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Man charged with attempted murder after incident with babymother

Information reaching our news centre is that a BVIslander of Carrot Bay has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting at the mother of his child.

The incident reportedly occurred some time last week. The alleged suspect has also been slapped with firearm and assault charges for the said incident.

BVI News understands that the two adults are the parents of a toddler. They reportedly ended their relationship several days before the alleged incident.

Reports are that the woman was at a car wash when she was approached by her child’s father. He reportedly asked her questions and allegedly fired shots at her before driving away in his car.

The two met again later that day in the presence of family members. They allegedly got into another fight where the suspect reportedly kicked his child’s mother in the stomach.

The incidents were reported to the police who arrested and charged the man. He has reportedly denied all charges against him.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear when the alleged suspect will be brought before the courts.

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  1. Whattt says:

    Deport him back down the island after these down islanders have no behavior

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  2. Soo says:

    Shots were fired at a place where it could have had other people doing business and the police were not called in at that moment? Wow.

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  3. Table says:

    Easy one to get over. The help of a shaken bottle has yet to fail those in need. Materials to put in are hard to come by, however get with the Premier, as he keeps a large stock of the needed resources.

  4. guest says:

    what do u mean “allegedly”. are there not others who would have seen him firing shots?

  5. Deh Watcha says:

    Well sah

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  6. Hello says:

    So, someone shots at you and you wait until that person does something else to you at another time to call the cops?

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  7. Say so says:

    Some of these women be too needy!!

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  8. Chosen says:

    So quick to judge the down island he or she said deport him when the News News clearly stated a BVI islander you have to excuse some of them from the big continent they are illitrate from a distance God is watching and listening.

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  9. Chosen says:

    Oh yeah deport him to the BVI the continent wait for him with a welcome party dont forget

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  10. I'm convinced... says:

    He either has serious anger issues or he just hates women. How can you shoot after and kick your baby mother?! Anyone with that amount of rage is dangerous.

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  11. Hmmm says:

    This the type of things C***y need to be talking about instead of encouraging it! Too many people losing the life due to stupidity..

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  12. Nunya says:

    She shoulda Stabbed His A**, The First Chance I GOT ! LMAO

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  13. Chosen says:

    Deport him to anegada, jost van dyke or virgin gorda or better yet salt island dont even know where you are from.

  14. Pick sence out of nonsence says:

    Don’t you people who like to respond to the down island remarks realize by now that it is not a BVIslander doing this
    ? Pick sence out of nonsense, regardless of what the topic is this person(s) will through a jab at expats so that they can say all manner of vile things about the BVIslander. People stop letting these trouble makers get to you. I think that the news sited should not post these devisive remarks.

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  15. Chosen says:

    This is going out to Watts and honestly agree did your perents send uall to school because i can see u all cant read or Wright because a donkey agree with a jackass.

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  16. shiddd says:

    why shoot at the young lady? why try to kill her? if you had shot her or kill her? you go jail or on the run for the rest of your life. she live you go jail then what? more anger for such a stupid mistake? stop letting guns become your master or disguise

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