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Non-Belonger homeowners can now stay up to 10 months

Vincent Wheatley

Non-Belongers who own homes in the BVI may now stay up to 10 months in the territory if they wish.

Under the Non-Belongers Land Holding Regulation Act, non-Belongers who own homes and property in the BVI can stay in the territory for a maximum of six months per year.

But on December 15, Immigration Minister Vincent Wheatley told the House of Assembly that Cabinet has given approval for this time to be extended to 10 months.

“Also, tourists in the past could only stay up to 30 days maximum. We have also changed that. You can stay up to about 60 days. Very simple process — write to the Immigration Officer seeking permission. It will be granted,” Wheatley assured.

Several requests

“We got several requests so far. Persons want to spend two months, three months. We welcome you here. We need you here right now to kick-start the economy. But please, please, please, help to keep us safe. Follow the protocols,” Wheatley said.

Back in November, the Immigration Minister had said his ministry was exploring longer stay for non-Belongers and tourists as a way to attract longer-stay visitors and revive the COVID-hit economy.

Many Caribbean countries are exploring this option as they seek to get tourists to stay longer in their jurisdictions as visitor-arrivals have plummeted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Generous? says:

    Wtf?! Why are home owners limited to the time they can spend in their house? Racist belongers

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    • @Generous? says:

      That’s too much time… he should only give one extra month to their time. We should never sell out our lands to them in the first place. Leases only! Much of them are racist, disrespectful persons and should not be in this nation to begin with.

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  2. Pissed says:

    Why y’all giving them island people all this time in here to stay

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  3. Crazy says:

    Did everyone agree to this especially bvi landers we can’t go down the island and live for so long this is unacceptable

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    • @Crazy says:

      You are not from the Caribbean, just trying to start conflict in these lands. You know that most of these vacation homes are owned by Europeans, and you are one.

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    • @ crazy says:

      Ayo sk**t running to live in the UK and the US and burden the ppl there and ayo vex because others come to ayo island and buy house
      What a pity ayo living in basement and others living happily in ayo own island
      Who stop ayo to buy house in y’all own country
      Wait my bad ayo sk**t can’t afford lol
      Ayo too blasted bad minded and wicked
      The UK and the US should start send ayo sk**t home just like how y’all sending ppl home

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      • @ @crazy says:

        Something wrong with you, how many of you all in the Caribbean have vacation homes here? Not many, this blogger is European. Only you can’t see this. Plus, we would rather live in a concrete basement than a wooden home that the hurricane destroys regularly. At least we have an opportunity to live in a safe home, on our own land, one day.

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      • Comment says:

        Just another disgruntled person that had to leave! I hope you find some happiness in your homeland.

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  4. Smh says:

    I thought Vincent was for the locals disappointed

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  5. Respect says:

    From how I’ve seen it down island people here have no morals nor respect for the locals why are we allowing them to stay here so long we don’t mind the whites and other races because they are respectful but them from other Caribbean islands of course not our family island USVI or PR but the rest is such a disgrace come here commit crimes disobey the rules. Enough is enough

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  6. Chosen says:

    P**sed did you ever attend school and remember God is watching and listening to all the filth that comes out of uall dirty mouths

  7. Reality Check says:

    Non-Belonger home owners are, by definition of home owner given real estate costs here, are the people we need twelve months a year spending their money in our economy. Why make them spend their money somewhere else for two months??? The BVI is on its knees and needs all the money circulating in the economy that it can get, and the easiest way to increase that is by keeping the wealthy home owners here as long as possible. They are creating jobs – not taking them – hiring our people to work on their properties, servicing their vehicles, checking out their purchases, etc. Instead of screwing our economy by restricting their ability to contribute, try enticing them to stay as long as possible!

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    • @ Reality Check says:

      Many of them are renting out their homes, not vacationing in them. They are races undercover real estate agents that have no call here. We need to stop selling out our birthright to foreign investors who like to duke the Government out of revenue. Land Leasing Law needed, and no more selling out our lands!

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  8. Concerned says:

    I really think Non-Belonger Homeowners should be able to stay all year as long as they can prove that they are not seeking jobs and can support themselves. I also think a provision like this should be made for people who want to work remotely, again with prove of income.

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    • Comment says:

      No, this is not their home. Next thing, they will want to dictate laws of our lands. Another headache for our people and government.

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      • SB says:

        How dare anyone come here and spend money and prop up this failing economy. The horror!

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        • @SB says:

          Every economy is failing, and yours more than ours, because you are from a much… larger geographic land mass. So go help your own government by staying home. Stop coming here acting like you are trying to save us!

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  9. Rubber Duck says:

    It has long been the case that if non belonger home owners wrote to the chief Immigration officer asking to live here permanently it was granted. So this makes no difference in reality.

    But if we want retirees and the like living here , not taking jobs but bringing in money and freely spending, they should be able to live here permanently.

    As they can in other places like Cayman.

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    • @Rubber Duck says:

      Well that law need to change immediately, ‘if it’s even in the books’, and who are you to make such suggestions, you blog all kind of racist comments on these news sites and you are always putting down our government leaders, but you love the Governor. You and your friend the Governor should be on the next plane. Colonialism has no place in this world anymore, and never has! I am tired of you all trying to tell us how to run our nation, trying running back home!

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  10. @Respect says:

    Please! *** people do covert evils here all the time, they practice apartheid and racism, industrial corruption, thief valuable articles and try to remove them from our borders (I know of one case particularly.), launder drugs inside their yachts, (Note to Customs Department: please place your dogs on their boats more frequently, especially of those who sail through our waters) and they commit serious crimes like murders and their murderous deeds always makes international news!

    Additionally, I know of one Indian guy who the governor deported back home several years back, a few who stole from their employers, and a Filipino who stole money from his employer and ran back home, and Spanish people are always getting into trouble, and the list goes on. He without sin!

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  11. Pandora's Box says:

    Man – I read these blogs and I shake my head!

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  12. Locals says:

    Ppl need to stop invest there money in the British Virgin Islands
    Better yet non-belongers that own houses, businesses etc here need to sell ayo property and move to a next island
    Where y’all will be welcome and get treated like humans
    Y’all are not welcome here
    The day all the investors leave this island will fall to nothing
    Look at St Thomas, Puerto Rico you live there for 5 yrs you get rights. Barbados, Antigua, St Maarten, St kitts Nevis after 15 yrs you get right
    Only the bvi that the think is godly behaving as if them is the beast and them ain’t fit one shit
    Some of you that saying non belongers should buy house here y’all need to sit and think why ayo can’t own a house and land, is because of y’all stinking ways
    Ayo will forever be living apartments and the ppl not from here will live happily in there country
    Time will tell y’all don’t worry
    God don’t sleep
    He attacked the wicked when the are lease expected

  13. Think again says:

    I thank God for this Government first of all,I think they doing well for their country and people. We need to stop bashing each other God bring us together to live in and with Love and we just making it so differcult for each other to live in peace just in a twinkling of an eye we gone die and leave everything. Please let us enjoy each other company. Not everyone bad . Come on people it gave room for all of us . Merry Christmas.

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