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Many businesses not following COVID protocols, fresh concerns raised about noisy bikers

Health Minister Carvin Malone has raised concerns that ‘many’ local businesses are opting to disregard the government’s health policies that help prevent any potential spread of COVID-19 in the BVI. 

Malone gave that indication in a late-night address on Monday, August 17, moments after announcing two new COVID-19 cases in the territory.

“Fellow citizens, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; my plea is simple. Please continue to do your part to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection by consistently complying with the physical distancing, personal hygiene, wearing of face masks and sanitisation guidelines that have been developed to help ensure our safety … Act responsible,” he said.

Bike nuisance

In the meantime, the Health Minister said the biking community also continues to be a sore point locally.

“Concerns are also expressed of the extreme loud noise and irresponsible usage of motor bikes throughout the territory,” he stated.

“This too must stop. License your bikes; wear your helmets; stop the loud noise, [and] observe traffic laws. Safe riding saves lives,” the minister added.

His statement comes roughly a month after government lifted the night-time ban on bikes in the territory.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    I see people ignoring the wash stations and walking straight into businesses….people wearing their mask below their nose. Some people are just plain stubborn

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  2. Keep asking says:

    You can keep asking the bikers to stop the noise. Or you can take action…

    You have been asking for a while now.

    You think it might be time for action?

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  3. Attitude says:

    Why do the police seems so ineffective when it comes to scooters and motorcycles? The arrogance shown by so many bikers says the police can’t or won’t touch them!
    At magnet events like the recent boat races at West End, why didn’t the police stake that out?
    The Minister needs to work on that too.

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  4. ACCRA says:


  5. ACCRA says:


  6. Doh says:

    Police don’t care. They would rather stay indoors or in the car, rather than do actual police work. I know as i have pics of them sleeping in their cars and playing game s on their phones.


  7. Smh says:

    This government just talking no action. Since bars and night clubs open no health protocols was followed. Im passing them everyday, im sure the police and government ministers are too but i doubt any of these places were fined.

    Same with bikes, police aren’t anything with it comes to these bikes on the streets.

    If there is no action, what y’all are saying will continue to pass through one ear and out the next of these people. Thats why nobody is taking anything serious

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  8. VG says:

    I personally just about had it with these bikers
    They have a habit of late night abuse but trust me the one that hit my vehicle u guys kob will be made easier then u can deal with me.Any one park their bikes on my property illegaly day or night I’m put fire to it.The police is no use cause I saw a police riding around on a confiscated bike so what.

  9. Big Dog says:

    Why bother with the precautions if no active cases?

    Why not fully go back to the old normal subject to restrictions on entry and quarantine. The BVI has the opportunity to get back to normal earlier than others. No point in continuing to practice just in case an outbreak develops. Or open up and require measures. No point in worst of all worlds.

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  10. Neither Government Departments says:

    Which Government departments are wearing masks when meeting with customers?

    Start from the inside out.

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  11. @ Big Dog says:

    Reason for that is we are having persons snuggling into the territory.

  12. Ll says:

    You say the Island covid free. So why must people still wear mask???? Make up your mind

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