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New NEOC building one step closer to construction

Illustration of the new NEOC building.

The National Emergency Operations Centre’s (NEOC) new building is one step closer to entering the construction phase after 14 prospective bidders recently viewed the site where the new building is expected to be constructed.

Bidders from local and international firms toured the Wailing Road location on May 3 during a pre-bidding conference hosted by officers from the Procurement Unit in the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Disaster Management on May 3.

Director of Projects Dr Drexel Glasgow said he was happy with the interest portrayed by the bidders towards the project and revealed that a total of 18 potential bidders have already requested the bidding documents.

This project, according to the director, “will be a flagship of the territory’s resilience”.

“We see this as a showcase facility that will demonstrate how resiliency can be achieved in critical facilities such as the NEOC. The specifications and standards used for this project will also be utilised for other government facilities being rehabilitated through the CDB loan,” Dr Glasgow said.

Prior to touring the site, the prospective bidders were debriefed on the tender process requirements and were able to ask questions relating to the project.

The deadline for all sealed bids is on Tuesday, May 21.

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  1. Rees Midgley says:

    Before designs are developed and crafted, please provide the opportunity to solicit ideas from those living in the BVI. As revealed by the large turnout for consideration of the West End ferry dock, a surprising number of innovative and valuable ideas arose from citizens and others who not only reside here, but love the islands, and want to help.

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  2. RT says:

    Is burying power lines in the plan?

  3. Third dimension says:

    Whoever created that 3d image needs to find a new career. It’s not only butt ugly, it’s showing the front left edge of the building completely unsupported. Why don’t we get someone who knows how to design to do this?

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  4. Wow says:

    You know what amazes me with these comments there were meetings advertised and held in public forums for any citizen to express their concerns on this building. It was not a secret the plans were not hidden hardly anyone attended. You guys hardly take part in anything, you do not give feedback when it is asked for but wait until decisions are made then have all sort of opinions. What use are your comments in this blog when you could have provided them at the meetings held?I see this with so many of the projects that are executed around here.

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    • Basic says:

      A few years ago I went to the public forum at the West End Community Center about the proposed customs dock at West End. Lots of people said what they thought then someone asked what the Government would do with the comments raised. Malone sat there and said the government wouldn’t do anything, that we failed to understand that just because they asked for our comments didn’t mean they would take any notice and that the design was already out to tender. Everyone was speechless! Since then I have not been to any of these fiascos.
      That is the answer to your question regarding why people don’t get involved.

  5. WTF says:

    Stop designing these ugly a** buildings. PLEASE…

  6. Dman says:

    Who is the architect ? Local ?

    • Fairness says:

      They shouldn’t just be local, they need to be talented and local. There are good architects here and some terrible ones. What’s important is that they are good at their job.
      You only have to look around at what has been locally designed to see how poor some of the local architects are. They see what is around them and think that is acceptable whereas it makes the place look like Mogadishu. We need people who have been exposed to quality in places like England and the better islands in the Caribbean where they have the money to do it right.

  7. Design says:

    The NEOC should just be a bunker, it doesn’t need a swimming pool roof or fancy porches. It does need i) cost effective storage (which judging by the windows this building doesn’t have and ii) easy access by emergency vehicle and truck. It would be better to spend money on the Police stations in Town, WE, EE and Cane Garden as also NEOC buildings and with the protection of armed officers. What we needed from Irma was 10,000 tarps, volumes of water and fuel, 100 diesel powered chain stores, several backhoes. Importantly island wide radio communication.

  8. BVI Project Manager says:

    The cost to build this building is going to be ridiculous, this is the same mistake that was made with the hospital, wrong site. This building would cost tax payers probably half of what it will cost on that site if they took the trouble to find a site more suitable for such a building. It is not cheap hanging a building off a hillside. And we continue to pay for the hospital fiasco through our NHI tax which is barely sustainable. When will we learn how to properly plan our projects?

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