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Penn alleges he was ‘attacked’ by gov’t consultants


Opposition Leader Marlon Penn is alleging he was both physically and virtually attacked on separate occasions by two individuals who, at the time of the alleged events, were employed as consultants by the Office of the Premier.

Penn recounted the 2019 incidents while speaking in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, September 29.

While stating that he should have publicly addressed the matters sooner, Penn said his decision to finally come forward came after the reported online attacks persisted.

“Here it is someone who’s fortunate to come to the BVI, to be employed by the Government of the Virgin Islands, to work in the Premier’s Office; is out there creating political mischief and he ain’t have the sense to hide his name. So I saw the name and I went back to my order sheet. [He] is somebody who’s being paid $78,000 a year by the Government of the Virgin Islands [but] here meddling in BVI politics,” Penn stated.

He continued: “The same name on the Facebook page is the same name here in the consultancy — Sunil. He’s been hired by the government of the Virgin Islands to do research [and] policy analysis. He’s emboldened to attack the Opposition and to attack sitting members of this parliament while being paid by the government of the Virgin Islands.”

Attacked outside HOA

The Opposition Leader said his other alleged attacker was identified through the documents he had requested from the Premier’s Office after asking questions in the House concerning contracted government consultants.

According to the documents which were shared with our news centre, the individual’s contract was valued at $98,000.

“I have evidence that on Budget Day 2019, Mr Hamlet attacked me in the House of Assembly yards trying to take my picture when I asked him not to take my picture. And [he] almost undress me and unclothed me,” Penn said.

“I mentioned it to members of the government when I came back inside of the House. I mentioned the issue to my Opposition colleagues if they know who this guy is and I came back inside fuming,” he added.

Premier unaware of incidents

Rising on a ‘point of order’, Premier Andrew Fahie interrupted Penn’s statement to bring clarity to some of the allegations brought forward by the Opposition Leader.

He said: “Note the date for the first person that he called that did consultancy, which is the first that I am hearing all these stories.”

“That person doesn’t work for the government of the Virgin Islands no more. So the contract he is stating — to put in the minds of the people that while they’re struggling — we have those persons here. The services of the persons was already over long before COVID-19 started,” the Premier explained.

Stands firmly by statements

Responding to Fahie’s interjection, Penn said he was standing firmly by his statements made on the allegations.

He also warned the accused individuals to discontinue their mischief and to keep out of the BVI politics.

“They try to assassinate me on online media. They tried that already, they were paid to do that already. Their shot missed … I am not going to stand quietly while your mischief is being financed by the people of this territory, you going hear from me every day in this Honourable House if you continue this mischief,” Penn said.

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  1. Good says:

    Keep the pressure on them Hon. Penn. They seem to think that they can bully anybody and do/say whatever they want but nothing goes so!

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    • @ Good says:

      The time they take to go to the opening of a salon because the affiliation with the part owner they could’ve been dealing with more pressing matters. Every business that open you have to attend for a photo-op smh

  2. Well saw says:

    I know Fahie is a j**e and that is the reason Ralph Oneal never recommend kr wanted him to lead the Parry.

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  3. Forward ever Backward never says:

    They should not have been here in the first place.

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  4. :) says:

    He got physically attacked and instead of going to the police he in the HOA talking stories. Smh

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  5. Fat Cat. says:

    What a bung of hogwash. Why didn’t you report this earlier? it seems over exaggerated. Now, if that turn of events turns to be accurate word for word and the Premier knew about it and said nothing (he needs to go simple). Its of popular belief that, Marlon is throwing in the body shots at an opportune time. It’s a disgrace to see our brothers and sisters fighting like this. This is a prime time to stand up by helping out as much as you can. I know you have a role to play as the oppression but remember this Marlon remember this. Being a leader is not a static position anymore. It requires extra flexibility to adapt to continuously changing the environment, including working with people of a different view point.

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  6. @fat cat. says:

    This right here Marlon desperate plan to c** people. You see through this c** a****t amen. Woiiii smurf smurf. This plan is sooooo weak.

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  7. Reaper says:

    BVI news is pro ndp. Don’t xpect any good blog out of them. Marlon is a c******l. BVI news should go investigate him and his family.

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  8. dude says:

    So when you all were paying people to attack & defame ppl last election you didn’t know others could do it too? I don’t think it’s what he says, I think that’s his conscience. But if it is true stop it, that is not how we deal with political disagreements here.

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  9. Juice says:

    When you realize your people are some set of gullible jacka** and you can tell them any piddle you stand in the house of assembly and talk pure s*!t. Smurf need to change he name to a real do***y.

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  10. True says:

    Same man was bidding on government contract last year while employed by Finance.

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