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Man hospitalised after being stabbed in bar Sunday night

One male is currently being treated at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital after receiving stab wounds while at a bar on Tortola on Sunday night.

This is according to Information Officer in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF), Diane Drayton, who in a statement on Monday said the unidentified male is in a critical condition.

“One male is in hospital and another in custody following a stabbing incident near a bar in Paraquita Bay at 9:47 pm last night. The condition of the injured male is serious,” the RVIPF stated.

Investigations are ongoing into the matter.

Just last week, the RVIPF said it had recorded a disturbing rise in the number of serious assaults occurring in the territory in recent times.

Deputy Commissioner Alwin James said he is disturbed with what appears to be a lack of restraint and self-control by some members of the community.

He said the force was noticing a pattern of premeditated and orchestrated assaults on colleagues, friends and neighbours throughout the BVI community.

He, therefore, called on residents to voice their unified disapproval because such actions must be condemned.

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    • Earl says:

      Yes that whole area is a ghetto and junk yard.. disgusting !

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      • Eyes wide open says:

        That area ? LOL the entire island is like that , the beautiful BVI indeed, you all need to stop drinking so much and take the rose tinted glasses off and see how bad the place is. why do you think your children leave to collage and never come back they are amazed to be in places that are clean and well looked after

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    • Chosen says:

      Shut that bar down shut your stinking mouth I don’t like bars and night clubs but you are talking s**t about clothes hanging outside it never crossed your mind that some people can’t afford a washing machine and a dryer like you and others that are well off some of us like to look down at others to much

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    • Youth says:

      A speedy recovery.

      Wait, I disagree with you when you say that tourist must pass there, and it looks nasty.
      This place belongs to us not tourist. It is our duty to keep it clean. We pass daily, and it is time as a nation to have natural pride. Our country especially on the eastern side is like a Ghetto.
      It is time to look around our surroundings and asked ourselves if we are please. We need national pride in our country and start cleaning up our communities. It is disgusting to see how some people’s yard looks. Bushy and unhealthy and we have dengue here. The government cannot do it alone. God help those that help themselves.
      If you start doing that, we will have less crimes. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Think about it.
      God help those that help themselves. If you start doing that we will have less crimes. Think about it.

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  2. Hmmm says:

    What bar and what is the name of the victim and the accused. Inquiring minds wish to know. Local or down islanders? Just trying to keep score.

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  3. FEO Gomez says:

    All am saying is if YOU OPEN ME UP LIKE THAT ONE OF US MUST DIE. We can not co exist in the same realm. If I can’t do it my self Im putting money on that! In prison or on street your time got to come to an end. That’s just my own opinion.

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    • :) says:

      Lol, real bad man don’t got time to go from news site to news site talking about things they will do. They move in silence and things happen. You moving like Tekashi.

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      • FEO Gomez says:

        Boy sit your 5 dollar azze down before I make change

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        • FEO Gomez says:

          I would assume you some old f**t because nobody uses that line. Dude in jail dead one way or the other. You best make change for his soon to be worth nothing cause your dead azz.

        • :) says:

          You like them cartoon villains wasting time explaining what you will do while leaving bread crumbs on the internet. Then when stuff happen you think people ratting on you. Ayo does be snitching on yourself trying to clout chase. Say less Do more.

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      • FEO Gomez says:

        Don’t need to be bad for an opinion. Anyone with sense will not take that. Would you?

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    • To gomez says:

      I agree with you whole heartedly i have 2 sons and if that ever happen no jury wasting time on that case for real no may as well you take your own life cause it don’t belongs to you no more. You go out to have fun and leave home with a hook knife am mad as hell now he goes up balo to eat our food want dump him in ants nest and some bartnettleon his balls

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      • Well sa says:

        Am just saying if he did not jump on him then the knife wont get use .if u go to have fun stop playing bad man .its is legal to walk with a small knife .

        • FEO Gomez says:

          You right I’m still wondering what victim was thinking charging at dude with knife. But dude connected family wise and clandestine people. Who the stabber is? I hope he have some back in this one else he done.

  4. Hopefull says:

    You look at the security footage doing the rounds and out of the 10 people you see only one I REPEAT ONLY ONE person is wearing a mask.
    I am sorry to say but these types of places should be closed at present, they offer no benefit to the community during COVID and will once again be the outbreak central when COVID lands again in the BVI.

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  5. CLOSE THEM says:

    Bars of this nature needs to close. It is not enhancing, benefiting or contributing to our economy. Low class. Keep nice well kept bars such as Tropix, Myetts opened. These are places were people with class will sit and have a cocktail in a nice setting g. Bar owners are just running a business and bringing class and elegance to their establishment. Close them. Time to upgrade our image.

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    • @ CLOSE THEM says:

      What does the Bar have to do with Man and Woman Affairs ??? And as for Classy People who sit down and sip
      On one drink all night talking f**k and the next day can’t buy food and begging to borrow money this is Tortola definition of classy people.

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  6. Expat says:

    You want to talk about nasty drive tru parham town and long look,Purcell,if you work in government offices good for you,but that’s someone Els job too and it creates jobs for others.

  7. Sanford & Son says:

    The whole place look like Fred Sanford’s yard. Long bay Beef Island used to be one of the most pristine beaches on the island, now look at it! Smugglers and Long Bay West End used to be beautifull, now look at it! Cane Garden Bay used to be the pride of the BVI, now look at it, dirty water and junk cars all up and down the beach. Trucks, backhoes, high Macs and the like littering the shores leaching petroleum into the waters killing the mangroves and wildlife. Irmarias trashed boats still littering waterways and junk everywhere. Purely makes ones heart and health very sad!
    This is one area where the BVI Love campaign needs to focus.
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words!

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  8. Chak. says:

    CURFEW must be back in place at 10.00pm

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  9. Hmm says:

    Send them home! Behaving like animals! What are you taking a knife to a party. Shows that you had bad intentions.

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  10. @Hopeful says:

    Good point about masks but nonsense with respect to COVID. The bars/clubs were basically opened and free for all during the last reopening and when the clusters came, none of the spread was traced to any bars. Bar patrons, workers, owners all went to be tested and they were negative so try again. Establishments should be judged on their merit, not all bars have that ratchet behavior. The problem is that authorities know where the nasty behavior happens but nothing is ever done about it.

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  11. They right says:

    The people are correct those old buses and cars need to move from around the garbage bin. The government is slack, they stop that guy from filling in there , then they stopped him from building that bar there and last but not least they talked to him about the junk yard he is creating there and he is not taking them on .. the government needs to break it down and take those old junk vehicles to the dump

    • oh well says:

      they would be slack with him because of his last name and he is a son of the soil sad but unfortunately. This man of all hates expats and is bold with it.

  12. Uffff says:

    I am sure that if they were Spanish they would say what is their name

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  13. Local girl says:

    But who them is buddy? Locals or them from down islanders?why the secrecy of the person involved? I want to know, it’s my rights to know, I from here.

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  14. Chosen says:

    Local girl you sound so stupid and retarded

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  15. Racist Local says:

    I’m so glad they both are frim down island, now please deport those rejects.

  16. Concerned for the BVI: says:

    The dynamics of the people living on the BVI is astonishing. How can they stream videos of a man in critical condition instead of showing empathy and concern in helping him? These people are heartless!!! What is happening to these people that cause them to become so unmoving to human life and decency? I am truly disturbed by their behaviors. I understand that the police station is only 3-minutes away? Why were officers not on the scene to corner off the site so that these spectators wanting one minute of fame were kept at bay? The chief of police at that police station should be fired!!!! The victim in this case was exposed to negative comments by spectators and his constitutional rights and personal space were violated to say the lease because of the lack of actions from the nearby police station. My prayers go out to the young man and his family. I am sorry that I was not in the vicinity to comfort him when he needed it the most. The people in the BVI need love in their hearts and not rush to get one minute of fame from the tragedy of a human being in despair. I am sick to the stomach reading about this case and the lack of urgency displayed by the people on the scene.

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  17. Foreigner says:

    Welcome to Nature’s little secret.

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