completed for over 18’s.

      Lear to read everything, not just what suits your purpose

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    • big effing trial says:

      The UK has vaccinated over 18 million people so I don’t think you can say they are looking for volunteers to get infected, plus the vaccines are not live viruses, they are proteins that mimic the coronovirus, in turn teaching our immune systems to fight the virus. All you haters need to do more research using reputable news and data sites rather than conspiracy and propaganda stories with no real truth behind them.

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  12. heckler says:

    The big one in the VIP front line afraid to take it too

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  13. Voluntary says:

    Taking the vaccine is voluntary. Any front line essential worker that is not vaccinated by the end of March 2021 has volunteered to no longer be a front line essential worker. Simple!

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  14. awa says:

    @Drop News, Many of my posts has was never posted on both websites if they had anything negative to say about the Government.

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  15. Resident says:

    These are very sensible points.

  16. look chubble says:

    which god there are many gods

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  17. This man is a idiot says:

    Shut your black a** you can’t force ppl to take the vaccine
    Why the f**k you don’t force your premier to take it
    Humans get there rights you ppl in the bvi feel y’all is god
    Why you don’t force the government workers to take it first
    You know is most expats doing frontline jobs
    If you trying to be a next bill gates think again cause you nothing close to him
    I don’t know why the f**k ayo don’t come out and tell all the expats to leave ayo island
    But don’t worry y’all enjoy the UK will deal with you wicked ppl

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  18. The Truth says:

    You people are lunatics. I fear what would happen if some of yall rise to power.

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  19. WELL SA!!! says:

    But I really find he forward, how is it his business? Stupes. what the fear, if he and his family takes it well there shouldn’t be no fear cause according to them if they take it, they are protected from others who might not have taken it. You still have to wear your mask and upon coming into the territory you still have to quarantine after taking it so what is the difference from taking it and not taking it, what is the force. He has somewhat has a communistic ideology mahnnnnn. if it is so trustworthy there should be no worries from those who have taken it. YOU SAFE, MIND YOUR BUSSINES, LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE, TALK TO MUCH!!!!

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  20. WELL SA!!! says:



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  21. Reverend says:

    Prominent (and corrupt by the way) reverend preaching to his WhatsApp followers not to get the vaccine, BVI living in the Middle Ages

  22. Yeah Right says:

    Man of F***d, not man of God.

  23. 123 says:

    He speaks with a forked tongue for sure. Wasn’t it just last week he was frothing at the mouth saying the UK it trying to take away our Human Rights!

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  24. Snoppy says:

    …” our white brothers and sisters”

    LOL. What happened to “colonial overlords” like he usually refers to white people as?

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  25. Tonge Fu says:

    Amazing how the Pastor Man who cuss the UK from now til thy kingdom come but as soon as they send their vaccine he front and center. Walking talking contradiction.

    You can’t make this shite up.

    Pastor Man is time you preach healthy lifestyle as a way to build up your God given immune system. Diet, exercise, rest, less stress, vitamins. Vaccine that has been rushed and not tested over years is risky and I will not take it and those who don’t want to take it I cannot blame them.

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  26. The Nation- WHAT THE HELL THIS MAN SAYING?!!! says:

    To: Claude Skelton Cline…IT IS CALL CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM!! It is called DEMOCRACY!! You should read our VI Constitution for a change!!! They just conjure up this vaccine and all of a sudden it’s a holy grail…PEOPLE OF THE VI STOP FOLLOWING BLIND GUIDES AND LISTENING TO EMPTY VESSELS.

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  27. BELL THAT CAT says:


  28. Joshua says:

    Can the gentleman provide any data. Are there any photos available to back up this claim. Can the gentleman confirm as being in the hospitality business that he and his family took the vaccine. Knowing the way he speaks and his modus operandi if he had he would be sending it over the air waves. No more pizza for me.

  29. islands says:


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  30. WEW says:

    NOBODY cares what you have to say anymore.

  31. Josh says:

    “Do you not trust the very science in which you practice?”

    Those people have a constitutional right to refuse that vaccine. The right to your own body is one of the civil liberties protected by the BVI constitution.

    Don’t you trust the constitution of the country you serve???

  32. Bystander says:

    Raw demon you are claude your colours are exposed working for the devil.

  33. vaccine says:

    Mr. Cline,
    I am surprised you are taking a vaccine from our colonialists. Think about this. If we were independent where would our vaccines have come from. Look at an independent caribbean country that up to now don’t have vaccines to distribute, but waiting for a donation from China because they don’t have the money to protect their citizens.

    You need to back off of your UK rant sir

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  34. Hmmmm says:

    The government meeds to launch a vaccine campaign targeting the healthworkers especially in the hospital.

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  35. Sustainable Development says:

    I’m not coming on here to pick a fight but let’s just take sometime to put aside some of the ignorance for a bit. There are too many coincidences around COVID not to see. For one all the changes in legislations gearing towards Climate change and Sustainable Development all the samething. Studies have been done over the years that Identified Humans have the biggest impact on the climate. I dear anyone to look up all these topics and see some who are some of the major players involved in helping us through this world wide Dilemma. Again ignorance aside documents not conspiracy but hard facts, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Vaccination seems to be the master the key to open doors and opportunities for the future of humanity. Again put ignorance aside, look at all the rapid changes for this Great Reset as identified on the World Economic Forum as indicated by the main players, “This is a perfect opportunity” to introduce this new system of governance. All these are coincidences are perfectly linked that a blind man can see.
    Why object to any other source of information and call them conspiracy? Isn’t it in your best interest to get a second opinion from a doctor when diagnosed with something that’s life threatening to your health?.
    How can anyone discredit any other professional with certificates and noble prize awards coming forward to tell their side of the story. The ones that work for these companies are selling you their science and product of coarse there will be biased and not fully transparent to suck you in. I’ve been reading alot thank God I can read for myself and understand rather than listening to some of the international media outlets. Persons lives can be at risk rushing into this. History shows this, I do understand people are FEARFUL and the choice is yours but don’t bully others into this.
    Some of you probably working with someone with HIV are you sending them home for that? This will be discrimination. If I choose not to be vaccinated then let me wear my mask allday and get tested every now and again. Technology has improved so far that anyone can almost self diagnose with a device and stay indoors if they’re sick rather than poking all of the population with this experimental thing. Everyone doesn’t have to follow the same beat, we all should respect one another.

    Search Terms: ID2020
    Sustainable Development
    4th Industrial Revolution
    The Great Reset
    Agenda 21 and 2030
    World Economic FOrum
    Then from there if you have time to “read” see who are all the key players that fund these organizations, their currant projects on climate change to DNA changing injectables to alter natures creations. Mosquitos, Genetically modifying bees and other wild life species. Nature is not doing a good job they say and they need to fix it. With that I end there and hope that everyone stay safe and have a blessed day….

  36. Incentives says:

    Offer 250.00 for persons to take vaccines!

  37. The Vaccine Divide says:

    I thought we were a civilized people to now start a divide during these troubled times.
    Let’s ask some questions.

    WHO is one of the Biggest donator of the WHO?


    Why does most of our recent legislation and other Caribbean countries align with the U.N?

    Is this already a One World Order?

    Why do we take every single protocol from the corrupt WHO?

    Why is China leading the way and we seem to be adapting their Ideologies?

    Why do we need a vaccine when there a 100s of other alternative proven to work?

    Why are countries especially the Caribbean and their resources being heavily regulated?

    Why isn’t anyone listening to other scientist and their findings?

    Why are truth seekers and leakers turning up missing or dead?

    Why after vaccination of 2 doses you still have to wear a mask? Then I should be allowed to wear and take off my mask as i please.

    Why now that the world leaders are implementing all these methods of surveillance and controls?

    Why can’t we just all get along?

    Why call anything that is not on CNN a conspiracy?

    Why does COVID-19 have a patent?

    Why does the IMF/World Bank have such a deep hand in this?

    What does Climate change have todo with COVID?

    Why do almost all world leaders have to televise the jab, isn’t this just silly?

    Why are unvaccinated people starting to be like some terrorist group?

    Why are we saying that we have global partners but then only listen to one set who clearly had more problems than BVI did?

    Why did they send supplies to developing nations if the larger countries with much higher COVID deaths required them more.

    Why are there a vaccine discrimination?

  38. Stupes says:

    F***d Cline is a *** on this land. He needs to go back to Michigan or wherever he crawled out from.

  39. Eagle eye says:

    These kind of people that look like us should vanish from us

  40. What's next? says:

    If you force people to put the vaccine in their bodies, what’s next? What else can the government force you to do with your body? Tracking chips? For a government that so often cries about slavery, they don’t seem to see the irony in passing a law that dictates the very essence of freedom. And why must we hear from CSC so often? How arrogant is he? Why does BVINews feel it necessary to publish everything he says?

  41. Smh says:

    Pana shut the f**k up smh you cant force people to do what they do not want to do wtf is wrong with you go sit your attention looking a** down and shut the f**k up

  42. Hmmm says:

    I did not know Cline was elected Premier of the BVI

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