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How did Glenford Young come to perish in lone scooter crash?

Local police are raising questions about how 30-year-old Tower Road resident, Glenford Young came to perish in a lone scooter accident in Virgin Gorda on the morning of November 15 this year.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) is therefore asking persons who witnessed the crash to come forward and assist with establishing the cause of the fatal collision.

The law enforcers said no one was at the scene when they arrived. There were also no indication of wha caused the accident.

“Investigators are aware that Young was accompanied by a number of scooter riders, possibly friends, as he headed toward Lee Road and were likely present when the collision took place around 1:34 am,” the RVIPF said in a media release on Wednesday.

“Those individuals are asked to come forward and provide information about the accident. The family members of Young are hoping for an accurate account of the events which led to his demise,” it added.

Persons with information that are asked to directly contact Sergeant Augustus Bruce at Road Policing Unit at 284-368-9386 or the Chief Inspector Dariel Robinson at 284-368-9708.

The police said persons can also contact the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 284-368-9339. They have given an assurance that all information will be “held in the strictest confidence”.


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  1. Do what's right says:

    If you know something, please come forward, even if you just send an anonymous note to the police, so that this young man’s loved ones can have some closure.

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  2. Justice says:

    I don’t care what anyone say some island person ran him off the road. Them need deporting out of here

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  3. @Justice says:

    Don’t you think it is high time you try something new rather than ignorance? 2021 is fast approaching, be careful the universe does not deport your behind from the face of the earth because just like us all, you are living on borrowed time. I would like to give you some choice words but I have to keep it clean for the media.

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  4. @Justice says:

    What do you think this country is, a State? This is also an island that can drop and sink in 99% of the other Caribbean islands with not even a glimpse of its existence.

  5. @@justice says:

    Yet everyone moving from their big Islands and running to these tiny islands.

  6. Mimi says:

    We small but we large.
    Check yourself.

  7. Divisiveness says:

    People of the Caribbean, don’t be fooled. That comment you read everyday about “island people vs Belonger” is a deliberate attempt by either a white hate filled UK or US national to stir and create strife and hatred between the two people.

    Don’t fall for the bait. We have been divided enough already.

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  8. Distraction says:

    One person, maybe two, are making a mockery out of all you people EVERY day and every story. They go online news sites and see how they can derail the conversation by commenting about deporting island people. Then they laugh at you bozos. Do not comment. Do not like. IGNORE it!! The TOPIC is what cause the young man’s death. Please people. Help the family with information. Help the Police.

  9. Please come forward says:

    If you know, see or heard anything please come forward and speak up even if you do so anonymously.

  10. Deh Watcha says:

    Billy old Billy
    Billy old billy, billy old billy
    Man with the words of wisdom

    They found his long black coat
    On the banks of the river
    ‘Cause he never came back

    In it’s pocket they found notes
    He’d written some time ago
    About his so called friends
    It read

    Love all your friends
    But never trust any one of them
    Which got me thinking about
    My very own friends

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who is the deadliest of them all
    I ask you now-tears in my eyes
    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who is the deadliest of them all
    I ask you now-tears in my eyes
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    Who is the deadliest of them all
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    Billy old Billy
    Billy old Billy, Billy old Billy
    Man with the words of wisdom

    See them coming
    Hear them talk
    Never believe a word they say
    He told me…

    RIP Lucky Dube.

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