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Hundreds march in Black Lives Matter protest in Road Town

Hundreds of residents joined the Black Lives Matter March, calling for an end to racism and white supremacy in the British Virgin Islands and the wider world.

The march commenced at the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park in Road Town and ended with a ceremony at the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Among the protesters were Premier Andrew Fahie, Deputy Premier Carvin Malone, Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly Neville Smith, Junior Tourism Minister Sharie de Castro, Works Minister Kye Rymer, and Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley, among others.

BVI News will bring you more from this historical event in subsequent publications.


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  1. vip heckler says:

    I wonder who help sheep spell “RACHIAL” LOL

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    • local note in support says:

      It was done to reflect the dialect we speak. Check out others after his photo. BLM.

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      • To local not says:

        REALLY? Well that sounds very foolish LMAO

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        • @local note says:

          It just shows a lack of education. Don’t make excuses. Your local dialect is absurd

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          • if you say so says:

            more power to you

          • @@local note says:

            This is not BVI “dialect” by any means. We spell it the right way at all times unless the person does not know to spell. It seems like the sign was given to him but if he was aware of the spelling he should have refused it. Someone should have told him not to bother with it.

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        • things happen says:


      • B.s says:

        Who right it can’t spell and who carrying indobt know better. Dialect my a..s
        Stop justifying ignorance

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      • Anonymous says:

        Who right it can’t spell and who carrying indobt know better. Dialect my a..s
        Stop justifying ignorance

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      • Hmmm says:

        The local dialect for racial is racial so quit while you’re ahead. Who write it just thought they spelt it right and the one that carries the placard can’t tell. Simple

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        • To Hmmm says:

          I agree. The person making it should have just googled the spelling. Partna look real dumb BAHHH BAHHH

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        • Hmmm says:

          They were marching against down island people cause they don’t like them it is clear racism March is true. All pretence

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          • True thing says:

            Sure right they marching against down island people. Because they more racist against the down island people. And talking bout how others treat them. 90 percent of them born in the U.S.. go back they country. US only good for the free cheques they grabbing for.

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    • Hooked on Phonics says:

      Maybe he meant Rachel LMAO

    • Please says:

      Please refrain from using all American currency because they depict past slave owners. Please take all your money and bring it to the bonfire in from of the government complex Monday afternoon. From this point on US currency is no longer valid in the BVI. Just walk into a store and hand them a slip of paper that says BLM with the amount of the purchase.

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    • Wow says:

      I came back to screenshot his pic, but apparently it was taken down after vino posted him saying bvinews had a hidden agenda

  2. Reverse racism says:

    BVI is the only place I’ve ever lived that I’ve felt racism! But it’s not against the blacks, it’s against the whites.

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    • Yup says:

      Racism in the BVI is very strong. Everything they do is against whites and down islanders but now they are protesting. What a bag of horse s**t. I would prefer to see some rioting, burning and looting like their offspring are doing in the US. By the way how far did the Foy walk?

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    • Hate says:

      It’s not just against whites too, they are also racist against Chinese and Indians. Living here you observe people calling everyine with straight long hair a “coolie” and that’s pretty much like calling a black person the “N word”. You must not do to others what you dont want done to you.

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      • @ Hate says:



        A person of East Indian ancestry. Most Caribbean people of East Indian descent can trace their roots back to indentured workers imported by the British in the 19th century after the abolition of slavery.

        As for the “N” word and “B” words, it’s high time blacks stop calling each other those derogatory words trying to making them into something positive. It’s like calling snake a caterpillar. A snake is a snake is a snake. In other words it’s like putting lipstick on pig, no matter how it acts or looks, it’s still a pig.

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        • no no no says:

          doh try to soften it

          it is a derogatory word to call someone a coolie.

          they were the load carrying Indian slaves.

          it IS EVIL and has terrible effect as calling the n wud

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      • @ Hate says:

        People all over the world, in every single country on earth, including the one you are from, call people some name or the other. Why are you expecting BVI to be different?

        That fact is non negtiable. It so across the world.

        What is also true, is that every other race on earrth does not like the Black race. Whether they are BVIslanders or other, if they are Black for no other reason other than the skin color.

        We on the otherhand, have been programmed to hate ourselves, whether we are from the BVI/Tola or the Eastern or Southern Carribean. That is our challenge going forward to correct.

        So, let truths prevail and spare the Virgin Islander the hypocrisy.

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        • @@Hate says:

          Yes the africans are hated world wide and it’s not because of their skin color. It’s because of how they act, lack of education, lack of family structure and lack of values. Let’s discuss the real reasons and why the prison systems worldwide are full of Africans. It’s in the genes to commit crimes and seek easy money. Solve these issues and you solve racism

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      • Hate says:

        I think they should be marching for more time in church after all it is a godly country they always say , but now he say 1hr for church talk that. Another thing you open sports and we still can’t play just because they can’t and don’t like sports and is mostly island people as they call it play sports shame on them, they had a rite to March racist for real. Their foot must be all soar and hurting about now , telling you how much time to spend in church nonesence

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      • Think about it... says:

        And if this is true, they have every right… All of those races you mentioned has shown a strong level of hatred toward black people!
        No one is kind to people I don’t trust!

    • B.s says:

      Who right it can’t spell and who carrying indobt know better. Dialect my a..s
      Stop justifying ignorance

    • Father Time says:

      THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS F***ING ‘REVERSE RACISM’. ISWEARTAGAWWWDDD you white people just wanna be opressed so bad.

  3. Have you ever thought.... says:

    ALL lives matter!

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  4. Just Asking! says:

    So, it seems like i missed the announcement that says Mass Gatherings are now authorized, wearing of a mask is optional and physical distancing is not necessary any longer (maybe i did). I am looking at photos taken of the event (which by the way i support as a good cause), and seeing some wearing masks, some not, persons bunched together.

    Can anyone help me to understand…JUST ASKING!

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    • Lipidee says:

      There is none so blind a she who will not see( chooses not to).

      Just listen to your government Leader and Health minister . There is NO @&&-“?”&$- COVID in the BVI at the is time or for the last while. That’s why ppl are behaving like ppl and not sheeple.

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    • @Just Asking says:

      The truth is the laws only work when it is convenient. When it is not, it do not apply.

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      • @just asking says:

        You didn’t want to see the Multipurpose Complex last night.

        No social distancing, no masks, children, saw a pregnant mother, and spectators were seated close together.

        You would think for the size of the building, distancing would be observed but no the BVI is too carefree on laws until something affects one of their own.

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  5. Local says:

    Where is the social distancing

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  6. Hypocrisy says:

    Now I have finished marching against racism and discrimination, I can get back to abusing Island people (because the BVI are not islands – go figure) on the blogs. Happy days!

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    • Damn if u do damn if u don't says:

      Same thing I saying… hypocrites. So the majority of the “island” people here aren’t black. The constant bashing and hatred that is spewed against them what do they term it. I guess only American black lives matter. That’s why I’ll stay far because this is just a farce, just want be in thing

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    • chain says:

      You are down the island chain. Why can’t you understand that. If you were local, you would.

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    • ironic says:

      Many racist comments about non locals seem to come from non locals.

      This whole racist thing is a lot of misunderstanding of true Virgin Islands culture.

      We have always welcomed foreigners on the ground. From donkey days we welcomed people of all kinds.

      In general we Caribbean people have a name for everything and it is not always politically correct. White Black Spanish ‘Syrian’ ‘Chinese’.

      Which begs the question how much offense should one take to island person as a broadly descriptive adjective when we all may be guilty of this every time we get ‘Chinese’ food

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    It’s not about black versus white, it’s about everybody versus the racists.

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  8. America says:

    Thank you BVI for joining the fight against racism. We appreciate what you are doing.

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  9. OLd says:

    It is time for black and white to live together .Bvi Stop Calling Island people down. Island people Stop Calling Bvi islander down .It is time to stop it. Please.

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  10. Ting to talk says:

    They should change the theme to WHITE LIVES MATTER because 90% of the people who was present was is just is time to march about discrimination,prejudice,xenophobia all =racism . As blacks we are our own problem. The whites just put a sd card into your mind to control you and you like it.?

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  11. Hmm says:

    When is the march against xenophobia?

    This level of hypocrisy just ruined the BLM movement for me. The BVI is such a hateful place where foreigners are treated like trash. This is sickening. #islanderslivesmatter

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    • #Hmm says:

      Black Vislanders must get down to the simplest common denominator, ascertain why the problem exist and fix it.

      The problem is the result of colonialozation and brainwashing of the Black mind.

      You on the other hand, whom many believe to be white, though they could be wrong, are fanning the flames of divisiveness among local and our brothers and sisters of the Southern Carribean with every blog you post.

      Then again, that is what we have been faced with for centuries to this day.

      And to those who say, well white people were in the march, so why not acknowledge them? Well, they are acknowledged. There are a few decent minds among them, but very few.

      Moreover, it is an historical fact that anything Black people create or do, they find a way in to spy on it, co-opt, take it over and or destroy it, if they can’t make money from it. The Afro American musical genres are prime examples of that.

      Sadly, the local minds here are so trustworthy, that they intermingle with spies every day, give them every detail of themselves and their business o everyone, and they are otally oblivious to the demon in their midst.

      So frankly speaking, they allowing themselves the priviledge to join the march means nothing in the broarder spectrum of Black life, discrimination, racism and change.

      They went back to their segregated communities, will go to work in the cooperations to jobs and salaries set aside specifically for them, while the same people they marched with a barely paid a living wage, are not given advancement opportunity or nothing else.

      Those are the stark truths. So let’s get the hundred thumbs down today for them truths here.

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      • Waste says:

        Why not just say it: you are prejudiced against white people and will hate them whatever they do?
        You do not see them as humans who can be good.
        You judge them on their skin colour and in the light of some (black) history you learned. You think that little bit of (race-based) history makes you wise to their’ evil ways’.
        But you are not wise enough to know how and where your small, selective slice of history should be used in real life. Does history give you a free pass to hate living humans who you encounter day to day?
        Thanks to people like you, white people are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
        If they don’t attend, that shows they’re racists.
        If they do, they re “spies” and co=opting a black thing (“to make money out of it”??).
        Face it, you judge people by the color of their skin – which is exactly what anti-racism campaigners from way back have been asking all people NOT to do.
        So now instead of unifying, which you clearly do not want, you are dividing and spreading race hate – towards people who are trying to show you they are on your side.
        You don’t accept that they are, so now you make them enemies.
        Allies into enemies.
        Think about that.
        Now you have the racists, who hate you because you’re black.
        And you have the anti-racists, who hate you because won’t acknowledge their decency, humanity and support.
        People like you set the cause back because you just want blood revenge. Most people are wise enough not to want that, so how about you go sit down with your bad mind and work on making it good.

      • Nasty says:

        Face it, you are infected with the same mind as a KKK member.
        It is a sickness.
        You seem to think that because of treatment of your forefathers by others, you are justified in hating good people here and now.
        Hating, judging, writing off anyone because of their skin colour is a backward and violent thing to do.
        White people going to that march were offering their solidarity. Their support. Their statement was – “we are with you”.
        And look how you still want to make them enemies. “they are evil”, the “want to co-opt it”.
        Damned if they do. Damned if they don’t.
        You don”t care about humanity. You sound like you want vengeance for historic sins to be meeted out on people who live today, people randomly chosen only by their skin colour.
        Even if they are your friends and allies.
        That makes you a sick racist.
        Go find some help for your soul, please.

  12. E. Leonard says:

    Congrats to the organizers, active participants, silent supporters of the BLM protest. Peaceful protesting and marching is a loud and effective voice for the left out, the down trodden, abused, used and exploited, the overlooked, the ignored………etc.

    The Great March of 24 November 1949 (~1500 participants! massive for the time) brought about change, eg, reactivating the Legislature that deactivated in 1902, ushered in a new a new constitution (1950), some direct voting for members of Legislative Council ( had to own property to stand for election), a new outlook on what was possible…etc). Encouraging to see Premier Fahie and other members of government participating in the protest. It is vital to attain and maintain a narrow generational gap in local politics. Gen X, Millenial, GenZ and follow on generations are the future of VI politics.

    Moreover, though the VI is an island, a chain of small islands (36 islands, (59 sm, 34K population), it is an important thread in the world community and cannot separate itself from world event(s). Thus, it is heartwarming that it showed solidarity with BLM Movement in fighting racial discrimination, prejudice and injustice. MLK: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” And the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Bending not yet. Slightly flattening perhaps.

    Finally, the protest cannot be a single scene in a one act play. The peaceful thrust forward for racial justice must be sustained. The powerful and controlling forces bank on the warriors for justice protesting for a day and then going away. No justice, no peace!

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    • @E. Leonard says:

      @E. Leonard, notice that you give a shout out to others but not the Whites that participated in the protest. Was this an inadvertent omission? Otherwise good points.

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      • @@E. Leonard says:

        @@E.Leonard, if you are going to critique and you have a right to and should but keep it real. “Congrats to the organizers, active participants, silent supporters of the BLM protest.” That was a general, all encompassing statement that didn’t specifically mention either Blacks, Hispanics, Asians……etc. Keep it real.

  13. Tolian2DeBone says:

    When are we gonna march on the systematic racism in the Trust Companies? The ones that force out locals and bring in expats. The ones that advertise jobs after they have filled them with people from abroad. The ones that give small windows to send in resumes all while the jobs were advertised and already filled overseas for months. Has labor never found it amazing after the expat worker arrives they and their families already here apartment done found, kids already enrolled in scchools?
    The ones who give locals things like a free lunch to satisfy the easily appeased all while the lions share of the benefits and profits go to the expats.. The ones that pay crumbs to locals but bring in expats for the same job and pay 3 times the pay. The ones that never train or promote locals beyond supervisor or basic manager to ensure only that they keep the other locals in check. What does that remind you of? How many trust companies here have sent their staff for so called experience in other offices so they can attain the level of director or sit on their decision making team?? How many have locals as directors? It is nice to fight systematic racism but it comes in different forms. Right here in the BVI this goes on further creating a class gap between locals and expats(white and black). Labor knows of the exact companies practices doing this and nothing has ever been done. But yet BVI marching for issues in the US….smdh

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    • Hand outs.... says:

      You are looking for hand outs:

      “How many trust companies here have sent their staff for so called experience in other offices so they can attain the level of director or sit on their decision making team?”

      Why don’t you look for those experiences yourself? Apply abroad, learn a new culture, learn new skills and drive yourself to the top. Don’t wait for anyone to give you anything.

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      • @ Hand outs says:

        Were it not for your opening sentence, you would have gotten my thumbs up.

        You should not denigrate a people who are beginning from scratch on one hand, and then try to give valuable encouragement on the other.Remember, we are in te financial and education business for less than a hundred years.

        Such is called a two face hypocrite. and we got to many of those today.

        Let’s continue to do our part in buliding our lands bit by bit. Let’s dtop naminf calling and tearing down. Our enimies are not going to build for us. They will quicker rake away what we have built and render all of their anus cleaners.

    • @Tolian says:

      You people to dumb to work at the Trust companies. You need to get some edumacation. Your schools follow other third world schools. Model your education system after the first world.

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      • Ting to talk says:

        @ Tolian . You are very disrespectful. How can you come to someone house and you try to dictate how they should live their lives? You sound very idiotic. If you want to be respected you need to learn to respect others.

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        • Tolian2DeBone says:

          Disrespectful? What is disrespectful about demanding fair and equal treatment? What is disrespectful about not wanting to be taken advantage of? What is disrespect for asking to be treated fairly for the level of your work and not your skin color????? You sound like the exact issue we are highlighting. The fact that you did not even provide one modicum of a decent rebuttal, but rather chose to call names and talk about house proves my point. That colonist mentality that this is your house and no one must object to unfair treatment or shady business practices. Make no mistake it is a job which many individuals enter into contracts which clearly state that bias must not be exhibited by either party whether for sex, race or religion yet your sole defense is “whose house”? It is only because locals are not lawyering up and suing why most of these companies are not already bankrupt for their aberrant and racist practices. But I tell you times are changing, my goodness how they are changing….So long colonist for your days of behaving like white collar plantation owners are numbered, and all the uncle toms and aunt kizzys who have been turning a blind eye and trying to keep the field hands silent will also be exposed.

          • What??? says:

            The fact that you shout the politics of race injustice but have no awareness of the politics of this industry, shows that you aren’t qualified for a senior role.
            You clearly do not have the awareness to even understand what this business does in the world.
            Directors of these companies, by definition, do not care about equality.
            If you really are a freedom fighting Malcolm X figure wanting justice for your people, you simply would not be looking for work, let alone this kind of ‘justice’, in an industry whose only purpose on Earth is to enable and hide selfishness and greed.
            Whining that you don’t get a free ride to the top of that dirty, anti-fairness industry?
            That doesn’t make sense at all.

    • To Tolian says:

      Good to see someone speak out against the systemic racism in the trust companies. It is getting fixed however. When this is over see how many will be able to passial.

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    • The says:

      BVI financial territory is akin to a huge dinner table, but the local BVIslander is either serving the food as a waiter or is under the table snatching at crumbs.

      This scenario is true and accurate and its fuel and practice is directly porprtional to racism amd discrimination.

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  14. Local says:

    Black lives matter. March against crime , another black youth life gone to the gun,

  15. Ausar says:

    Continue to march against the system of White Supremacy, thats so glaringly obvious in the BVI:

    Banking products for home ownership seemingly available to white foreigners and not Belongers as so readily.

    Employment salaries in differential scales based on color of skin regardless of qualifications.

    The seemingly non-chalant attitude, taken by the Kingdom against the BVI, in what I regard as sensitive matters, and the unapologetic stance of white governorship in the territory, without any consideration for reciprocity or representation, that’s representative of the level of ethnic backgrounds, born and bred in the Kingsdom, and those in the territory!

    I can go on and on, but the aforementioned is a few examples of what I deem systematic and subtle vagaries of racism, that has permeated this country for decades!

    Please keep the discourse forthcoming, my people!

    Our future generations, are dependent on the actions of us today, for a brighter tomorrow!

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  16. Diaspora says:

    The globe is resonating to the continuing racial injustice in the US. The lynching of George Floyd and the murdering of Rayshad Brooks by police officers fueled the latest protests by millions in the streets. However, the lynching and murdering of Blacks, especially Black men, and massacring of Black communities, eg, Tulsa, OK, Greenwood “Black Wall Street” District, and Rosewood, FL, among others is not new. It has been occurring for over 400 years.

    Moreover, the UK is not innocent in all this. It has a history steeped in racial discrimination, prejudice and injustice from Slavery to today. Kudos to the VI for joining the struggle. The world is interdependent and the VI though an island cannot separate from what is happening in the rest of the world. It sees instantaneously what is happening across the globe and cannot put blinders on.

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  17. Check Yourselves says:

    Do Black Lives Matter when Blacks:

    1. Fight with and kill each other on a daily basis
    2. Show hate in their own family
    3. Sell drugs that lead to crackheads that lead to insanity that lead to homelessness, death, and suicide
    4. Discriminate against each other because of social status, economical status, country of birth
    5. Victimise each other

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  18. Anonymous says:

    This news site either needs to fix its thumbs up down feature or discontinue the comment section.

    If shaping social, or influence and mental frameworks by denying free expression is what is going on, it needs to stop. It is umdemocratic.

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  19. whatever says:

    When is the march demanding that the territory opens up, and we get the tourist business going which is basic for survival ? Let’s get our priorities right.

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  20. Outsider says:

    To Check yourself:

    Your list of Black self hatred is quite correct. Now you need to do some research.

    The Willie Lynch Letter is an account of a short speech given by Willie Lynch, in which he tells other slave owners that he has discovered the “secret” to controlling enslaved Africans by setting them against one another. They adopt his method, which consists of exploiting differences such as age and skin color in order to pit slaves against each other. This method, he assures his hosts, will “control the slaves for at least three hundred years.”

    It is unfortunate that many blacks have been unable to overcome these conditions for generations and white have contributed to it because of systematic racism. Its apparent that you have never had a member of your family lynched or murdered by the police that is responsible for protecting you because of the color of your skin. I can give you a list of things that whites have done to Blacks because of the color of their skin.

    Who introduced drugs in the Black community? What organizations profit from the sale of drugs? I could go on but you need to do some research before you throw stones. I’m sure that your response is that it’s all fake news. That’s what people like you do when you don’t want to face the truth. However, if a man tell you to inject disinfection in your body you’ll do it without questioning him.

    • News flash says:

      Directly from

      “We embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another.”

      Now tell us again how do blacks do that amongst each other.

  21. GTFOH says:

    Newsflash to the idiots, racism is the discrimination or hatred towards a particular race. Dont mix that up with xenophobia which is discrimination or hatred towards another country.
    The Caribbean is a blessed place where black people are the overwhelming majority and we dont have to worry about systematic discrimination due to the color of our skin. We have other issues that we face like the so called indigenous BVIslanders vs those that come here seeking employment but that’s another story for another day. I am here today to speak about the racism towards whites that some have mentioned.

    The black man’s history on these islands started with being bound in chains and forced to work for free from 1662 until 1838 with the occasional whip to the back. Even after “freedom” the black man got no compensation, had no money or home of their own so what did you think they did to survive, go right back to master and work for peanuts or a roof over their heads and a meal.

    Now after decades of trauma and fighting just to be treated as a human being,the black islanders turned a rock that the former Caucasian slave masters deemed a “bird sanctuary” into a striving destination. Now even the descendants of the slave masters emigrate to the BVI using their wealth to buy land and even Islands and break local laws by putting up fences to block the beaches. Then you turn on your tv and they still killing black people because of the color of their skin in 2020. Their voices are very loud about the treatment of dogs but remain quiet about other local issues.

    They segregate themselves from other local culture. They go to restaurants where the patrons not coincidentally are mainly other Caucasians. Same with the sporting events and social hangouts. As I am typing this I thought to myself it is strange that I have never bumped into the Commissioner of police or the Governor before or even the managers of certain Trust companies and law firms. Dont they eat food or go anywhere outside of work, How many times have they been been to the festival village? They typically dont mingle outside of their kind so It is unfair to say that the BVIslanders are racist towards white people when it is the white people that are putting up barriers just like they did decades ago during slavery.

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    • @GTFOH says:

      When last did you invite the commissioner of the police to your house for a drink to get to know him?
      When last did you welcome a white and nervous trust company employee who just arrived on island to your house, your neighbourhood party, your church?
      Or even a white local person?
      When did you ever reach out to such people and say “welcome. This is our culture and we want to help you understand and appreciate it so we can all be friends”?
      Don’t forget, you are the hosts. You have some repsonsibility to make this thing work, right?
      I have rarely seen such efforts. As a result, of course these people socialise with people of their same culture. They feel comfortable and can choose friends on the basis of real friendship issue like whether their personalities, humour, principles, tastes etc. gel and where they can be themselves without feeling self conscious or judged.
      In short, the reception that white people get from black people here is generally cold and sometimes very hateful, so many of these whites are not moved to reach out and learn about BVI culture, join in with community events, eat at local restaurants etc. Why would they when no one there wants to talk to them, many people look like they resent their presence and the energy directed at them makes them feel like they are evil aliens? Would you?
      I have heard many white expats ask, ‘why do they all hate us?’. The reply is that they don’t, really, but you’re walking into a historical legacy that makes you the bad person, even if you are good.
      That’s one reason may of these trust company people leave when their contract is up. They can’t stand the judgement made against them by people unwilling to know their humanity.
      Of course, bad people are in every group, and history’s over-arching shadow is never going away, but your argument is based on many false interpretations.
      And btw, I don’t know any restaurants here that are for ‘whites only’. Many times, the reason these places are full of white people is because black people just can’t stand being around them. I’m guessing, people like you.
      I suppose you never thought of that because it’s easier and more satisfying to make all whites all bad, instead of make us all just complex humans with the same red blood.

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      • GTFOH says:

        Nowhere or no time did I say or imply that I cant stand white people. I deal with people individually and not condemn a whole race because of the actions of a few individuals and that’s how it should be for everybody. Your entire response is a bunch of bologna. Festival committee /tourist board spends thousands on advertisements for festival. You dont need me to invite you anywhere. Let me help you by telling you the reason why most white people segregate themselves from local culture. It is more due to a culture clash. It is clear that they have different preferences in hobbies, food, clothes, entertainment almost everything you can think of so they gravitate towards people that are familiar to them and have similar things in common.

        The problem is they shun us instead of trying to integrate. This is why your whole commentary is BS. The same way that they congregate together at typical “white establishments” they can do so somewhere where the locals congregate at so they dont feel uncomfortable. Just look back at the days of Fishtrap and Batcave in the late 90’s and early 2000’s both were typical white hangouts but locals started to go in numbers and it just became a spot instead of a Caucasian hangout. White people here dont usually do that. They will never go somewhere outside of their comfort zone. Until they do that they will never bridge the gap and fully unite us all.

        It can work because we all get along in the work place and coexist for 8hrs but this maybe an illusion as we only seem to be able to coexist because after they clock out they put a bubble around themselves to avoid the locals.

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        • @GTFOH says:

          “Your entire response is a bunch of bologna.”
          Wait, so on one side you say my whole post is nonsense, and on the other, you agree with almost all of it.
          Seems the major difference is that you take away the agency of black people in this story and give it all to the white people.
          You fail to address the question of pro-active engagement with white expats by the local community.
          You fail to address the indisputable fact that in-comers here spend a lot of time trying to work out why they are so hated when they feel people don’t even know them.
          And you fail to offer anything positive – just a ‘them whites’ rant.

          Are you seriously suggesting that BVI whites are racist because they don’t celebrate emancipation festival? I’ve been trying for years to find white people to go with me but they won’t because they think local people don’t want them there, they hate them, stink eye them, publicly mock and make racial comments within hearing distance, etc.
          Which part of this is ‘bologna’?

          As far as your ‘white establishments’ – should they pay to eat and drink food they don’t like while being made to feel foreign and unwelcome and unable act like themselves – just to make you feel better? And when they do, aren’t they still a group of whites, which makes them immediately racist in your logic?
          This is supposedly the free world, not North Korea, so people should be able to congregate freely without the Thought Police deciding they are guilty of harbouring certain sentiments.

          It is true some may be racists. Others wilfully blind to BVI history. Plenty of these people are real idiots. But that’s because plenty of people in any group are real asses. Black people. Locals, whatever.
          Why is that a difficult thing for your argument to handle? It’s called being human. Ignoring the truths of the human race and making them about each others ethnic race is a good first step in dehumanising large groups of people, no? Historically, where does that almost always lead to? Hatred and blood.

          BTW: you said the smartest thing on this thread:
          “the reason why most white people segregate themselves from local culture. It is more due to a culture clash. It is clear that they have different preferences in hobbies, food, clothes, entertainment almost everything you can think of so they gravitate towards people that are familiar to them and have similar things in common.”

          So, since you know that, (Philippinos, Santos, Guyanese – they all do it) why turn it into a wholesale attack on these peoples’ race?
          If you want a better BVI, why are you spreading this race-based bologna?

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          • GTFOH says:

            I haven’t agreed with you, you’re making excuses for their actions and accusing the locals of pushing away white people when they intentionally segregate themselves. I gave a history lesson I didn’t attack them. What I’m saying is that if black people in the BVI aren’t too welcoming to white people it is because of the terrible things that whites have done to black people historically with little apology, the way racism against blacks continue worldwide even today and the way whites come into the BVI but still choose to separate themselves from BVI culture. Sometimes the segregation is because of the culture clash and sometimes it is the same dirty ways that started slavery. But the change start with them.

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        • @GTFOH says:

          Ok so you are unwilling to acknowledge any of the points made in those replies. You ignore numerous issues raised and end up saying “you’re just making excuses”. No, these are explanations that you would do well to try understand if you’re going to speak on such matters.
          So you have run out of intellectual road. You can’t accept that the actions and attitudes of many local and black people here make white people feel very unwelcome and are, deliberately or not, automatically hostile.
          So many white people I’ve met would love to integrate more but just can’t because most non-white people here have zero intention of integrating with them – they see it as mingling with the enemy, dealing with the devil etc because much of the discourse about race does not distinguish between these white people and slave owners from the 1700s. The humanity is stripped from them because of the color of their skin.
          It’s a complaint we’ve heard somewhere else – and that I find abhorrent – and it’s one that needs to be considered when dealing with any humans of any color, country, etc etc.

  22. Hawk says:

    The transatlantic slave trade started in 1452 when Pope Nicholas V of the Catholic church issued an order “Dum Diversas” in 1452 authorizing the Portuguese to enslave Africans.

    Out of slavery came racism and the concept of black and white.

    Out of racism came the image of a white Jesus, which became the foundation of white supremacy. Yes, Christianity in its European form is responsible for keeping us in this weakened condition.

    I quote a white missionary woman who died last year. “The black race is a servant race, and we white people were used [by God] to put ’em there”. No amount of marching will change our condition because we are wrestling with the same demons that possessed that woman.

    We need to go back before slavery to our true spirituality. This will enlighten our minds and unite us with a common identity. Happily I see signs of this beginning to happen.

    • Give me a break says:

      Nobody hates Blacks more than other blacks. Nobody kills more blacks than other blacks. This march is a complete waste of time. We have more relevant issues affecting us in the Virgin Islands but nobody marches for those. This feel good, follow fashion march is just silly.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Moron I’m quite sure that the “blacks that are killing blacks” aren’t doing it because of their skin color. You shallow minded fool cant see the forest for the trees.

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        • Lol says:

          So it’s only an issue when it’s done on the basis of skin color? You all are really the morons then…March away. Damn fools.

  23. Oh boy says:


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  24. Jungle Fever says:

    White girl in the purple/maroon pants got it going on…!

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  25. Tooth&Claw says:

    Wonderful, get it out of your system so we can all finally move on.

    By the way, white supremacy in the BVI? Some people really are as stupid as they look.

    • George says:


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  26. Anonymous says:

    So many white dumb hateful deniers on this thread, it is mind boggling.

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  27. Disinterested says:

    It was a multi-racial turnout showing solidarity with BLM Movement in the US against racial discrimination, prejudice and injustice. especially the killing of Black men by police. Anyway, let’s talk about the elephant in the room in regards to the march. Around Town there is surprise as to the number of Whites that attended. The days leading up to the march the talk was that only a few would show up. There was good reason for that expectation, for they tend to isolate themselves in enclaves away from the masses, mingling nervously only when absolutely necessary.

    Nonetheless, they prove some of us wrong. Kudos to them for their participating in an event that is of interest to the Black masses.

    Moreover, I’m part optimist and part pessimist. Bend towards how people consistently and reliably act and behave, not what they say. Was this a photo-op? Or is there truly a genuine interest in wanting racial justice, equality, fairness…..etc for Blacks? Was the recent series of Black killings by police their road to Damascus moment? Was this just a flash in the Pan moment for a day? Prove me wrong with action, action, action, action, action, action and action!

    • @Disinterested says:

      Thank you for acknowledging the possibility that some of the white people there might be decent people who cannot stand racism and that was their only agenda.
      Just taking the time to write that shows your wisdom and good heart.
      Can I politely raise one thing?
      You ask if the recent series of killings by police was ‘their road to Damascus’.
      What makes you think that millions and millions of us are not capable, have not been willing to or simply never knew about the evil injustice of racism, both individual and structural?
      These recent killings had me sick to the stomach. But so does the whole goddam racist colonialist neo liberal global capitalist system, and it has for many decades.
      I’m curious, do you really actually believe that because our skin is white that we are only just learning about all this wickedness, that we only just realised how historically screwed up this system is?
      Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your kind words so don’t want to sound aggressive back, but in the light of the nonsense written by so many people on these boards, it seems like a lot of people really do think all white people live in blindness and/or are driven by evil.
      Hopefully the solidarity shown at the march – which reflects sentiments held by millions – might help people understand this better.

      • Disinterested says:

        @Disinterested, true not all Whites may not be racists but the many that stay silent on racist behaviour May create the impression that they are racist. If the racists think and say you are racist by your action, your silence, your wink and nod then you may be lumped in with the racist. Be courageous and call out racism and free yourself. The action to go along to get along may keep you like a cage bird that yearns to be free.

        “……. have not been willing to or simply never knew about the evil injustice of racism, both individual and structural?” Though this statement may be true, it takes my breath away in disbelief. How is this possible when there is a continuous cry about racial discrimination, prejudice and injustice? You got to explain this one. Brace yourself for some bloggers are going to go after you, for what they may see as an insulting comment to their intelligence.

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        • @Disinterested says:

          I think you misunderstand. I was trying to say that millions of us have been for many years, and continue to be, your allies. Your suspicion of my motives a shame.

  28. BRUH says:

    holy shit smh

  29. zagred smith says:

    why aren’t these people social distancing or those being at a blm rally make you immune from covid-19

  30. resident says:

    blm stands for burn loot and murder, we shouldn’t support a terrorist group

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    • Diaspora says:

      Wonder what the White mob were doing in Tulsa, OK, Greenwood District (Black Wall Street) in 1921. Here is a news. flash. They were burning, looting and murdering Black people the most affluent Black community at the time in America. Some 300 people murdered and several blocks burned to the ground. Wonder what the White mob were doing to Rosewood, FL, community in 1923? Wonder about the thousands of Blacks that were lynched, murdered…. etc in the US and UK? Wonder about the millions that were fling over board to a watery grave on the horrible and despicable passage to the New World to a life of Slavery? Perhaps a watery grave was better than the dehumanized and miserable life they would have had in the New World. Don’t get amnesia mehson! Will call you out. Keep it real mon!.

      • getagrip says:

        History is full of bad things done by bad people to others. You can either learn from and move on, or dwell on it for the end of eternity and bring more hate into this world.

        Almost every tribe, race, country has been attacked at one time or another and people died or suffered.

        Read up on the history of the UK, many there were enslaved by northern Africans as well as being conquered many times.

        People moved on.

  31. anonymous says:

    look at all of these wannabes, the bvi people sure do love to hop on of a bandwagon, even if the issues have nothing to do with them

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    • Diaspora says:

      Wonder what the White mob were doing in Tulsa, OK, Greenwood District (Black Wall Street) in 1921. Here is a news. flash. They were burning, looting and murdering Black people the most affluent Black community at the time in America. Some 300 people murdered and several blocks burned to the ground. Wonder what the White mob were doing to Rosewood, FL, community in 1923? Wonder about the thousands of Blacks that were lynched, murdered…. etc in the US and UK? Wonder about the millions that were fling over board to a watery grave on the horrible and despicable passage to the New World to a life of Slavery? Perhaps a watery grave was better than the dehumanized and miserable life they would have had in the New World. Don’t get amnesia mehson! Will call you out. Keep it real mon!

  32. Egypt says:

    To the speaker who held up Egypt as a great past black civilisation. It was … but remember Egypt and the pyramids were built on the back of slaves.

    Just putting in some historical context.

  33. ghutty says:

    here is very racist against expats. should expats march against expats matters?

    • @glutty says:

      @Glutty: I really didn’t want to get into the mud slinging and ugly blogs here, but I must say, I have worked with and have lots of expat friends and it seems to me the racism is totally on the flipside. It is almost like being a BVIslander you have to apologize to expats from the Caribbean. You are called ‘lazy, bad cooks, ugly, can’t dress, can’t please our men, we think we are high and mighty. Now, I know that most Tortolians don’t show racism or hate to expats. There may be a few, but from where I sit, expats forever looking for an excuse to call down a BVIslander. I guess we are living too well and it is jealousy. That is all I can come up with. Truth be told, we lived probably comparable growing up eating fish and seafood everyday and wearing shoes hurting your toes to school, but as a people we persevered and our Financial Services Sector helped us well towards a better life. And through it all we remained trusting and calm, not always on a hustle. I guess that is the difference and what makes us different and disliked by the expats who visit now because the expats of old were certainly different. They didn’t just come for a fist full of money, they came to integrate and for a better way of life. They would be heard saying that Tortola is a beautiful place and thank God for them coming here. The expats now, this is a hell hole. So don’t be unhappy anymore and upset Tortolians, because that is what we are from listening to you call down Tortola and Tortolians all damn day while you are here feeding and building your bank accounts.

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