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More licks come with honesty in gov’t — Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has suggested that in efforts at being honest with the BVI’s electorate, his government may have suffered more blowback as a result.

“I found out in the last few years that when you’re being more than honest about certain things taking over the government, you get more licks,” the Premier said at a community meeting recently.

At the time, Premier Fahie was yet again defending the issue of his government’s decision to hire Ministerial Political Advisors.

The controversial decision brought much blowback from residents after it was first noticed months ago and the Premier has continuously sought to defend the decision since.

“Remember, they were trying to make something out of that,” he said.

He explained to his First District constituents at the meeting that whenever the government passes budgets, each ministry has a section called ‘consultancy’.

“You don’t have to take my word for it,” the Premier said, “just Google and bring up the budget and each budget, the money that’s in there, you will decide what consultant or consultancy you need for whatever task, given the financial year. That’s a fact.”

The Premier insisted that the only thing done differently in this instance, is that his government were honest in coming forward to tell the BVI how they planned to spend the funds in the budgetary allocation.

“All we did is do what was never done before — come and tell you what we’re going to do with most of it,” the Premier said.

He continued: “I could have shut my mouth just like all the other governments and don’t say what’s happening; don’t say we hiring these people and just go and sing ‘Hakuna Matata’ along the way and don’t say anything and it won’t have been a big thing.”

Further justifying his government’s decision to make the controversial hires, Premier Fahie explained that there are a lot of things that regular public officers won’t be able to assist the government with because of protocols that restrict their behaviour.

“So, you need those areas that will help you do more research, they help you do more; fill gaps so that when [legislation] is passed, you can get it enforced so that you can get things moving on,” he explained.


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  1. 1st District says:

    Andrew please. I have come to believe that you need help now. You to the point in which you believe your l**s is the truth. This is very disturbing and clearly you need help now.

    We, the people have wide wake. We will not allow you use fancy words and think we don’t know what is going on. We can see right through you. You do not have this country at heart. You intend to raid the treasury and social security off our backs.

    We patiently waiting on the conclusion of the COI. You and cronies will be gone one by one.

    You guys are to disrespectful and out of place.

    No funding for Teachers, no repairs to schools, poor roads, poor infrastructure, poor boarder management, and to top it off big stimulus packages to non-existing farmers and fishermen, this is a short list.

    Man get out of here, we the people of the BVI are Tired and Fed up.

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  2. More licks says:

    Premier Andrew Fahie has failed on every front, including his efforts at being honest

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  3. Advisor says:

    The Premier’s new advisor is certainly earning his stripes, I have never read such garbage

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Foy is on a new mission. Every day he is on the defensive. Obviously advised by his new political consultant that he is losing control of events and needs to start pleading with his supporters. He’s doing that by trying to create an “us” against “them” narrative where poor victimised God Fearing Bvislanders are against nasty Britain. He hopes that his base will stay loyal to him even if criminal activity is revealed.
    It won’t work. We Bvislanders are generally proud of our country but we don’t like being taken for fools.

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    • PSST says:

      He can shed as much 🐊 tears as he want or yak as much as he like, no one is buying it. AIN’T NO ONE SETTING THEMSELVES UP TO GET HOODWINKED AGAIN.

  5. Webster says:

    Well bro, your definition of honesty and the dictionary’s definition are 2 completely DIFFERENT meaning LOL

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    • Exactly! says:

      Getting a sinking feeling in the stomach. No wonder the COI had to ask Fahie and his cabinet to define ‘Gooď Governance’. This gov’t speaking another language completely. Like you cutting my hair and you don’t understand what I want. Sinking feeling

  6. Jeez you guys says:

    You’d all be so much happier if we could just l** and hide things from you. Your unhappiness with my government is your fault for asking to see the books. – Fahie

  7. CONFESSION says:

    just a little bit is good enough to hang yourself / and the brits are letting you all self destruct with a smile , so keep HOLLERING BRO

  8. Let’s see says:


  9. So Said says:


  10. Dirt says:

    I’m sure Claude loves your licks.

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