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Probed launched into whether law enforcers involved in recent cross-border smuggling

A probe has been launched into allegations that some law enforcement officials in the British Virgin Islands may be engaged in, or facilitating the cross-border smuggling trade.

“The matter is under investigation,” Commissioner of Customs Wade Smith said during a press conference on August 25.

Smith was, at the time, responding to inquires about the steps being taken to prosecute persons — inclusive of border control authorities — suspected of being involved in the recent smuggling incidents in the BVI.

Also commenting on the matter, Premier Andrew Fahie said the reported involvement of local law enforcement has not been proven to be a fact.

“We have to run the country on facts,” Fahie said. “What I can tell persons is that there is a new protocol in place to make sure that officers are not comfortable in one environment for too long.”

He further said plans are underway to increase the fines for those offences.

The recent spike and subsequent clusters of COVID-19 cases in the BVI is said to be as a result of smuggling and human trafficking operations happening between the BVI and the neighbouring US Virgin Islands.

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  1. Seriouslywade says:

    Look at the top. Smuggling for years

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  2. realist says:

    blah blah blah blah, total waste of time and monies.

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  3. Rubber Duck says:

    Who is investigating the investigators.

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  4. Of coarse this Is True says:

    The person at the Helm is the main culprit and will be the Demise of all people in the BVI. Lies after Lies, watch the press conference see each individual demeanour and the uncomfortable way in which they were when certain questions was being asked. I beg everyone to look pass their words and be vigilant accept the help from the UK because if we continue down this road we are all doomed.
    Customs, Police and Immigration joint task force just means Joint corruption. Not having the equipment doesn’t change the fact that the people in these agencies are very corrupt.
    Give them all the vessels they need, guns, radar etc doesn’t change the fact that these things need people to operate and if the people are corrupt then the equipment doesn’t make much sense.

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  5. Lol says:

    This Gov just full of s***. Probe my a**. Just a show as usually. Noting even comes out of these so call probes.

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  6. Watching says:

    They keep allowing the female traffic to satisfy the men wit money.

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  7. We need the UK ?? says:

    Please UK help us..BVI law enforcement is directly involved in the smuggling of drugs and people!

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  8. @ Rubber Duck says:

    This is fact. Injustice is rampant.

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  9. @rubber duck says:

    You pose a solid question but the truth of the matter is that the investigators are police investigating police. So there is no justice. Hence the reason civilians run the polices when they come at the door. Who does not know that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force have shady organized criminals working they are illusional. Half the force will fail a lie detector test. The system is Fked the public is fked with criminal cops.

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  10. Jah says:

    Them police like them have childhood trauma how them treat the public. All that taser cop is like he on crack. Custom ain’t paying crooked cops for years. Like this thing pass down generations lol.

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  11. Wade 'sm*******’' Smith says:

    Is going to stop this? You must be kidding me!

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  12. rat dont mind cheese says:

    I will leave it at that

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  13. Local says:

    @ seriouslywade people like you love chat sh..t and hide behind blog but were is your evidence for years and never one day in all those years search or arrested don’t try and scare a man name because he never did what you wanted . Facts

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  14. Same old, same old says:

    We had porous borders for years. So here is the governments idea . Put the same man back in charge.

    They do not really want these borders closed do they.

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  15. @ Rubber Duck says:

    They are many who know that they go out on drug raids and submit a fraction of what is actually confiscated.

    But, that is human nature across the board, and the they are humans. Corruption, driven by the quest for the accumulation of money reaks from the top to bottom of every country in the world, no matter the political or economic system.

  16. hmmm says:

    so why dey got corona at the prison? Did they arrest some smugglers and park dem there with the other 100+ prisoners?? Why this not on the news??

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  17. Crazy says:

    Cant please people , you all complaining about how much it cost and still complaining about border patrol not doing a good job. Shut up and say something when you see something to help the authorities.

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  18. Law Enforcer says:

    Many of these allegations are hog wash. People talk just for talking sake. If you have evidence that implicate law enforcement in smuggling persons in and out of the BVI then provide the evidence. Put up or shut up! Some people make allegations to deflect attention from their own misdeeds. What you need to look at are family members of criminals, especially those family members that holds high government office.

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  19. Fake says:

    He need to go and sit down. Hes one of the biggest @ — man in the bvi

  20. Observer says:

    @Law Enforcer You need to take a lesson from your own blog. Just as you suggested that ‘many of these allegations are hog wash…..’ kindly identify the ‘family members of criminals, especially those family members that holds high government office.’ Just like you said, Put up or shut up!

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  21. Streups says:

    “Program in place to increase fines” Premier says. Fines that are pocket change for these people cuz I can bet they not only smuggling people. Why is this administration so opposed to jail time for this offense? Because some uh ayo and your friends dem going go jail. Corruption at the highest levels.

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  22. Townie says:

    They smuggling for years. S— the custom boat offloading a boatload of tires, diPers and the like on amny occasions.

  23. Guy Hill says:

    I said it 30 years ago and I will say it again in 2020. Law enforcement needs to develop a culture where the corrupt officer fears the incorruptible officer and not the other way around. Your integrity cannot be up for sale, negotiation or compromise. Be Brave.

  24. Hmmm says:

    This man does really chat S*** out of his mouth,he is the biggest culprit in this,and yet them find them self putting him back there.Rat to mind cheese.this move will cause the government the election.

  25. .... says:

    wow they trying but the crabs in a bucket pulling the effort down.

    You all have NO FACTS but want to go online and make assumptions & accusations.

    Why you dont go file a police report??????

    Oh wait because its all rumor and supposition

    Look at the amount of people that get post up on falseness over social media over the years. I recall one that said “this the gun man” with a man’s picture come to find out it was completely false. In that time the guy could have got beat or killed

    If you dont have the facts keep quiet before you slander a innocent person.

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