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Man charged for allegedly beating grandfather

A 30-year-old man from Baugher’s Bay was recently arrested and charged with assault after an alleged fight with his grandmother’s husband.

BVI News understands that the accused man, Jaimez Stoutt, lives with his grandmother and her spouse. However, the two men aren’t biological relatives.

The incident reportedly happened some time last week when the older man came home and reportedly saw his grandson, Stoutt, and a young lady at the house.

The older man reportedly told his grandson that he would prefer it if he didn’t take his girlfriend to the premises.

It is alleged that the two got into a fight where the older man was pushed to the ground and physically assaulted by the 30-year-old.

It is also alleged that the Stoutt hurled death threats at the older man.

The incident was reported to the police who later arrested and charged the 30-year-old.

BVI News understands that the accused man received bail in the sum of $5,000. It is further understood that the matter will be heard in court on February 15 next year.

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  1. granny say says:

    never bite the hand that feed you

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  2. T says:

    His he still living with the grand ‘s.?

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  3. Joshau says:

    Ok let me hear the Tolans now. Where should we deport him to. Down island people don’t abuse the elderly. This has to be in his 70’s what a thing to say to the king. Hope the complainant is also Toland, you all are accustomed to that. As young as he us he would never try that with an island man.

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  4. Parent says:

    What, ah 30 yr old man living with his grandparents, like really?

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  5. Disgrace says:

    The generation we are living in is one with no respect for our elderly. Although some of these elders themselves do not respect their age. Nonetheless, everything that is decent and upright is very far from the heart of men. I know the world is filled with the ugly side of the batter, but at least, we can try harder to be different.

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  6. Smh says:

    That dude a bum, find your own living space still living with granny and fighting her spouse.

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    • **** says:

      Why is everyone acting so surprised that he live with his grandparents. There are many more hard back men and women still living home with their parents or grandparents. That’s the culture here. They don’t really tell their kids they have to leave. Now in America, at 18 once you finish school you better get out!

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  7. A true Man says:

    You are nothing more than a little boy in a grownup body. 30 years old living up in your grandma’s house thinking you have the right to bring whoever you please in her home? That is so disrespectful and shameful, and you call yourself a man? Anddd, the woman needed her A** whipping for sitting up in your grandmother house. More than likely he told the woman that it was his house and the grandmother and her spouse was living with him.

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  8. @Parent says:

    That is so shameful. My son is 25 and he have his own place.

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    • And? says:

      Girl what your son gotta do with anybody else child?! Smh. He’s not the blue print on how people should go about their life

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  9. Reply says:

    Something is wrong with this picture:

    30 year old hard back man living with grandma bringing home his girlfriend.

    When he could not get his way after being told it was not preferred, he reportedly assaults the elderly man of the house.

    This guy deserves to be locked up for putting his hands on this elderly man. He is grown and has no businesses living up under his grandma house to begin. He needs to get out, get out and get his own blank.

    No kid of mine can be up in my house pass 18 unless they are coming home from college on vacation to visit for the holidays.

    This man child needs to get his @ss out his Granma’s house, stand on his own two fee, and be a man.

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    • Jam says:

      Either you don’t have children or them going if not done turn out bad and hate you #clownparent#bumlife#notme

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      • Reply says:

        Well my kids have turned out quite well. One is in law school, the other in medical school. I gather I did something right, because they respect me and never fail to tell me they love me.

        I raised them to be strong independent productive people who are able to fend for themselves despite I am always there to catch them when they may fall. I certainly did not raise them to be living up at home forever.

        They finished high school, and off to college they went just like I did.

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  10. Hmmm says:

    Why the headline states its his grandfather then the story goes on to say it’s NOT his grandfather. What the f**k?

  11. Fluffy says:


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  12. No nonsense says:

    Typical BVILANDERS, no sense of pride and responsibility. And have the most expensive king link and ride parked in the yard. But then the young ladies have no respect either!!

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    • Go home and stop hate bvilanders says:

      You don’t like us and you dont like bvi. Go home !! Catch a one way flight or your banana boat and do not return. What Bvislanders did you ? Gwan from here.

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  13. Greedy says:

    Just let the ol guy tag team that fresh snapper

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  14. Guest says:

    Wait he want to be shacking up and don’t have he own place then fighting the man for he place???? You does really hear the piss. Meson put he scrub behind put the house…..and what kinda low class hoodrat he messing with that could find that acceptable?????

  15. Fluffy says:


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  16. Not good says:

    Your life will never be good when you raise your hand at the elderly. Curses will follow you.

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  17. Neighbour says:

    Why cant you allow your granny and her husband
    To live in peace!
    Her husband doing a fine job
    Its about time u learn a valuable lesson !
    But him away !
    Years this going on for !

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  18. Streets says:

    Welcome to the BVI where all people do is criticize. Whatever the case maybe. That young man is very nice. Could remember back in 2017 when he was the same one who saved his grandma from terrible Irma when the roof went with them. He even went above and beyond to make sure she got her meds. There are many sides to a story so I beg yall be grown ups and stop criticize.

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  19. Me says:

    And why ayo always on BVI Islanders and living in our country? Go ayo down island a** back to ayo country. We dont need ayo here. Ayo hungry back where ayo come from. Rough life is wha bring ayo to the BVI so humble ayo self.

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    • Jah Know says:

      Pana humble yourself, don’t forget we was once hungry here too and jumping on the boat to go Santo to look work cause BVI ain’t had $81t…now others come to the BVI for a better life and we down talk them like we forgot where we come from.

      • jah know better says:

        When we went Santo we had to behave ourselves and we couldn’t do the bs y’all doing here and downtalking the natives over there. When we leaving Santo we could only take what we went in with. Santo did not make our lives better we had nothing to show unlike what is happening now.

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