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Increased global demand for laptops delaying BVI’s shipment for 500 devices

Minister for Education Dr Natalio Wheatley has said the 500 laptops which were ordered to facilitate online learning in the territory have not yet arrived.

In a recent audio-visual interview with a local media house, Dr Wheatley said the demand for laptops globally has affected the initial date set out to receive the devices.

“Government procured those through a local company, Infinite Solutions and the challenge is because the whole world basically had to shift to online learning, everybody was buying up the laptops.”

“Infinite solutions expressed that they had some challenges in terms of the date when the laptops would arrive. The date kept getting pushed back because the suppliers were running out of laptops all the time,” he added.

Dr Wheatley, who was recently sworn in as the Deputy Premier, however, said he hopes the territory receive the devices before the start of the new school year.

Donated devices fill gap

In the meantime, the Education Minister thanked the many charitable companies who have donated more than a thousand Chromebook devices to assist local education since the hurricanes of 2017.

He said these donations have helped to fill a gap in the education system in times of disaster and public emergencies like COVID-19 when the territory had to shift to online learning.

“We are grateful that also parents went out and they invested in the education of their children and they purchased laptops,” he added.

In a May 8 statement, Premier and Minister for Finance Andrew Fahie said, Cabinet waived the tender process and decided to award Infinite Solutions a $138,800 contract to source the 500 laptop devices.

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  1. who do you think you're fooling says:

    More lies…government broke

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    • Bulls**t says:

      I can purchase 500 laptops today in the US without any trouble whatsoever. Where do these clowns come up with these li**. Where are you buying them from? Bangladesh? … You and Foy make a great pair. You both truly believe the people of the Territory are just imbeciles.

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  2. Crazy place says:

    More lies….. poor planning. No plans. That is why the students don’t have no computers. Was it a shortage of chairs globally that caused ESHS and BFEC to open without the furniture that was needed?
    The truth is we put people to run our country who have no experience running anything from the Premier right down except for C****n but he has been sucking on the government breast for decades now in order to survive. Up to now he can’t stop breast feeding. Every house meeting something come to exempt him from something.

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  3. Just Asking says:

    No world shortage of laptops. Something does not sound right here. May be the chosen laptop suppliers are not willing to play ball with the men in grey suits.

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  4. Lost Lemon says:

    That must be code for ‘the bishop ain’t making enough money’ on this computer deal! Cuz there sure as hell ain’t no shortage of lap tops out there. Hardly anyone has any money to be buying anyway!

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  5. First Fahie, now Natalio too? says:

    First we caught Fahie in a web of lies. Now Dr. Weatley starts the nonsense too.

    There is no worldwide shortage of laptops. L**r.

    Put this on the Covid delayed the scrubber lie list.

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  6. BuzzBvi says:

    I remember that same thing must have happened when the incinerator was first ordered, then more recently the control panel of course, but at least for now no more hill fires at Pockwood …….

  7. Foreigner says:

    Who in Fahie’s family name Lyra? Damn that’s one man who has no conscience, the l*** just roll off tongue like an empty barrel coming down a hill.
    I lose all respect for most Tolians especially the ones up high in society.
    When a nation is wicked, I will give them a wicked ruler. That’s the BVI and America, they both look straight into the cameras and l** and no one is holding them accountable. SMFH

  8. Yes there IS says:

    Yes there is a BIG shortage

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