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Possible COVID exposure if you were at an Old Year’s party on VG

Following a positive COVID-19 result from a person who recently attended an old year’s party at a club in Virgin Gorda, the Ministry of Health is advising all persons who visited the location on the night to contact local health authorities.

The ministry made the disclosure in a bulletin issued on Wednesday, January 6, listing the club as Coco-Maya.

“The Ministry of Health & Social Development has confirmed that someone who attended the club Coco-Maya, in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda from approximately 10 pm until 12 midnight on Old Year’s night has tested positive for COVID-19,” the ministry stated.

It added: “The ministry is urging all persons who partied at Coco Maya during that time to self-isolate and to email the Public Health Unit at or call 468-4936 to schedule an appointment for testing.”

It is neither known whether the person who tested positive was male or female, or if the person was a visitor to the territory or a local.

In an effort to gain the relevant answers to these questions, BVI News made several attempts to contact the Minister for Health Carvin Malone, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Petrona Davies and the Chief Medical Officer Dr Irad Potter, but was unsuccessful up until publication.

The last COVID-19 update dated January 5, indicated that the territory has 14 active COVID-19 cases. 

According to the data, 10 of those cases are on Virgin Gorda, three on Tortola and one on a vessel which is at sea.

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  1. Parent says:

    CHUPES !

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  2. Well says:

    To much island people in the VI

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    • @Well says:

      White boy, stop your island people gains Tolian bulls+++t

      Like in any family of all races, there will be low level disagreements from low level thinkers;

      However, Caribbean people from all over have been living together for centuries. Try as you are to divide us, you will not succeed.

      The truth is, you hate the Island person equally as much as you hate the Tolian simply because of their skin color, the area of the world they live, and the land sea and resources you wish to take back. So stop the hypocrisy.

      Fact is, you will no sooner subdue the Island person to slavery, as you do today in wages, as you would subdue and enslave the Tolian.

      One of the European, America white man tools of domination is division, conquer and dominate.

      Skin color discrimination. Regional discrimination, Political and ideological division. And the list goes on. Can’t fool all the people all the time.

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      • Thank you @well says:


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      • ?? says:

        How do you the commenter is white? just a question.

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        • Real eyes realize says:

          It’s embedded within them to divide us as a people, black people.

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        • @?? says:

          To answer your question, “how do you know the commenter is white?,

          One cannot be absolutely sure under this format 100% of the time, but one can come damn close based on linguistics and cultural thought processes and mental annunciations.

          1. Even, for the few hood rats that use the phrase loosely and not with any malice, no local, Tolian, Belonger or what ever else they chose to label us as, will never even waste time posting such low level thinking rubbish, because even when such slangs are used among us, they are not done so with malice or divisiveness.

          2. They would not have stated it the way it is stated if they wanted to write it. That is clearly a manifestation from the mind of a different culture.

          We have seen those comments consistently now for at least three plus years. Enough of them have been studied to gain a clear understanding that they are not coming from BVIslanders.

          It is clear then, there may be a group of caucasions who are intentionally trying to sow discord and division between the local and Island Black people population.

          Therefore, we must know that this is real and should be aware of it.

          That thought process and behaviour is not surprising, that is their normal way of existing and living. Divide and destroy is their way of life and thinking..

    • Joshua says:

      Too many ugly tolans in the world.

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    • Bad boy says:

      Go s**k your self

  3. Anonymous says:

    Damn fools. Party with snakes, get bitten.

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  4. BS! says:

    The Minister needs to tell us who this was and the Police need to start enforcing the laws is someone violated the quarantine.

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  5. Smh says:

    Cocmaya isn’t a club last I checked but okay. Right now it’s just not a good idea to be out partying in public period. I think the owners of some of these establishments are irresponsible. That’s just one of the establishments that ignored safety protocols that night. Shall we start naming names? Better yet we should start handing out fines.

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    • hmm says:

      the party goers careless too

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    • Doh says:

      But coco maya has the gold seal protection…

      Blame the government.

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    • Mr. Premier says:

      Where are the so called “Covid task force inspectors” who are supposed to go around to these business places to make sure the protocols are being followed?
      It’s like the wild west out there, everybody doing what they want. You enter a club, bar with mask on but it’s taken off as soon as you’re inside, the staff are not telling you to put it back on, social distance, etc. The 2am to 5am curfew makes no sense at this point to be honest.

  6. Resident says:

    Why is it every time someone has a positive test for covid(which should be called corona virus)because covid stands for certificate of vaccination ID.Thats what they are trying to implement.
    Back to the question.
    Why every time they specify where the person was hanging out?What happened to the supermarkets where they shop/

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    • Thanks says:

      Kindly take one second to fact check yourself.

      The name of this disease is coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19. In COVID-19, ‘CO’ stands for ‘corona,’ ‘VI’ for ‘virus,’ and ‘D’ for disease.

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  7. What!!!! says:

    It was so important to party ???

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  8. All says:


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  9. Suggestion says:

    Mr. Health Minister. Ban all indoor party activities. Further, Any and all partying activities should be held in open air outside, with the same exacting protocols.. But how the hell can such protocols be executed at coco maya? Impossible. From the 25 people and up the place is cramped.

    Every know the seriousness of the virus and its potential lethality.

    Stop saying we are living in a “new norm,” but doing things in the same old norm.

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  10. Hmm says:

    Indoor you say..well the picture on one of the news sites after new years party was one taken at a new years event outside it was not inside and did you see only one person in the picture wore a mask?

  11. Idiots says:

    Best joke for December 7, 2021
    I taught the premier protecting his island and borders so the virus won’t come here
    Then again like is only down island ppl does get the virus
    You tolans need to change ayo f**k*** dutty wicked bad minded self
    By the way y’all ever sit and think why god ain’t hitting y’all with a deadly tsunami, earthquake or hurricane is because of the expats
    But ayo joke high one day all the expats will leave this island
    And then we will hear about you wicked ppl
    Ayo might get wipe off the globe

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  12. Senior says:

    Glad I stayed home on NYE!!!

  13. Lol says:

    What RUBBISH!!!!!!! Why we dont put out notices when people buy expired goods from supermarkets? Health? Please!!! Nobody gives a f**k about health, this is just monkey see, monkey do!

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  14. please mature says:

    Do any of you have any idea how many positive cases right here and they themselves nor authority knows they had or have it?

    The person did not violate quarrantine, but was tested multiple times and came back with a negative result each time, all the while the virus was there hiding. Any clue how many more people who also tested negative and ended up having it, but showed no symptoms? The person got the all clear and went out. I’m sure its not only the establishment they mentioned. That person may have been among other people as he/she went about his/her business. Supermarket, bank, ferry. So youall think its only at the New Year’s activity he/she was contagious. Don’t make me laugh. No matter what BVI does, the cases are going to rise as long as planes are landing. It is a reality so stop nit picking things to run ayo mouth over

  15. Sure says:

    I’ll let the Health Dept. know so they lock me down for 2 weeks.

  16. Facts says:

    Coco Maya is NOT a club
    There are NO enclosed spaced
    Being Gold Sealed Certified means NOTHING
    Where is the task force and on that matter how many fines have they issues?
    NOONE is taking this seriously, all restaurants, bars, supermarkets see is ??signs
    They were there for 2 hours, and where else did they frequent
    Wake up people !!!!!

    • Why? says:

      Why have no other places been confirmed and contact tracing happened for these venues? L****ick was one such venue but there will be many more.
      If the positive test of the individual was confirmed to him on 3rd Jan (but possibly known on 2nd Jan), why was an announcement only made on 6th Jan? This is unacceptable and loses valuable time whilst people can spread unknowingly.
      2 simple actions which are critical to prevent potential community spread and to protect us all.. 1. full information is essential, and 2. timing ie immediate dissemination of the information. This has not occurred in this latest case and full details of the individual’s movements on old year’s night are still not confirmed! This should be of huge concern to us all as to why this information has been withheld.
      For the record every person at the only venue confirmed, tested negative, and the contact tracing and testing process was confirmed to be efficient.
      However, there are positive results now coming through from elsewhere and we are blind to it.

  17. Why? says:

    Why have no other places been confirmed and contact tracing happened for these venues? L****ick was one such venue but there will be many more.
    If the positive test of the individual was confirmed on 3rd Jan (possibly known on 2nd Jan), why was an announcement only made on 6th Jan? This is unacceptable and loses valuable time whilst people can spread the virus unknowingly.
    2 simple actions which are critical to prevent mass community spread and to protect us all, which should be an automatic drill for the authorities
    1. full information to the public, and
    2. timing ie immediate dissemination of the information. This has not occurred in this latest case and we still do not know the other places visited by the individual on old year’s night. Therefore no contact tracing has commenced for these groups and now potential for positive cases mixing extensively in the community. Why is this not seen as critical? What a huge concern!
    For the record every person at the only venue confirmed, tested negative. Contact tracing and testing was confirmed as a swift and efficient experience thanks to the health professionals and others involved. However, there are positives coming through from elsewhere and we are blind to it.

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