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Prince recaptured | Named in connection to $800K jewellery heist at Mi Amor

Khori Tahj Prince

Khori Prince, the 19-year-old who escaped police custody almost two weeks ago, has been recaptured and will appear before the Magistrate’s Court at the next available sitting.

Police recaptured the teen during an operation in Greenland, East End Wednesday morning, January 30.

Police also announced Prince as one of the suspects behind the December 29 burglary of Mi Amor in Road Town where an estimate of $800,000 worth of jewellery was stolen.

“Prior to his escape, Prince had been charged with burglary in relation to the Mi Amor break-in on Main Street in late December. He will face additional charges in relation to his escape,” police said in a statement to BVI News.

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews, in the meantime, said the accused man’s recapture is the result of  ‘excellent teamwork’ by his officers.

Matthews said: “I am proud of the investigative work of my officers in making the initial arrest and the subsequent recapture. We don’t always get it right but when we do, we do it well. The officers teamed up and ultimately brought about a desirable end.”

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  1. He's bad! says:

    So glad Mr Prince has been caught. He has been a m—- to society since he was a young —– kid. In and out of j– since 14. He’ll never c—— and should be in ——- for the rest of his life. Tola is s—- when —- not on the streets. Shame on his —- for enabling him for years. A little tough love and maybe he wouldn’t have turned out like this.

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  2. Tracey says:

    Now that they chased after and caught him, can they finish the Walwyn investigation and let us know the results please before the election? Aren’t we entitled to know?

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    Well done to the Police Dept…Well done…and thank you very much for your focus and hard work.

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  4. Nice says:

    This is good news and it prove that the police are actually doing work. Now if they can tackle some of the unsolved murders,that would be awesome.

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  5. Good job! says:

    Good job CoP Matthew and team! Kudos

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  6. Weir D. Playne says:

    He see Smith get away with over $7 million he thought they wouldn’t notice if he took less.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Dr. Smith is a man of distinction. The only criminals in this matter are the Americans who received the money and never deliver the air service. VIP and C****n took millions and still no sewerage system in East End. The Guinness book of world records listed the Beef Island bridge as the most expensive bridge ever built. Anyone noticing that?

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  7. Musa says:

    Great job cops try the boss who over spend million on the port

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  8. One by one says:

    What made him feel so confident that he could escape prison, rob a store and get away with it? Good job Police.

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  9. Regis says:

    The usualyoung black mail c——— with expat parentage and ties to the upper Caribbean Islands making his contribution to the d—- of the VI.
    His protector,most likely from u—— or with ties there, will be overlooked and not charged with harboring. Waaay to go VI.

  10. Stay strong! says:

    ????????????????????????.. never weak out when the rough days on!!

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  11. Anonymous says:

    His family believe in —- so be careful he don’t walk he was a p—— to my child in school his m—– — me an my husband at a school meeting an tell us our child will never be nothing well look how the tables have turns my son today is listed in the US NAVY and he is a junior sergeant in training ok so I am not bailing my son out of jail his m—– is so shameful to h——— — has so many children no wander they turn out like that no proper guidance in life she talk about me an my husbaand but look I have 2 children my daughter who she say was going to breed young is in Atlanta working as a nurse

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    • Sylvia france says:

      Shame on u to think this the place for that regardless people like you does be quick to rejoice on people inspite say a pray and be glad

  12. Mary jean says:

    First laught is not the best laught is the last one

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