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No pregnancy | Attorney bats for ‘reasonable sentence’ for child rapist

File photo of convicted child rapist, Andre Stedman.

Justice Ann-Marie Smith has been urged to impose a lesser sentence on Trinidad native, Andre Stedman, who was found guilty of indecently assaulting and raping a minor a few years ago.

The 56-year-old offender’s attorney, Stephen Daniels told the court on Friday that while the more severe offence of rape carries a life sentence, he wants the court to begin at the 12-year mark.

To bolster his point, the attorney noted that the sentence for manslaughter — where there is a loss of life — starts at the 15-year mark in this jurisdiction.

Victim did not get pregnant

The attorney, in the meantime, also argued that the victim did not get pregnant and there was no violence involved during the incident.

However, Justice Smith told the defence attorney that while the victim did not get pregnant, the rape offence was aggravated by the fact that Stedman did not use a condom.

Daniels had also urged the court to consider the victim impact assessment as a mitigating factor. The assessment indicated that while there was some psychological impact on the victim, that impact subsided to some degree after his client’s conviction.

To further back his argument, Daniels produced a letter from Stedman’s former employer at a well-known security firm. The letter described the offender was ‘a model employee’.

Aggravating factors

The attorney also indicated that a report from Her Majesty’s Prison said his client was an exemplary inmate.

Daniels, however, accepted that the court should consider as aggravating, the age difference between Stedman and the victim who was under the age of 13 at the time of the offence.

Other aggravating factors accepted was the apparent breach of trust and the fact that the incident occurred ‘on the spur of the moment’.

Additionally, the fact that the victim was told not to report the incident which occurred at her home were other aggravating factors of the case.

Don’t make sentences consecutive

Urging the court to “impose a reasonable sentence,” Daniels also asked the court to impose sentences that would run concurrent to each other. Concurrent sentences effectively mean Stedman will not be made to serve his prison times ‘one after the other’ but, rather, ‘at the same time’.

In the meantime, the Crown said the incident was a violation of the victim’s sexual autonomy.

Stedman will be sentenced on June 21.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Disgusted that any lawyer would feel comfortable not only representing this man, but pleading for a lower sentence. GIVE HIM LIFE! Hell! Give him D***H!

    “I want my client to not pay for his actions because well…sis didn’t get pregnant.”

    Disgusted. Simply disgusted.

    And wishing peace for the young woman who has to read a headline like this.

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    • Job says:

      He is only doing his job..

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    • Well Well says:

      I agree with you 1000000%. He is just nasty . For some who can do a thing like that can K**L quick and easy. We need to set standers for this type of people, no matter where there are from. CUT THAT THING OFF.
      Wish the young lady the best in the future.

      Like 20
    • Bad lawyer says:

      I’ve heard this same lawyer b******g about getting people off of r*** charges before.
      He likes to find the loop hole in the law rather than seeking j*****e.

  2. E Scott says:

    Life sentence no question. What he has done the that girl is a life sentence period

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  3. Raping a 12 year old... says:

    she was only 12 years old! No lesser sentence – hit him with the full weight of the damn book!

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  4. Please says:

    I really dont know how some of these criminal Lawyers live with themselves. I mean here what he is asking the court to consider and why because she did not get pregnant.

    They forget there is mans Law and the laws of the universe.

    It is these cases and the sentencing that decides if others will follow and do likewise or think twice and say its not worth the trouble.

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  5. wow says:

    Too much island people here already and the VIP want to add more

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  6. OMG says:

    He was a trusted security and did this?

  7. Luvz says:

    This is disgusting! Under the age of 13 when the act was committed? Sick! So much older woman in Tola and he is turned on by a child! Sick! My goodness! What is wrong with some of these men?

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    • @Luvz says:

      I am for castration. For real, no joke, As a woman, it would give me great pleasure to castrate any man that mess with or rape a underage girl or boy.

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      • Progressive says:

        And the one who castrates him, what shall be his or her crime? That is why there is no death penalty here.

  8. Looking On says:

    Rape regardless of the age of the victim is ATROCIOUS!!!

    How will this man feel if a man raped him? Would he be saying that his rapist should get a lesser sentence because he did not get pregnant?

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  9. Rape Victim says:

    I don’t give a d-*n what the Lawyer has to say,his client should be put away for the rest of his life in prison. So the defence is she did not got pregnant.He sentenced the young lady to a life of mental and emotional stress. It is so hurtful to think that somehow the Victim of rape or incest is made to look or feel like justice is not on their side. I think men who, sexualy abuse,rape or have sex with a minor should be sent to the eletric chair.

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  10. Journalism says:

    Bad article .
    Any ways .. Pregnant or not .he abused her .

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  11. Yes says:

    I feel your passion my friend. The only part that I disagree with is the idea of the electric chair.

    ALL rapists should be subjected to automatic CASTRATION. In that way we assure society that he cannot repeat his crime, and as the victim is stigmatized for life so too he will have a lifelong memory – creep!

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    • Is that so says:

      Castration does not prevent a person or rapist from commiting a similar offence. A castrated individual can most certainly perform. All fhats needed is an erection.

      The only guaranteed punishment fhat ensures an offender would not reoffend after the sentence is carried out is execution.

  12. Out of order says:

    Sometimes the authority need to give the public the options to b**t these men. Nasty sick b*****d. Lesser sentence for him to another young person again

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  13. see says:

    Life in prison ….. no questions asked

  14. No Justice says:

    Seems like the justice system is to soft on these filthy worm giving older men who molest underage girls. Castrate these pederfiles or burn their their S**t off and feed it to the hogs.

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  15. No longer living in BVI says:

    Can someone please explain if there is a statute of limitation law in the BVI. Ten years ago I was raped by two local men that is still living in the village of Sea Cows Bay.

    • You says:

      No longer living in BVI. How do you know that the men still live in the village of Sea Cows Bay?

      • No longer living in BVI says:

        I know because I came down on a visit not to long ago on a cruise ship with my daughter and we took a cab to Sea Cows Bay on the downlow. Believe me,they still live in Sea Cows Bay. The only diffrence is they are older and have grand kids. But you know what, I will let the higher power handle them for what they did.

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    • Bringiton says:

      No statute of limitation for the crime of rape. Remember Bill Cosby’s story — 20 and 30 years down the road, the charges were still coming. Come show your face in the place and let us run the race to Sea Cow’s Bay and arrest those two men. You bold, then the criminal justice system not cold. File the charges, let us roll. Those two men will start to pray more you don’t get so bold.

  16. Raped by a older family member says:

    The only thing that helped easy the emotional and inner pain that I was carrying around was to seek theraphy. I was walking around with so much anger and hatred towards anyone I came in contact with.Sorry, but I was planning to murder my rapist. When someone violate you in that manner they strip you of your dignaty, they strip you mentaly. I understand how the young lady and others who have been violated in this manner feels and I wish them all the best.

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    • Caribbean Girl says:

      Sorry you had suffered this experience and devastating consequences. Hope you heal.
      God bless you.

  17. TF IS THIS?? says:

    RAPE IS RAPE! Doesn’t matter if she got pregnant or not, that does not make the act any less heinous!! I cannot believe people are considering this. DISGUSTING.

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  18. wize up says:

    we need sentencing guidelines in this territory here we have an attorney at law trying his best to marginalise the seriousness of a despicable crime: with sentencing guidelines in place the presiding judge or magistrate will be Obliged to follow such guidelines: there are lots more like him running around the British Virgin Islands

  19. (: says:

    Give this man an award. The girl he raped did not get pregnant.

  20. Correct sentence. says:

    Cut his balls off. And give his client 25 years. Attorney should be ashamed of himself. D**ba**.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Believeit or not, this kind of atrocity occur on every island, small and big, in every country large and small, to many girls and boys younger than her, and to many older girls, men and women also.

    Further, we would be shocked if occurences behind some BVI closed doors were to be exposed to the public.

    Sadly, since its beginning, christinity nor none of the world’s religions for the that matter, have had neglible effect on man’s morality or his cruelty to man.

    What then will the final solution be?

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  22. REX FeRaL says:

    This lawyer is d********g.Nuff said. Had it been his daughter would he be talking p**s about no pregnancy? This negro must be s******g some serious s**t. This is the action and reasoning of a c*****t lawyer.

  23. C bo says:

    Fat kids confuse me, sure they are easier to catch but who wants to fiddle with a fatty

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    • Father Time says:

      Your mother (who I assume is the fattest of them all) still had you so, there’s your answer. Ya c**t.

  24. @C bo says:

    You are a sick confuse person.You need some serious help.

  25. I say says:


  26. see says:

    perhaps an even sadder result will be when this pathetic piece of s – – t gets a reduced sentence with these lame judges . Life in prison … see if he gets pregnant in jail .

  27. Life says:

    Put he away

  28. Lock he ass up says:

    Meen care what he job say … smhhh I can only pray that our stupid a** court system do right by that girl ??? man wan lesser sentence cause he was a nice pedophile wah typa f**k

  29. Nasty a** says:

    Lock he nasty a** up, I don’t understand why someone’s character matters in this situation cause he and he nasty a** w**e fraudulent like f*** both of them does work security so idgaf what he job says lock he nasty old a** up and I hope we have some decent prisoners up there to buss he nasty a**

  30. ..... says:

    Our protective/warrior spirit has been suppressed from the days of slavery.

    These violators think they can do what they want with no consequences.

    If that was my daughter I would beat him senseless, cripple his a**, call the police, call the ambulance. Serve our time. When he gets out, he has to go.

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