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Premier wants ‘tipline’ to help catch litter bugs

These mattresses were dumped along the roadway on Tortola recently. PHOTO CREDIT:

While declaring that the improper disposal of garbage is now being treated with utmost seriousness, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith has proposed the establishment of an ‘anonymous tipline’ where residents can file reports when they witness illegal dumping.

He said residents should muster the courage to speak out in order for offenders to be punished.

“Not only do I ask that you police your own activity, but I ask you to have the courage to speak up when others fall short. Toward that end, I am proposing the creation of an anonymous tipline where residents can report any incident they witness of improper dumping in public spaces. The authorities can use these tips to investigate incidents and, when appropriate, level fines against the offenders. Let there be no mistake; this is an issue we take with the utmost seriousness. It shall not continue,” Premier Smith said.

He added that the improper disposal of garbage is having a deleterious effect on – among other areas of life – the tourism industry.

“One cannot travel through our territory today without noticing evidence of littering and careless disposal of trash, including used refrigerators, mattresses and other household items. Let me say to all my fellow BVIslanders – this must stop.”

“Our land, our air, our seas are God’s gift to us. When any one of us throws our garbage out in public, we are betraying that blessing, and giving offense to our neighbours and families. We are essentially saying that we don’t care about one another and we don’t value God’s blessings. That is not tolerable behavior and it must stop,” added Premier Smith.

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